April 19, 2019 | David F. Coppedge

What Makes Good Friday So Good?

La Mirada films reinforces the victory of Christ over death in a series of educational, inspiring films.

Why is it called “Good Friday” when it commemorates a brutal death of Jesus by crucifixion? La Mirada Films has beautiful short films explaining the significance of the passion of the Christ. These films are part of THE JOHN 10:10 PROJECT

I came that they might have life, and have it more abundantly –Jesus Christ

It’s Good Because It Was Prophesied:

Seven short films in this section of The John 10:10 Project, PROPHECIES AND PROMISES, show that the events in Jerusalem that week happened just like they were predicted, hundreds of years before in the Old Testament. These events could not have been known in advance, nor could Jesus and the disciples have engineered them to fit the prophecies. Examine the evidence for yourself.

It’s Good Because It Met Our Deepest Need:

Watch “Is Christ the only way to God?” in this section called REACHING THE WORLD, then learn about THE UNIQUENESS OF JESUS and THE UNIVERSAL NEED of every person on the planet.

It’s Good Because It Gave Us Evidence for Faith:

In the section EVIDENCE FOR FAITH, the first nine short films help critical thinkers realize that Christianity is not just a religion, or the words of a great Teacher. It’s verifiable, historical fact.

It’s Good Because It Gives Life Meaning:

Because of Christ, we have hope. We can pray and expect that He hears and cares (see THE POWER OF PRAYER). The wonders of nature are not just impersonal awe-inspiring things (see AWESOME WONDERS); they are manifestations of creative power of a living God, who came to us and took our sins. Because of this, we can have hope even in the darkest hours (see FACING EVIL AND SUFFERING), because Christ Himself endured the worst day in history. The truth can set us free; it can help us live life more abundantly (John 10:10b), as Christ originally designed (see INSPIRATION AND DEVOTION).

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