February 18, 2019 | David F. Coppedge

Idol Worship Returns to Israel

An Israeli evolutionist is luring the public into a shrine to the Bearded Buddha.

Nature this week gave Israel Hershkovitz a platform to advertise, “My hopes for Israel’s human-evolution gallery.” One thing is sure: this gallery will be very one-sided. Hershkovitz will not be teaching the controversies about human evolution. He will not share the many frauds and fallacies of “human evolution” perpetrated since Darwin himself. His gallery will be an indoctrination center to undermine faith in the God of Israel and replace it with faith in Darwin-Baal, the nature god of the Stuff Happens Law.

A few days after the museum gallery on human evolution opened to visitors, I was checking the exhibits when I heard an admonishment behind me: “Kids, don’t believe anything they tell you here.” The voice belonged to a traditional Orthodox Jewish man who had just entered with his wife and their children. I approached him and asked if he found the exhibition offensive. He reassured me that he was joking, saying: “One must always be open to new ideas.”

For me, that encounter sums up the value of the permanent exhibition on human evolution — the first of its kind in Israel — at the Steinhardt Museum of Natural History’s Dan David Center for Human Evolution and Biohistory Research, which opened on 25 November at Tel Aviv University. It brings ideas about human evolution to a public increasingly lacking exposure to this type of education, and offers people a way of exploring the topic on their own terms.

Hershkovitz sounds like he just wants to “help” people. He wants to expose people to a type of “education.” He wants people to explore his idol on their own terms. If that were true, he would tell about the mess of contradictory hypotheses out there, the constant revisions in evolutionary paleoanthropology, and the blatant racism perpetrated in Darwin’s name.

That is why it is heartening to see Orthodox families visiting the public gallery. As we celebrate Charles Darwin’s 210th birthday this week, thousands of people — many from religiously conservative groups — have already visited the exhibition. There is clearly a need and a desire among all Israelis to learn about ourselves, from how we started walking on two legs to how we learnt to speak and create art.

The prophets of Baal in the Old Testament surely had their creation myths, supposedly “explaining” where humans came from, and how they started walking on two legs. Like today’s Darwin worshipers, they only presented their side. Instead of DODO, they gave BOBO (Baal-only, Baal-only).

You can always tell a Darwinian. They don’t want debate. They don’t want to offer a fair and balanced presentation of the facts and arguments on both sides of each question, as Darwin himself assumed was fair (but failed to provide in his own book). They want to lure people away from trust in God’s word.

There has been some resistance. One popular Facebook page run by a nationalist religious group called for the gallery to be closed, claiming that “there is no consensus in Israeli society” on whether evolution is real. Yet conservative religious families visit the museum. It is touching to see their curious children handling the exhibits.

We read about the incident at Baal-Peor in the Pentateuch (Numbers 25, summarized in Deuteronomy 4), and how God judged the people who had turned away from the true God after having been eyewitnesses of His glory repeatedly. You can be sure that the advertisers of Baal-Peor were really slick. They just wanted to “help” the Israelites. Look how fun it is to worship Baal, they said; you can have all the sex and wine you want, and call it worship. Can’t you imagine the Canaanite ‘scientists’ or intelligentsia of that day arguing for the truth of Baal over Yahweh? The tangible images of Baal must have seemed so much more naturalistic to the people than an invisible God. Here was a god you could hold in your hands, and he would let you do whatever you want!

Now it’s happening again in the same Holy Land, and the outcome will be predictable: judgment for all who turn away from the truth, and double judgment on those who put stumbling blocks in people’s way. Prophets, warn them and speak the Word of the Lord!

Exercise: Use this opportunity to even the playing field. Load up on information from our previous articles on “Early Man.” Print out the original scientific papers. Take groups of children or adults into the museum (a public place) and compare the exhibits with what scientists themselves have actually said. Show them the history of Darwinian racism, the foolish long ages, and teach them about the Stuff Happens Law of Darwin. Tell them about the things the museum is NOT showing. Speak so others in the museum gather around. If curators get angry, ask them if they dispute the scientific papers in your hand. Ask them why they are not telling the whole truth. If they try to oust you, that should make a nice scandal for the press – but remember, they will try to portray this as a religious nut arguing against “science,” so prove that you have the science, and they are preaching religion. Stick to the actual scientific evidence (the fossils) and the true history of what racists did with Darwin’s theory. Don’t let the pseudoscientific idolators get away with playing the “science” card.

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