June 13, 2020 | David F. Coppedge

Big Science Capitulates to Socialist Revolution

Scientific institutions are stepping on each other to ingratiate themselves with today’s bolsheviks.

We learn from history that we do not learn from history. “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste,” as Rahm Emanuel quipped. In 1917, Vladimir Lenin used this principle when he took advantage of a legitimate women’s protest about food shortages to launch his long-planned Marxist revolution. The grievances of poor people were quickly forgotten as Lenin’s Bolsheviks gained control, leading to seven decades of terror, Gulags, hard labor, totalitarian rule and mass starvation.

One of the odd social artifacts of the reign of Marxist terror was the confession. Those judged to be “enemies of the state” or counter-revolutionaries—even when innocent—would willingly confess their crimes before being shot.

Like the women’s protest, the death of George Floyd on May 25th was a trigger that lit the fuse of modern Marxist revolutionaries. Nobody, conservative or liberal, has defended the police who killed Floyd. But organized revolutionary groups looking for a crisis, including Antifa and Black Lives Matter (BLM), are taking advantage of the public outrage to steer it for their own purposes. The current rise of “autonomous zones” beginning in Seattle and potentially spreading to other cities has long forgotten George Floyd, and is pushing Leftist slogans and policies, bankrolled by wealthy socialists. The BLM movement has moved far beyond concern for police brutality against blacks; it is a totalitarian, revolutionary movement now. For example, any politician who responds logically that “All lives matter” is quickly shouted down and silenced for being a racist, and must confess his or her sin before before continuing. Even then, the memory of that transgression is hard to shake off. BLM leaders make policy demands through force of numbers and decibels, rather than proceeding through civil, legislative means.

The Right Way, the Left Way

Legitimate concerns of black people are being heard through legal channels. On Thursday June 11th, at a presidential roundtable meeting in Dallas, President Trump listened respectfully to black leaders describing their issues and concerns (YouTube). He vowed to take additional actions beyond what his administration has already done, such as creating opportunity zones, lowering taxes and building an economy with the highest employment numbers for minorities America has ever seen. For these accomplishments, the leaders were profuse in their appreciation, and added their advice for what should come next. This is the civil way to make progress solving problems via Constitutional means.

Leftist revolutionaries, by contrast, run around the law to seize control. Like the Bolsheviks, they shout and shove rather than engaging in civil dialogue. In Seattle, they have taken control of six city blocks, including a police precinct, and are using extortion against businesses caught in the cross hairs. So far, the mayor has not stopped them. She has rather encouraged them, calling the outbreak of anarchy a “Summer of Love,” saying it has “a festive atmosphere.” It remains to be seen what will come of this situation. But since the slogan “Black Lives Matter” is the politically-correct, intuitively-obvious truthoid of the day, having gone far beyond what the words actually mean, pressure is being brought to bear on everyone—guilty or not—to confess their racism. Just being born non-black is enough to force a conviction, and Big Science cannot race to the confessional booth fast enough.

Science Losing Its Calling

One would think that science should stay out of politics and social trends, and stick to cryo-electron microscopy of cells, geological analysis of landslides and tsunamis, or the nature of subatomic particles and the astrophysics of fast radio bursts. Many individual scientists do stay focused on their empirical specialties, but their institutions—universities, journal editors and scientific societies—have capitulated to the Revolution, issuing public statements of their support for the goals of the protestors, and confessing their sins of racism and sexism. Actually, some of those sins deserve correction. Big Science has been discriminatory, statistics show. But so far, not one of them has confessed their sins of Darwinian racism and eugenics as documented by Jerry Bergman in our 9 June 2020 article. And their expressions of support for the Revolution are pure Leftist, with no inclusivity for conservatives. Their confession goes far beyond issues of race, and embraces support for transgender politics, abortion and whatever other positions the Revolution demands, labeled with the Orwellian term “political correctness.”

Systemic racism: science must listen, learn and change (Nature Editorial, June 9). Is their confession sincere enough to please the Revolution?

