March 4, 2020 | David F. Coppedge

Fossil Roaches Did Not Evolve

Cockroaches preserved in amber show no evolution, but the Darwinists celebrate anyway.

Rafi Letzter from Live Science always finds ways to put an evolutionary spin on things, even when no evolution is evident. “‘Exquisite’ dinosaur-age cockroaches discovered preserved in amber,” he writes. But the roaches entombed in a roach motel made of amber look just like modern roaches, except that they apparently were dark-adapted for living perpetually in caves (as are some today).

The ancient roaches, found preserved in amber in Myanmar, are the oldest-known examples of “troglomorphic” organisms — creatures that adapted to the weird, dark environments of caves. And they’re the only such dark-adapted creatures known from the Cretaceous period, having scurried around in the world’s shaded crevices even as Tyrannosaurus rex walked the Earth. Nowadays, biologists have plenty of examples of cockroaches and of cave-dwelling insects with small eyes and wings, pale bodies, and long arms and antennae. But these specimens, from two distinct, related species, are the oldest animals ever found with those traits.

Notice that the fossil cockroaches have the same traits as modern troglodytes, and they are 100% roach. So are they really “ancient”?

New Scientist says of this cockroach, “No other cave-dwelling animal, of any kind, can be confidently attributed to the dinosaur era or earlier,” which seems strange if the present is the key to the past. Maybe there weren’t caves back then.

Other Unevolved Fossils

Speaking of amber, a rare lizard fossil foot has been found in amber from the Dominican Republic. This fossil is claimed to be 20 million Darwin Years old, but researchers at the University of Bonn made a brief attempt to separate theory from dogma.

How do fossils stay preserved for millions of years? Rapid embedding is an important prerequisite for protecting the organisms from access by scavengers, for example. Decomposition by microorganisms can for instance be prevented by extreme aridity. In addition, the original substance is gradually replaced by minerals. The pressure from the sediment on top of the fossil ensures that the fossil is solidified. “That’s the theory,” says Jonas Barthel, a doctoral student at the Institute for Geosciences at the University of Bonn. “How exactly fossilization proceeds is currently the subject of intensive scientific investigation.”

The bone tissue and collagen is largely degraded, even though the discoverers think that amber acts as an excellent preservative. This should cast doubt on dinosaur soft tissue being four times older in Darwin Years, found in conditions less favorable than this lizard fossil’s amber tomb.

Eye-opening true accounts of recent frauds that were accepted by scientists, sometimes for decades.

There seems to be a desire to find the oldest fossil of any given taxon. Fox News Science reported the oldest known salamander found in Siberia, 167 million Darwin Years old. The discoverers work hard to call it ‘primitive’ or transitional, but it is basically just a salamander.

Another ‘world’s oldest’ goes for the world record: In New Scientist, Michael Marshall announces, “Tiny 2-billion-year-old fossil blobs may be the oldest complex cells.”

Fossils of single cells have been found in 2-billion-year-old rocks in China. The microfossils may be the oldest examples of complex eukaryotic cells in the fossil record – in which case they may be our distant ancestors.

The scientist admits that “If more geochemical data could be obtained, it would be more convincing.” Before calling any blob a life form or ancestor, he should read Jerry Bergman’s account of embarrassing claims about earliest life forms called Bathybius and Eozoon (Evolution’s Blunders, Frauds and Forgeries, ch. 3). These putative ancestors received lots of hype in the days of Haeckel, but turned out to be chemical precipitates. Even Darwin was fooled.

The Darwin story marches on. One must always be vigilant to separate observation from storytelling. The Darwin storytelling empire is inseparable from moyboy deep time; without millions of years, the empire collapses like a house of cards. That’s why the dinosaur soft tissue evidence must be shared. It will keep the storytellers from calling things ancient, primitive and ancestral when people realize that these fossils are much younger than Darwinians believe.

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