June 24, 2020 | David F. Coppedge

Transgenderism vs Science

Scientists routinely speak of people as male or female. They only change the habit when political pressure makes them cave.

Science knows nothing of transgenderism. Like everyone else, scientists have long been accustomed to speaking of people as men and women, boys and girls, males and females. Exceptions prove the rule; the rare genetic disorders that blur the binary distinction are notable for their rarity. Animals don’t choose to ‘identify’ as the opposite sex; they act out their genetic roles. Does a peacock ever pluck its tail feathers to identify as a peahen? Does a male elk cut off its antlers to compete in female elk sports? Did any serious scientist even think about a biological male identifying as a woman, or vice versa, until it recently became politically expedient to do so?

Big Science (the institutions, journals and political lobby that claims to “speak for science”) is caving to the socialist Revolution (13 June 2020), and the Left requires all troops to fall in line. Totalitarians that they are, Leftists brook no deviation from their policies, and will quickly shout down, shame and destroy the reputation of anyone who steps out of line. That includes adherence to the entire LGBT agenda, as author J. K. Rowling—no conservative herself—has found out for stating that biological men should not be allowed to compete in women’s sports (Breitbart News). Even tennis superstar Martina Navratilova, herself a lesbian, got “the treatment” from LGBT activists for arguing the same point.

Science and logic don’t matter to these people. Logically, there is an inherent contradiction in the LGBT acronym (or its recent expansion, LGBTQIA+, which leaves room for added mythical identities). If women are a figment of the imagination that biological males can identify with, what is a lesbian? If men are not real, how can a gay man be attracted to men? The absurdities that could result become apparent with a little thought; can a bearded, hairy-chested man attend a lesbian event by identifying as a woman? Can a biological woman attend a gay men’s event by identifying as a man? It gets sillier. Can a transgender woman (a biological male) be a lesbian? Can a transgender man (a biological female) compete in women’s sports as a man? What happens to women’s colleges, if biological men can attend? Can biological women enroll if they identify as men? What happens to feminism, when men can be women?

When the science of biological reality is thrown out, confusion reigns.

This creates real problems for scientists. Accustomed to dealing with binary realities that are biologically based, how do they show their allegiance to the Revolution when it comes to LGBT demands? The only solution is cognitive dissonance: believing opposite things are true at the same time.

Science Treats Males and Females as Binary

Father-friendly workplaces make finer families (Phys.org). Accompanied by a traditional picture of a dad playing with the kids along with the wife, this article makes heart-warming appeals to employers to allow fathers time to engage with their families. The article makes no sense if fathers and dads are not real. Worse, it portrays fathers and mothers in traditional roles, with fathers at work. Last Sunday was “Father’s Day” in America. Why celebrate something that is not real? This article lines up with how scientists, including psychologists, used to talk about people—as male or female, each with objective traits, desires and roles.

Academic Achievement isn’t the Reason There are More Men than Women Majoring in Physics, Engineering and Computer Science (New York University). Here’s another article that would be meaningless if men and women were not real categories. The article argues that girls need better opportunities to enter STEM programs, where women are underrepresented. Would that apply to “transgender girls” too? What would the feminists say about that? What happens to all the political pushes for women’s rights, like “equal pay for equal work,” if women are mere identity choices? Such conundrums were inconceivable before LGBT became a political agenda of the Left.

Women are overmedicated because drug dosage trials are done on men, study finds (Medical Xpress). This finding from the University of Chicago would make no sense if men and women were not biologically different. Failing to recognize those differences could be a matter of life or death.

Scientists and medical professionals have long known that women experience more adverse side effects than men, even when drug dosages are adjusted for body weight. These side effects can range from headaches and nausea to bleeding and seizures. But for decades, women were excluded from drug trials due to the false belief that hormone cycles would skew test results.

Women and men still choose partners like they used to (Medical Xpress). This study by the Norwegian University would make no sense if women and men were not real, and if they did not have traits peculiar to each sex.

Women seem to care more about security, whereas good looks matter more to men. It used to be that way, and it still is in most places, regardless of the major social changes that have occurred over time.

Women often prefer men older than themselves, and men often want younger women. When the wishes of both parties coincide, they usually appear to be a good match.

A piece like this, showing a romantic couple in silhouette, would be subject to the LGBT Ministry of Truth’s erasure from history if the Revolution gets its way. How dare they suggest that genders have preferences!

Big Science Ponies Up to the Transgender Lobby

Nonbinary astronomers need better support from their field, study finds (Live Science). This article illustrates the attempt to shame Big Science into conformity with the new LGBTQIA+ agenda. A “study” was done (prepare to be hoodwinked) by a “non-binary” astronomer showing that astronomers routinely (gasp!) treat men like men and women like women. That is the new cardinal sin of “misgendering.” Look what it (he? she?) says Big Science must do. “Must” is a moral judgment, not a scientific one.

In the study, researchers made a number of recommendations for ways that the field can change to better support its nonbinary members. These recommended changes include alterations to methodology, especially with regard to both collecting and reporting on gender data.

