March 24, 2020 | David F. Coppedge

Watch Illustra Classics Free

Are you quarantined at home? Illustra Media has opened its treasure chest and is streaming its classic films for free.

Don’t just sit there; watch something!

Illustra Media, creator of classics like Metamorphosis, Unlocking the Mystery of Life and Metamorphosis, is making its films available for live streaming free through April 2020. These high-quality documentaries used to cost $20 each on DVD not long ago.

During this time of quarantine from the global pandemic of coronavirus, Illustra decided to help families and individuals who are being asked to stay at home and need things to do with their families. We recommend the “Design of Life” series, Metamorphosis, Flight and Living Waters for starters. Thirteen titles are available for free for live streaming during this 60-day time period.


Here is a sample of the quality of films:

FOREIGN-LANGUAGE films are also available HERE for free at all times.

Illustra is currently making a series of short films about natural wonders.

If you find these films satisfying, it would be great to support Illustra so that they can make more films like this. Visit The John 10:10 Project and become a subscriber. You can sign up, donate, or do both.

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