April 20, 2019 | David F. Coppedge

Answers for Skeptics of Jesus

As Easter 2019 approaches, here are some resources examining the evidence of Jesus and his resurrection.


William James Herath, the leader of Ratio Christi at UCLA, has suggested these three short videos to provide evidence that Jesus Christ really lived, died by crucifixion, and was raised from the dead as told in the Bible:

Jesus is not a copy of a pagan myth. Steven Bancarz examines claims that Jesus is just one more myth among many pagan stories about dying gods coming back to life.

What is the evidence for the Resurrection? Herath interviews Mike Licona, who examines the possible options for those who claim that Jesus did not really rise from the dead.

Can we trust the authenticity of the Bible? Herath shows that we could reconstruct the story of Jesus from extra-Biblical sources.

Visit William James Herath’s website ReadySetQuestion.com for other resources that support Biblical faith one question at a time. His ministry shows that Christ followers have confident hope that has been reasonably investigated that gets stronger when tested.


As mentioned in the previous post, Illustra Media’s “John 10:10 Project” offers numerous short films that provide evidence for faith. The following episodes are especially fitting for Easter:

Can the Gospels Be Trusted?

How Accurate Are the Gospels?

Other Gospels?

Who Was Jesus?

The Miracles of Jesus

Messianic Prophecies

Death & Resurrection

The Empty Tomb


Now go celebrate Resurrection Sunday with confidence and adoration for the risen Lord!



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