Nature condemns police prejudice and violence, we stand against all forms of racism and we join others around the world in saying, unequivocally, that Black Lives Matter.

Such statements are necessary, but they are not sufficient. They need to be followed by meaningful action.

Black people, including researchers, are taking to social media to spell out what that action should look like, calling attention to decades of literature on the steps necessary to make academia and science equitable. This outpouring is, in part, because Black researchers have long been denied a space and a platform in established institutions and publications such as this one.

We recognize that Nature is one of the white institutions that is responsible for bias in research and scholarship. The enterprise of science has been — and remains — complicit in systemic racism, and it must strive harder to correct those injustices and amplify marginalized voices.

They may be confessing in vain. The history of totalitarian dictatorships shows that even a full confession does not always stop a bullet to the back of the head. As some historians say, ‘Revolutions eat their own.’ In some cases, revolutions even liquidated the individuals who fought for the revolution. This happened in the French Revolution. It happened in the Soviet Revolution. Already in the current Antifa/BLM unrest, some supporters have been ousted from the ‘Autonomous Zone.’ Nature‘s Editors, therefore, should not count on the blessing of today’s bolsheviks.

If some of the protestors ever get their eyes on Darwinian racist propaganda as Dr Bergman revealed June 9, can you imagine the punishment for that?

How #BlackInTheIvory put a spotlight on racism in academia (Nature). As another act of penance, Nature is endorsing Twitter hashtags that the Revolution might approve of. Past offenses of a racist nature should be corrected; that is not controversial. The point is that confessing revolutionaries feel it necessary, as part of their confession, to embrace the symbols of the revolution as part of their repentance. One might wonder why scientists feel it necessary to capitulate to pressure on social media, but in this article, Nature tries to show its faith by its works. They confess their sin of whiteness. [Note: To the Revolution, if you are non-black, you are guilty already, even if the content of your character is above reproach. As part of a white-supremacist ‘system’, you cannot escape charges.]

Nature spoke to Davis, an assistant professor at the University of Connecticut (UConn) in Storrs, and Woods, a PhD student at the University of Texas at Austin, about how #BlackInTheIvory — which refers to the ‘ivory tower’ metaphor often used to describe academia’s elite institutions, which also are disproportionately white — started and why they decided to speak out….

There’s thousands of tweets with this hashtag — that’s thousands of different instances or retweets or whatever of people’s experiences, Black students’ experiences, with the white-supremacist system. And the reaching out has now become, “Okay, wow, I might have been complicit in this. I’ve got to change it.” And so I think there’s now a tone of change, because it’s so glaring.

All non-blacks must confess. They are already complicit in the sin of whiteness, even if they are unaware they were, and even if they prefer not to judge people by the color of their skin.

For additional self-flagellation, Nature‘s editors promised a special issue about racism in academia, which will include confessions of its own past racist practices. Will they include confessions of Darwinian racism? Now taking bets!

Nature joins global academic strike against anti-black racism (Phys.org). The science news giant Phys.org celebrated Nature‘s confession, perhaps hoping some of the fragrance would rub off on them. It may seen counter-intuitive, but part of the politically-correct confession these days includes condemnation of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) — the very core subjects scientists have long promoted. Why? Because the Revolution feels that racism has infected those programs, too.

In an editorial, Nature said it was “one of the white institutions that is responsible for bias in research and scholarship”….

Nature pledged to produce a special edition of the journal under a guest editor “exploring systemic racism in research, research policy and publishing—including investigating Nature’s part in that”.

Dozens of institutions in the US and Europe said they were taking part in Wednesday’s action protesting racism in academia with the hashtags #ShutDownAcademia and #ShutdownSTEM, referring to the acronym for science, technology, math and engineering.

It’s not a long leap for the Revolution to extend rage to ‘shut down America’ or ‘shut down everything’ – as, in fact, some on the Left are advocating.

