April 18, 2019 | David F. Coppedge

Free Creation Films Easily Shared

At the John 10:10 website, La Mirada offers s spectacular selection of great faith-building and apologetics films.

Regular CEH reporting will continue after Easter. In the meantime, we want to remind our readers about the terrific videos from Illustra Media/La Mirada films on their John 10:10 Project website. These are available FREE and are easy to share on social media. Each one is short (about 4-8 minutes), but it adds up to hours of exceptionally well-written and beautiful footage. Warning: once you start, it will be hard to stop! Here are some we recommend:

STARLING MURMURATIONS:  The amazing ballets performed by hundreds of thousands of birds.

BIGGER UNIVERSE – BIGGER GOD: A whimsical take-off from the desert ends in a mind-boggling view of the large-scale structure of the universe.

THE POWER OF PRAYER: A man whose livelihood depended on his voice found instant healing through prayer, against what the doctors told him.

GOD AND THE ASTRONOMER: Famous astronomer Robert Jastrow could not live with his materialism.

EXODUS: ISRAELITES IN EGYPT: Is there archaeological evidence that the Israelites lived in Egypt as the Bible says? (part of documentary “The Exodus Revealed,” released over 15 years before Patterns of Evidence.)

A BIRD IS BORN: The astounding transition from egg to chicken.

CAN GOD BRING GOOD FROM SUFFERING? The story of Joni Eareckson Tada, who has lived in a wheelchair for 50 years since a teenage diving accident, brings hope and joy to all who ask why God allows evil and suffering. Now that she is in the hospital for cancer again, you will want to see her vibrant countenance as she sings a new song by Tommy Walker on YouTube.

THE HOLE: Why people need the Lord.

To see a complete list of the films, go to this link: https://thejohn1010project.com/videos.html

Watch, get inspired, and share!


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  • John15 says:

    Dear David,
    I have personally watched and shared several of John 10:10 Project’s short films. And I can say, be sure to respond to J-Ten-Ten! They are very personable and friendly. Answered all questions, and encouraged my continued participation. You can even sign up to be notified of more of these videos. God’s rich blessings on ’em all!

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