September 5, 2019 | David F. Coppedge

Snake Evolves Two Heads

This is just the kind of thing Darwinists have been waiting for! Aren’t two heads better than one?

A two-headed timber rattlesnake has been found in a New Jersey forest, reports Fox News Science. It must be surviving, because it wasn’t born yesterday. Bob Zappalorti, the CEO of the Herpetological Associates of Burlington County, an environmental consulting company that studies endangered reptiles and birds, among other animals, says the snake was found in a nest where it must have emerged from a clutch of newborns.

Zappalorti, who claims this is the first time a two-headed timber rattlesnake has ever been found in the state, said the snake has two brains and each head acts independently of the other.

Herpetological Associates of Burlington County/AP

Think of the possibilities for Darwinian evolution! A snake like this could look two ways at once, and bite bigger prey with help from its other mouth. One brain could evolve into a smarter brain while the other becomes a new sensory organ. In the meantime, both mouths could feed the body, which could then evolve legs to walk upright (see 1 Sept 2019).

The news comes after a two-headed turtle hatchling was found on Hilton Head Island, S.C. on Wednesday.

It’s happening everywhere! Evolution is on the move!

Why does Zappalorti dismiss this snake as a freak that probably could not survive in the wild? According to Darwinism, every step in the evolution of bacteria to man began as a freak. This could be the ugly duckling of snakedom, evolving into a glorious swan.

Why does he think it’s a twin that didn’t develop right? HOX genes are one of evo-devo’s favorite tools for major transformations in nature. Evolutionists make a big deal of gene duplication as a source of variation. Here is a duplication event on a larger scale. All kinds of duplication are unguided and random, but that’s the source of variation that nature can select. Duplicates can evolve new functions, like exhibits in freak shows.

Two-headed calf and duck in Ripley’s “Believe It or Not!” Museum (DFC)

Evolution is a fact! It’s happening right before our eyes! Conjoined twins are the next giant leap in evolution! Now, if the snake can just find another two-headed snake to mate with… But wait! Maybe one head is male and the other is female, and it could mate with itself!

For those complaining that “You just don’t understand evolution,” we say, “Evolutionists celebrate mutations and blind choice, except when they don’t.” Stuff happens in Darwin fantasyland. Novelty is hard to come by. If you are a Darwin worshiper who looks to duplication as a source of innovation, don’t complain¬† about what your blind watchmaker comes up with in his tinker-toy workshop.


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