October 25, 2019 | David F. Coppedge

Goofy OOL to Make Fools Drool

OOL (origin of life) material is shoveled out like Halloween candy to gullible kids, unaware they are being given poison.

It’s so exciting to imagine! What if chemicals could just come together and form life? Then nature does it without a Creator, and we can live as we please! This thought process, simplistic as it is, actually occurs. Lee Strobel (The Case for a Creator) remembers sitting in high school biology class, learning about the Miller experiment. He quickly saw that God must be out of a job, and became an atheist. The teachers, in the name of science, titillate the imaginations of students and readers of science news articles, presenting impossibilities as not only possible, but probable, and virtually certain. How many other teens, eager to ditch their parents’ religion or indulge their passions, take the tantalizing statements from secular materialists as scientific fact? If they do, they haven’t learned real chemistry. They’ve been snookered big time.


Origin of life breakthrough: Charles Darwin’s creation theory ‘PROVED after 100 years’ (Express UK). This drool by Callum Hoare has to qualify for worst Big Lie about OOL in recent memory. “Proved” – in all caps, no less!

Charles Darwin was the legendary 19th-century scientists [sic] best known for his contribution to the study of evolution, where he proposed that all species of life have descended over time from common ancestors – now widely accepted and considered a foundational concept in science. However, when Darwin published “The Origin of Species” 150 years ago, he deliberately avoided the subject of the origin of life, as he could not prove his ideas. Privately though – in a letter – Darwin told his friend, the explorer Joseph D. Hooker, that he could imagine a small, warm pool where the inanimate matter would arrange itself into the evolutionary matter, aided by chemical components and sufficient sources of energy.

Amazingly, that theory has been proved, according to astrobiologist Tara Djokik, who made an astonishing discovery in Pilbara, Western Australia.

It would be hard to exaggerate how goofy this article is. It’s loaded with propaganda tricks beyond the opening Big Lie of the title. Authority (“Charles Darwin”). Euphemism (“legendary”). Bandwagon (“now widely accepted”). Loaded words (“breakthrough, amazingly, astonishing”). Good grief. Scrape out the propaganda and look for the data. What is it?

Djokik found geyserite. That’s all. Geyserite, that greyish-white substance, also called siliceous sinter, that coats the geyser cones in Yellowstone Park. What does that have to do with life? Nothing. Geyserite is dead. From some lifeless gray rock, Djokik envisions Darwin’s “warm little ponds,” like witch’s cauldrons, from which bubble forth (as all secular scientists claim) “evolutionary matter” (whatever that is; is it rock quivering with desire to become a brain?). Life must have “emerged” from hot water, he thinks, because Father Darwin imagined it. So geyserite PROVED Darwin was right? Incredible! Djokik, who served the kiddies the building blocks of lie (pun intended), should be dragged into court for impersonating a scientist (see Commentary from 16 July 2014). His accomplice Hoare is equally guilty.


Could the Moon Act As a Fishing Net for Extraterrestrial Life? (Live Science). Avi Loeb should be ashamed of himself. He is an esteemed astronomer, but like Djokik and Hoare, he has removed the white lab coat to put on a magician’s cloak. Notice the word “could,” by which he snookers unwary readers into having to disprove a universal negative. Sure, the moon “could act as a fishing net for ET” just like the mythical pigs with wings could fly. As his perhapsimaybecouldness index climbs, he employs the OOL version of Abracadabra, “building blocks of life” –

Can the moon provide clues for extraterrestrial life? A new paper I wrote with Manasvi Lingam answers this question in the affirmative. The idea is to consider the moon’s surface as a fishing net for interstellar objects collected over time and potentially deliver building blocks of life from the habitable environments around other stars.

Aminocamino! he shouts as he waves his magic word: amino acids are on the highway to a cell! But there’s a problem. Amino acids, his putative “building blocks,” are to a cell what random rocks are to Stonehenge – no; that’s too easy; rather, to the Empire State Building. Dr Jerry Bergman pointed out a few days ago (Oct 23) that there are thousands of possible amino acids, but only 20 work for life. Moreover, they have to be single-handed. That one fact rules out amino acids as “building blocks of life” to the secularist relying on chance; they will never build themselves into a single protein in a billion universes. And even if a protein formed it would not be alive; it would be a lonely, useless, non-functional polypeptide, ready to fall apart with the next lightning strike. The simplest living cell requires much, much more.

Loeb, who knows better, is deceiving the gullible public with this fairy story – and why? Because of religious reasons. He’s lonely.

The moon is well known for its romantic appeal, but astrobiology offers a twist on this notion. Here’s hoping that the moon will inform our civilization that we are not alone and that someone else is waiting for us out there.


How Long Will It Take to Find Proof of Alien Life? (Space.com). Theoretically, from tomorrow to never. Watch a council of SETI “experts” dream about space aliens. Everything hinges on the word If.

How long until we find evidence of life beyond Earth? If a panel of experts is on track with their estimates, it may be sooner than you think.

That’s according to presenters at the International Astronautical Congress taking place here this week. During a discussion Tuesday Oct. 22), half a dozen people who spend their time focused on questions related to the search for life beyond Earth each offered their educated guesses — and their whimsical wishes — for when humanity might first gather conclusive evidence for extraterrestrial life.

Read the article for comedy, not for science. One says we’ll find it by 2024. One says 2036. Another guesses 10 to 15 years.

But these are all guesses, albeit educated ones, and that showed in how some confronted the question. “I certainly would like to think within my lifetime,” Bill Diamond, president and CEO of the SETI Institute, said. “Hopefully that’s more years than I think, but I absolutely think within my lifetime. Probably in the month of March, and hopefully the discovery comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.”

They’re hoping nobody will remember that for 50 years, SETI dreamers thought that the discovery of space aliens was just around the corner. When you’re playing Calvinball with no rules, moving the goal posts is fair game. They’ve done it before; they’ll do it again. Nobody will ever falsify them or make them accountable for the deception they perpetrated.

That first goofy story about geyserite proving Darwin was right showed up on my smartphone’s news feed today, no thanks to Google (gaggle, goggle, giggle). How many other people saw it without the tools of discernment to realize how foolish the propaganda was? The media and secularists have the power, with an iron grip on the media and education, and are on a campaign to create more young atheists with their pseudoscientific poison. How many will find out, like Lee Strobel, that it was all lies, before its too late? The media will continue to move the goal posts when 2024 is up, or 2036, or after the dreamers are all dead, continuing this game of leading the gullible on the primrose path to destruction.

This is the situation. What are you doing about it? Maybe some of you need to support CEH. We are calling their bluff and trying get the truth out.



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