December 10, 2019 | David F. Coppedge

Brainwashing Kids with Space Aliens

Evolutionists are prepping children for a global deception.

With no data to go on, SETI advocates continue their hopeless search. Since they believe a single alien space signal will revolutionize human identity, they press on. In the meantime, they use the media to prepare impressionable young minds for what they hope is inevitable. After all, if life evolved here so easily (presumably), it must have evolved all over the universe. In theory, some of it is probably intelligent, probably much more advanced than we are. Right? Star Wars says so.

Curious Kids: What would aliens be like? (The Conversation). In this entry of the “Curious Kids” feature, a series for children, Samuel Levin teaches the Darwin inductees how to exercise their imaginations. Dr Levin is an evolutionary biologist – no ordinary biologist, but an evolutionary biologist (see 5 Dec 2019, “Evolutionary” – A Useless Adjective). That makes him special. He earned a PhD in imagining things, using the Stuff Happens Law. Levin shows how SETI goes hand-in-hand with Darwinism:

Sometimes scientists make guesses based on a process called “convergent evolution” on Earth. This is when different traits, such as eyes or limbs, evolve multiple times in separate groups of organisms.

For example, eyes have evolved independently many times on Earth, so we might think it likely that aliens have eyes. The problem is that the different species on Earth are not independent examples, because they all descended from a single common ancestor. All life on Earth is related (literally!). Eyes may be common on a bright planet like Earth, but not a dark planet. Or they may be common in DNA-based life, but not some other kind of life.

Here we see Levin applying the Popeye Theory of Evolution (17 Aug 2019) to stretch the imaginations of the kiddies, mixing it with Darwin Flubber to get Convergent Galumph (see Jargonwocky). He teaches this Big Lie as a fact of nature that follows logically from faith in universal common ancestry and the Stuff Happens Law: Darwinism in a nutshell. Once a kid gets that drilled into his skull, he will have it in a nut shell.

Next, Levin turns the indoctrination heat to the pain threshold, to purge the kids’ brains of any alternatives to Darwinism. They must be vaccinated against ID germs. His method is B.A.D. repetition:

There is one thing, I would argue, that we do know: aliens, like us, will be the products of evolution by natural selection. Natural selection is the process by which some individuals have more offspring than others, and so the traits that led to having more offspring become more common over time. This is a major cause of evolution, and is the reason why organisms are well-adapted.

What sets life apart from non-life, what distinguishes a planet with aliens from just another planet with piles of rocks and sand, is life’s complexity. Living things are made of many intricate parts which work together for a common purpose – staying alive, replicating, eating. This kind of complex adaptedness can only be achieved by one process: natural selection.

This is probably the one thing we know for sure about aliens: they will be products of evolution by natural selection.

The victims are no longer Curious Kids. They are now Brainwashed Sheep. But what kind of Natural Selection is Levin repeating? Watch Doolittle’s waffle in the 2 April 2018 entry, where he said:

Many practicing biologists accept that nothing in their discipline makes sense except in the light of evolution, and that natural selection is evolution’s principal sense-maker. But what natural selection actually is (a force or a statistical outcome, for example) and the levels of the biological hierarchy (genes, organisms, species, or even ecosystems) at which it operates directly are still actively disputed among philosophers and theoretical biologists.

Our place in the universe will change dramatically in the next 50 years – here’s how (The Conversation). In this piece, Indoctrinator Robin Smith prepares his readers for two events that he is convinced will happen, probably after he is long dead and can no longer be held accountable for confabulation, or arrested for impersonating a scientist. He predicts: (1) Cosmologists will have solved the antimatter problem (see 28 March 2019), and (2) Space aliens will have been found. Missions like the James Webb Space Telescope and the Europa Clipper will have added to ignorance.

Whether its the tiniest building blocks of our existence or the vastness of space, the universe still holds a number of mysteries about its workings and our place within it. It will not give up its secrets easily – but the chances are that the universe will look fundamentally different in 50 years’ time.

Scene from Alien Intrusion: Unmasking a Deception (CMI). Link below.

Will 2020 Be the Year We Find Intelligent Alien Life? ( Leonard David can’t escape accountability for making a prediction about the next 12 months. Knowing that, he quickly backpedals, saying, “Probably not, but there are reasons to be optimistic about our near-future prospects.” Imagination thrives on optimism. In this lengthy piece, loaded with glitzy video clips, David pushes the optimism, discussing all the search techniques that are getting exponentially better over time. He even gets Seth Shostak admitting that the 1996 Mars meteorite created a lot of excitement about life on Mars, without mentioning that its ‘fossils’ were not indicators of life. It worked, though, to stimulate NASA into launching the ‘science’ of bio-astrology, better known as astrobiology.

The SETI enthusiasts offer different takes on the probability of finding life, and when it will be detected. Doug Vakoch gets the last word, starting with a frivolous truism.

“Either it’s there or it’s not,” Vakoch said. “We may not be able to decide whether we’ll find it in 2020, but we have a tremendous capacity to decide whether we will find it eventually, if it’s out there to be discovered.”

“To be human is to live with uncertainty,” Vakoch concluded. “If we demand guarantees before we begin searching, then we are guaranteed to find nothing. But if we are willing to commit to the search in the coming year and long afterwards, even without knowing we will succeed, then we are sure to discover that there is at least one civilization in the universe that has the passion and the determination to understand its place in the cosmos — and that civilization is us.”

Does any SETI enthusiast really want to consider that outcome—that we are the only one of “at least one”? They must, but it’s way down the page. Hype, enthusiasm, passion, color, glitz, and more Star Wars movies: that’s what will convince the kids.

The quote marked with Stupid Evolution Quote of the Week (above) shows what we are up against. That’s not “The Conversation.” That is “The Monologue.” It would be one thing if some of them would seriously engage the criticisms of Darwinism offered by creationists and ID advocates, but that rarely happens. As Robert Shedinger shared recently at Evolution News about a supposed ‘dialogue’ in another context, one-way communication is par for the course for evolutionists. They don’t want a conversation. They want indoctrination. It’s DODO all the way down: Darwin Only, Darwin Only! Samuel Levin is among the worst Darwin indoctrinators seen recently. Can’t you see him at work as The New Teacher in a totalitarian re-education camp?

This is why we are here. Please spread the word, and support us if you can.

See CMI’s documentary Alien Intrusion for analysis of extraterrestrial claims, first aired January 11, 2017.

Remember CMI’s excellent website and film Alien Intrusion if you have questions about UFOs and reported alien encounters. One can see how a thoroughly indoctrinated culture could be swept up into a Satanic deception. All the devil has to do is impersonate the superior intelligence that SETI is looking for, and show that it is a compassionate society here to help us gain the knowledge of good and evil. His minions could even show their good intentions by offering us a copy of their manual, To Serve Man.


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