January 16, 2020 | David F. Coppedge

Silly Darwinism Needs a Good Shaming

This is what happens in one-party rule: insanity with impunity.

Strange spider-shaped microorganisms could be our distant ancestors (New Scientist). “All complex life may be descended from one group of single-celled organisms, whose modern descendants live in mud,” Michael Marshall speaks BAD-ly. “These microbes have unusual abilities that would have enabled them to form more intricate cells – and ultimately animals and plants.” Prove it – without circular reasoning.

Could invisible aliens really exist among us? An astrobiologist explains (The Conversation). Bio-astrologer of the Day, Samantha Rolfe of the University of Hertfordshire, actually gives serious attention to this proposition. These are the same people (materialists) who try to shame creationists by equating belief in God with belief in fairies and leprechauns. Actually, there are visible aliens among us. They’re called Darwinist science reporters.

Alien life is out there, but our theories are probably steering us away from it  (The Conversation). As a professor of philosophy of science, Peter Vickers should know better. There is some valuable philosophy of science in his article, but never does he question the existence of aliens. He only warns scientists to “expect the unexpected.” What could be more unexpected to a Darwinian than the possibility that we are alone, and evolution is false?

What puts women off bearded men? (Medical Xpress). Evolutionists believe in sexual selection, except when they don’t. Evolutionary anthropologist Barnaby Dixson should realize that if Darwinism produced beards, then they must logically be attractive to women (if Darwinism was true). But many women do not find them attractive. Dixson explores the “ectoparasite avoidance hypothesis” which is sexist on its face, because it assumes that women are pawns of evolutionary forces: i.e., nature selects, but not women! Dixson’s team of DODO‘s uses the word “selection” 22 times in Royal Society Open Science. It sounds so erudite when silliness is adorned with Jargonwocky like “A multivariate analysis of women’s mating strategies and sexual selection on men’s facial morphology.” But notice— it’s not a strategy by thinking women. It’s a strategy by sexual selection, a blind, unguided process that made people act the way they do, according to Darwinism. Notice the high perhapsimaybecouldness index:

Parasite stress may also impact on how women perceive facial hair in potential mates. Reduced hirsutism in humans compared to other anthropoid primates may reflect natural selection for optimal body temperatures. The ectoparasite avoidance hypothesis proposes that ancestral humans underwent additional loss of body hair as it lessened the potential for disease-carrying ectoparasites to proliferate. Ectoparasites trigger forms of disgust that differ to disgust generated by pathogens and are rated as disgusting, augment disgust responses and increase self-reported grooming behaviours. The ectoparasite avoidance hypothesis suggests that sexual selection for reduced body hair may also have contributed to reduced hirsutism in humans

Oh stop it. The same “explanation” would work for opposite outcomes, e.g., if women had beards and men were bald all over. The Stuff Happens Law provides endless opportunities for Darwin storytellers to exercise the self-refuting fallacy of genetic determinism.

Of ants and men: Ant behavior might mirror political polarization (Princeton University). OK, ladies, here’s another opportunity to for you to exercise your disgust response – not because Darwinian grad student Chris Tokita is bearded, but because he tells another irrational just-so story relying on genetic determinism. Solomon said “Look to the ant, thou sluggard” to shame lazy people into thinking they ought to get up and work, but Tokita looks to the ant to explain away logical thought. If this story from Princeton evolutionary biologists is to be taken seriously, we might as well forget the caucuses, the debates, the primaries, and the ballot booths, because we’re all puppets of genes that evolved millions of years ago, and Stuff will Happen no matter what we think or how we vote.

In Iran this week, citizens are protesting in the street against the totalitarian theocracy that has turned their beautiful country, one of the pearls of the middle East, into an economic disaster as it pursues bigotry and terror. Citizens are taking advantage of their government’s shame at having shot down a passenger plane, killing 176 people including Iranians, to shame the stodgy old mullahs further for their awful performance as leaders. The parallel is imprecise, but Darwinism has become a stodgy old paradigm by dogmatic leaders who terrorize scientific integrity with silly just-so stories and wild speculations. Bring on a Science Uprising!




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