The study also suggests that gender data should never be shared outside of the context for which it was collected, and that privacy remains a significant consideration with such data. The group also recommends that while institutional reform is “beyond the scope of this paper,” they wrote, to actually achieve gender equality, institutions must adopt a “more complex model of gender than has historically been employed by equity initiatives.”

Additionally, they note that often, people’s gender is presumed based on outward traits such as a name or physiology. But, they stress, making such assumptions is “unavoidably discriminatory.”

Look familiar?

Opposition to sexual- and gender-minority rights linked to support for Christian dominance (Phys.org). This highly-biased, anti-Christian article was mentioned in our 13 June entry, so will not be revisited here. Suffice it to say that it appeared in a “science news” site, where a “study” (prepare to be hoodwinked) found that “political and Christian conservatives and others who support Christian dominance in the U.S. also tend to endorse restricting the rights of sexual and gender minorities.” As our earlier article said, Christians are being portrayed as the new Kulaks of the regime. Nothing is scientific about that.

Clash of Realities, War of Influencers

HHS under Trump determines sex is male, or female (WND). President Trump’s Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is taking a bold step to return to traditional views of sex after the Obama administration had caved to the LGBT activists. This does not mean that the current administration believes transgenders are unworthy of respect and accommodation. To deny biological reality, though, can have tragic consequences. Roger Severino, director of Civil Rights at HHS, gives an example:

The director pointed to a tragic case documented in the New England Journal of Medicine when a man arrived at a hospital experiencing severe abdominal pains. Nurses did not consider the case an emergency, until they realized that the patient was pregnant. He was a transgender man in labor. The pregnancy ended in a stillbirth.

“Treating sex as a biological reality or not,” Severino added, “can make a tremendous difference to health outcomes.”

This article was posted June 15. How the HHS will handle policies going forward remains to be seen, after the Supreme Court rendered a surprising bombshell decision that same day, redefining sex as inclusive of sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI).

The Billionaires Behind the LGBT Movement (First Things). In this article, Jennifer Bilek fingers billionaires and special interest groups—all Leftist—who are supporting LGBT activism to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars. Numerous groups founded by super-rich gays, flush with millions of dollars, are infiltrating the world to change laws, schools and society. Example in science:

Arcus [a powerful LGBT advocacy group] funds help APF (the leading psychology organization in the United States) develop guidelines for establishing trans-affirmative psychological practices. Psychologists are “encouraged” by those monies to modify their understanding of gender, broadening the range of biological reality to include abstract, medical identities.

This is not scientific in the least; it is an attempt to redefine science to affirm an agenda. To the extent these forces are really supplying the activists pushing for normalization of non-binary sexual identities, to that extent it proves that the LGBT agenda is not scientific, but political—a Revolution against traditional and conservative views fomented by rich, powerful social activists. One wonders what influence they were able to wield against five members of the US Supreme Court.

John Stonestreet at Breakpoint said that if the Supreme Court’s Obergefell decision redefining marriage in 2015 was like a magnitude 7 earthquake, the Bostok decision on June 15 redefining sex was like a magnitude 9 earthquake—100 times stronger. Churches, religious institutions, and Christian-owned businesses have good reason to worry, says Tony Perkins at Family Research Council. Another worry is that conservatives will no longer be able to trust Neil Gorsuch to be the textualist and Constitutionalist that was promised at his appointment. If he can redefine what the authors of Title VII of the Civil Rights Law meant by “sex” 56 years ago, when their concern was fairness for women (biological women), what other revisionist interpretations will he cook up? The four dissenting judges (all conservative) in this decision were appalled at his judicial activism. Now, the nation will have to live with the consequences, unless Congress acts to revise the law with the interpretation that was originally meant. That’s unlikely to happen in today’s political climate. I was sent three business newsletters this month (Vimeo, REI and Squarespace) that promoted “Pride Month.” Vimeo even encouraged its customers to make and post “pride” videos! If the trend continues, it’s easy to see how any business that fails to celebrate”Pride Month” will be looked at with suspicion, and eventually targeted for destruction.

Christians and lovers of science in general need to understand what’s going on. Movements like Darwin-Only education and LGBT activism are not about science. They are about Leftist forces trying to undermine all our American institutions (including Big Science) and force conformity to their utopian vision. You can be certain their “utopia” will be totalitarian. That’s the way of Satan: he wants to un-do the created order and turn attention to himself. You will not be allowed to dissent. You will not even be allowed to dissent within your own mind. Punishment will be severe. And as prior utopian regimes proved, millions of irrational brownshirts and useful idiots will eagerly rush in to support the Revolution, to their own destruction. All these Leftist activist groups need is a powerful Superman to bring global order and conformity. Satan lusts for that role.

Thank goodness we were warned by Jesus (Matthew 24) and Paul (2 Thessalonians 2, 2 Timothy 3); otherwise, who could not despair at what is happening? Because we know what to expect, we can be grieved at the evil, but not surprised. And we have the hope of righteousness, peace and joy eventually when Christ puts this evil world to its intended harmony.

God invented the rainbow. Let not man steal or pervert its beauty and meaning.




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