October 11, 2019 | David F. Coppedge

OOL Follies for the Gullible

The origin of life is perhaps the tallest hurdle for evolutionists. But they imagine leaping over it.

Here are some of the loony ideas coming from materialists who refuse to take seriously the impossibly small probabilities for getting one simple protein, let alone a genetic code, membrane, metabolic machinery and everything else needed for the simplest possible cell.


Life may have begun with simple genes made out of urine (New Scientist). This should be testable. Pee in distilled water, seal, and wait 2 billion years.

Were hot, humid summers the key to life’s origins? (Science Daily). “Bakeries beyond Earth”? Let’s get Sirius.

Lab-made primordial soup yields RNA bases (Nature). Now take the intelligently-guided hands off the apparatus and let Stuff Happen. Check that it is all one-handed. Have these storytellers forgotten that it’s the sequence, not the ingredients, that make a genetic code carry information?

One-Pot Wonder (Ludwig-Maximilian University of Munich). Riddled with propaganda fallacies, this scenario fails to even consider the improbability issue. What the researchers did under carefully-controlled lab conditions is no more a step in an evolutionary history than a rock on the beach is a step to Hawaii.

Evolution has a history: Before life could be formed on the then still young planet, the first simple building blocks must have been created some four billion years ago that set its formation in motion. Under what conditions and in what ways did such molecules come together to form more complex genetic polymers that were able to replicate themselves – precursors of today’s DNA? Scientists around Professor Thomas Carell at the LMU Munich, are now able to explain another, if not the decisive, step in this chemical evolution that preceded biological phylogeny.

A prebiotic route to DNA (Ludwig-Maximilian University of Munich). Prebiotic is to biotic as Pre-Stuff Happens is to Stuff Happens. Ask not what biotic can do for prebiotic; ask what prebiotic can do for biotic when there are no minds around.

“We’re getting warmer,” say the blind men feeling for the mythical unicorn in the lab that they believe emerged from the chemicals on the shelf. “Keep those funds flowing!”

Recommended Resource: Watch Illustra’s video clips from Origin to learn how to avoid being duped by the OOL pushers. We don’t want our readers to suffer from Gullible’s Travails.








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