Live Science stands with #ShutDownSTEM and #Strike4BlackLives (Live Science). Neck-and-neck with Nature, and now coming up from behind, editor Jeanna Brynner of Live Science sprints to the confessional with loud condemnations of STEM and support for the new bolsheviks who use ‘racism’ as their banner for recruiting useful idiots. Confess loudly, Jeanna! See if you can outshout Nature with your enthusiasm!

There are too many of these same statistics across the U.S. to think this is just a blip. The Harvard astronomer, David Charbonneau, who tweeted that statistic also wrote, “There is no way to look at that fact and think we are not racist, that astronomy isn’t racist, that it’s ok because everyone was doing it.” These are the very institutions that Live Science depends on and interacts with to bring amazing scientific discoveries to our readers. Acknowledgement of these numbers (and the discomfort they bring to me and I think many other white individuals) has come only after the latest killing of a Black person at the hands of a police officer. Protests and demonstrations and strikes spurred by the killing of George Floyd by a now-former Minneapolis police officer have led to a lot of reflection by many industries, including now science and academia.

Live Science will stand in support of Black scientists today by participating in #ShutDownSTEM and #Strike4BlackLives. Not only do we write about institutions whose modus operandi is entrenched in racism, but we cover STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) and have become a resource for kids curious about the world, kids whose skin color should not impact whether they follow a path in science and how far they get; we also write about human nature and history, all of which I’d argue have instilled a normalcy to systemic racism.

‘Hmmph,’ the Revolutionaries will likely say. Maybe it will be good enough for Brynner to escape the guillotine for now, but don’t let it happen again. They’ll be watching her.

Stanford psychologist identifies seven factors that contribute to American racism (Stanford). Steven O. Roberts, a psychologist from Stanford, preaches his seven-point sermon about American racism, echoing his preprint in OSF. Guess how many times he mentions Darwinian racism – you know, the kind in the Hunter school textbook used around the time of the Scopes Trial, and the kind advocated by leading scientists in academia in the 20th century until eugenics became unfashionable? Zip. Zilch. Nada. Instead, he condemns John Q. Public for racism that the individual doesn’t even know he has. “Racism is so deeply embedded within U.S. minds and U.S. society that it is virtually impossible to escape.”

Tell that to a black homeless woman from Atlanta who became valedictorian of her high school and is now in Yale Medical School (Breitbart News) not with help from activists, but by studying hard. In an interview on the PragerU channel, host Candace Owen talks with HUD secretary and world-famous pediatric neurosurgeon Ben Carson about how both overcame disadvantaged households through hard work and personal responsibility. Systemic racism did not stop any of these three from succeeding.

Roberts indicts all non-blacks as racists—even those who love black people and serve them.

Of the seven factors they identified, perhaps the most insidious is passivism or passive racism, according to the scholars. This includes an apathy toward systems of racial advantage or denial that those systems even exist.

This is just like the Bolshevik tactic of using psychopolitics to get an accused man to confess to anti-revolutionary sentiments he didn’t even know he harbored before being awakened by a knock on the door at midnight and hauled off to the KGB interrogation room. It never worked to deny it. The accused must confess, and then can be executed – with a clear conscience, at least.

Why the calls for defunding police? (Phys.org). In this article originating at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Phys.org lets A. Naomi Paik, a professor of Asian-American Studies (NOT a scientist) justify the Leftist calls to defund the police. While standing hand-in-hand with the leftist radicals who wish to eliminate entire police departments, triggered by the death of one victim of police brutality, Paik doesn’t stop there. Speaking the language of oppression and victimhood, she also supports the ripping up of historical monuments that are not politically correct.

Problems of policing are not isolated to the U.S. They are a global problem. The multitudes of people protesting worldwide are grieving and raging against the murders of George Floyd and so many others in the U.S., as well as those in their own countries. As here, those victims have come from disempowered and oppressed communities—black, Indigenous, Arab, Asian, Muslim, noncitizens and asylum seekers. [But what about Christians?]

As here, the people subjected to policing in many of these countries have inherited legacies of colonialism, worker exploitation and other unequal power relationships, and understand policing as a means of social control used against them. It’s no surprise that as part of these uprisings, we’ve seen statues of slave traders and colonizers in Europe, and of Confederate generals and Christopher Columbus in the U.S., ripped from their pedestals. These actions connect these inherited histories with the police violence many people experience today.

What does this have to do with science? Nothing. And yet it was printed in Phys.org, an ostensibly scientific news source, without debate or opposition. With her global vision, Paik will be a good candidate for leader of the Comintern.

Historian Victor Davis Hanson would have something to say about her kind of rhetoric and its historical use by totalitarian dictatorships.

Are peaceful protests more effective than violent ones? (Phys.org). Could academia actually support violence? What has science come to? What has America come to? This press release from Northeastern University actually suggests that violence is more effective than peaceful protest. Martin Luther King Jr. must be rolling over in his grave.

“Even peaceful civil rights movements are violent because it’s violence that motivates people to take action,” Rabrenovic says. Translating a violent history into a peaceful future is the hard part.

Confess Your Conservatism, Too

Having confessed their innate racism, some Big Science penitents don’t want to be tarnished with the stench of conservatism or religion either. They make their positions known loud and boisterously. ‘We are not one of them‘ – those racist pseudoscientific bigots who stick to outdated (i.e., counter-revolutionary) values. Notice that none of the “science news” articles coming from these outlets present a conservative point of view, let alone a Christian one. They don’t even allow conservatives to voice any response about the opinions expressed by the Left, which are given prominence every time. It feels like the days of Pravda, where only one official voice of the Revolution was recognized. The free press had to go underground.

LGBTQIA+ health disparities: Documenting sexual orientation and gender identity is critical (Phys.org). Perceptive readers will notice the alphabet-soup of non-traditional ‘sexual orientations’ is growing: from the original LGB, adding T (transgender), then Q (queer or questioning), then I (intersex), then A (asexual—what, like microbes?), then the catchall “+” which could mean “reserved for future categories.” This article is concerned with training health care workers how to respond appropriately* to those who identify as anything other than male or female.

*Appropriately: according to the party platform of the Revolution.

BLM Protesters and LGBT Pride Activists Twerk in Front of Police in D.C. (Breitbart News). This article illustrates the overlap between the gay activists and black liberation activists in their stance against police. It also shows the abandonment of restraint in their revolutionary efforts to tear down standards of decency.

Polish president compares ‘LGBT ideology’ to Soviet indoctrination (Reuters). Poland’s President Andrzej Duda remembers Soviet indoctrination, and sees the same tactics being employed by LGBT activists.

Opposition to sexual- and gender-minority rights linked to support for Christian dominance (Phys.org). Here’s another propaganda piece from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The propaganda begins with visualization: a flag with rainbow stripes and, instead of stars, white crosses on black. What does that imply? The crosses bear an eerie resemblance to fields of graves in a cemetery.

In totalitarian regimes, it is necessary to identify the Kulaks who must be hated, so that eliminating them can be justified. One tried-and-true method is to separate people into victims and oppressors. This one explicitly targets Christians as oppressors, and the sexually confused as their victims. Why Christians? Because since “same-sex marriage is now the law of the land in the U.S.,” Christians are primarily the ones standing in the way of the sexual revolution.

When Stalin was planning his purge of landowners in the Ukraine, which led to the mass starvation of 1932-1933, he had to incite hatred of the wealthier peasants who might have had a little more than their neighbors, like an extra cow or a tractor, or who hired another peasant to work for him. He called them Kulaks. Many hauled off as Kulaks didn’t even know they were Kulaks until they were accused. Stalin adroitly used envy to turn citizens against themselves. Some of the slightly-less wealthy peasants were rewarded for turning in their neighbors as Kulaks.

Christians are rapidly becoming today’s Kulaks. Remember when, by a 5-4 decision in 2015, the Supreme Court overturned the votes of millions of Americans who wanted to retain the millennia-old definition of marriage as between one man and one woman? At the time, proponents of same-sex marriage wept that they only wanted to be able to marry the person they loved; they didn’t want to stop those who held the traditional view. Obama’s solicitor general was asked if a decision in favor of same-sex marriage might impinge on the tax exemption of Christian institutions who oppose it. ‘I can’t deny Justice Alito that that’s going to be an issue,’ he said prophetically (Townhall.com). Now look what is happening.

Look how guilty the Christians are! They have counter-revolutionary thoughts. What modern, progressive person would deny others their ‘rights’, like ‘marriage equality’?

Many Christian and political conservatives in the U.S. support legislation to deny sexual and gender minorities the rights most Americans enjoy: unfettered access to jobs, housing, services and public facilities; the opportunity to marry as they choose; and the right to adopt a child.

According to a ‘study’ at the university [prepare to be hoodwinked], those evil Christians have too much ‘privilege’ (another Leftist keyword). Like the Kulaks, they have too many ‘advantages’ over the oppressed.

“Our analyses revealed that opposition to sexual- and gender-minority rights was correlated with Christian and political conservatism, and with the belief that Christians should be the dominant group in society,” Todd said.

Feel the hate rising within you. Give in to it. Let it simmer. In time, you will welcome their liquidation.

Antifa #CHAZ Thugs Attack, Choke and Sexually Assault Street Preacher in Seattle (The Gateway Pundit). “A street preacher who entered the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone established by Antifa and Black Lives Matter activists in Seattle was attacked by Antifa thugs on Saturday who choked, sexually assaulted and pinned him to the ground.” One of the attackers apparently put his knee on the neck of the preacher in the same manner as the Minneapolis police did to George Floyd. This act was so egregious, a “Black Lives Matter activist intervened on behalf of the preacher.”

Update 6/16/2020: Professor William Jacobson, law professor at Cornell, has felt not only the wrath of disagreeing with the revolutionaries, but the wrath of failing to join with them (Breitbart News). Calling Black Lives Matter a Marxist organization, he says that their tactics are totalitarian:

The “silence is violence” motto goes beyond conventional left-wing intimidation into silence, observed Jacobson, as it pushes the frontier of “political correctness” into demanding expressions of support for leftist campaigns and stories….

Jacobson continued, “This is different than political correctness because one of the mottos of the current push is ‘silence is violence.’ It used to be that if you are in a campus or in a workplace, you just did your work, did your studying, kept your head down, [and] tried to stay out of trouble. That was okay. That’s not okay, anymore. It will be insisted that you participate in this, just like in the Soviet Union and in communist countries. If you worked in a factory, you had to go to the rally to support the leadership, and your failure to participate was considered a crime against the regime.”

The Foundational Brainwash

Good news: US classrooms are warming to evolution, thanks in part to scientist outreach (Nature). A smiling Ann Reid, director of the NCSE (National Center for Science Education, an organization whose sole purpose is to combat creationism and intelligent design), congratulates her comrades for their successful propaganda efforts, encouraging them to keep it up.

This week’s results are from a similar survey, which the NCSE commissioned last year. They show a rise not only in the time spent teaching evolution, but also in the proportion of educators emphasizing the scientific consensus (now 67%). Clearly, things are moving in the right direction.

What is the right direction, someone asks? It is the direction in line with party propaganda. It is the direction toward which all loyal comrades must aspire. Everyone else must be eliminated. There is no room for counter-revolutionaries. They are non-persons.

Leftism. It all starts with Darwin, doesn’t it? It did in Soviet Russia. It does in China and North Korea. It is a core principle in all Marxist-Leninist regimes, because it gives a facade of a ‘scientific’ justification for dialectical materialism. The Darwin Party is the politburo of the Leftist Party.

Watch for a fuller analysis of this last article on Monday June 15th.



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