July 18, 2020 | David F. Coppedge

Males and Females Are Real. All Others Are Fake.

Science knows nothing of make-believe genders based on how people feel. Researchers only speak of males and females.

“Sexual dimorphism” is a scientific term that describes phenotypic differences between males and females. For instance, male lions have a mane, but lionesses do not. Male peacocks have the elaborate tail feathers, but peahens do not. The amount of sexual dimorphism in different species of animals and plants varies considerably; some are hard to tell apart. One thing is clear: scientists speak of sexual dimorphism (two forms), not trimorphism, quadrimorphism, or multi-morphism.

When it comes to Homo sapiens, except for rare genetic abnormalities (such as being born with XXY chromosomes or ambiguous genitalia), people come in male and female forms. That is the norm; the rare exceptions are called abnormalities of sexual development. They can be accommodated medically when they occur. The exceptions prove the rule. But males produce sperm, and females produce eggs and bear the young. Any questions?

Men and women, furthermore, exhibit a substantial degree of sexual dimorphism. Secondary sexual characteristics begin to become prominent after puberty. The human race has accepted this and lived with it (and has celebrated the differences) ever since creation. Nobody ever thought to question this normality until radical liberals in recent decades decided to celebrate certain individuals who are confused about their biology. Instead of helping these individuals get over their confusion and become comfortable with their sex, they are defying nature. They are encouraging individuals to follow their feelings instead of the facts, and forcing society to accept them without even allowing wise counselors to try to help them get over their confusion. They are now influencing legislatures and courts to let them pretend to be the opposite sex in all matters of life (such as requiring sports teams to allow biological men to compete in women’s sports, stealing all the trophies in the process).

Activists are claiming that biological sex has nothing to do with “gender” which is socially conditioned, is fluid, and can be changed at whim. It’s getting dangerous. Some government leaders are letting immature children and teenagers be given life-altering drugs and surgeries, without parental consent, that will permanently alter their bodies—decisions they may later regret.

Science Is Unambiguous

There is no confusion over the facts of biology, however, as the following science papers and science articles attest.

Sex-biased gene expression in rhesus macaque and human brains (bioRxiv). Whether speaking of monkeys, mice or men, this paper speaks of males and females – nothing else. Genes are expressed differently in males and females. “Sexually dimorphic traits (i.e. phenotypic differences between males and females) are largely produced by sex-biased gene expression (i.e. differential expression of genes present in both sexes).”

Does masculinity really matter? A meta-analysis of the relationships between sexually dimorphic traits in men and mating/reproduction (bioRxiv). Whether or not one accepts the thesis of the study about sexual selection in masculine traits, the opening science is indisputable:

Humans are sexually dimorphic: on average men significantly differ from women in body build and composition, craniofacial structure, and voice pitch, likely mediated in part by developmental testosterone exposure.

Gendered Fitness Interests: A Method Partitioning the Effects of Family Composition on Socio-Political Attitudes and Behaviors (bioRxiv). This paper makes no sense unless men are real and women are real. Whether or not one accepts the notion that “inclusive fitness” influences whether men or women turn out to have “gendered fitness interests” that are traditional for their sex or not, nothing is stated about other genders or other sexes—not even transgenders or homosexuals.

The Same Genes Work Differently In Men And Women, Study Finds (WBUR). Identical genes are expressed differently in men and women, this study reports.

A biological family is the basis of society. Both sexes are interdependent, but distinct.

Girls more negatively affected by pot than boys (Medical Xpress). This article discusses gender differences—but only between girls and boys regarding “early cannabis use on brain development and, in particular, on the area related to working memory.” The authors don’t pretend that there are 70 other genders. Boys are boys, and girls are girls.

‘Jaw-dropping’ world fertility rate crash expected (BBC News). The number of families having children has dropped alarmingly around the world, this article says. It’s a very disturbing trend with serious impacts on society. The article talks a lot about women and why so few are deciding not to have children, but the authors don’t pretend that other sexes or genders exist in the art of making babies.

The Y chromosome is disappearing – so what will happen to men? (The Conversation). Here’s an absurd proposition that the Y chromosome will disappear in 4.6 million years. Peter Ellis and Daniel Griffin won’t be around to have to face falsification over the notion, but they do understand that men are necessary for perpetuating the human race:

Although this is an interesting and hotly debated area of genetic research, there is little need to worry. We don’t even know whether the Y chromosome will disappear at all. And, as we’ve shown, even if it does, we will most likely continue to need men so that normal reproduction can continue.

Hair sample tests may give women more accurate fertility predictions (New Scientist). Just to keep emphasizing the point, this article only makes sense if women are real. Their bodies respond differently to hormones, even to the tips of their hair, allowing scientists to judge their fertility – their unique ability to get pregnant. The paper about this is published in the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology.

Playtime with Dad may improve children’s self-control (University of Cambridge). Isn’t it nice when scientists recognize that men and women are different and have specific roles to play? The word “father” is mentioned 20 times in this article, emphasizing a man’s role in helping his children learn self-control. Although both parents are crucial for children, fathers are not the same as mothers or interchangeable with them.

Achievement isn’t why more men are majoring in physics, engineering and computer science (Phys.org). Until the LGBT activists wrested control of political correctness in recent years, nobody questioned the naturalness of men and women gravitating to subjects that interested them. Attempts to achieve equality in physics, engineering and computer science (PECS) majors between men and women has not worked, either. Why? This study from New York University finds that it’s not because males achieve higher scores or job success in those fields. No; even lower-achieving males are naturally attracted to those subjects more than higher-scoring women. This held true for 6,000 high school students followed for seven years.


Each human being is an individual. People differ widely in their interests and talents. Some men have a gentle, nurturing nature, and some women can be as tough as a Marine sergeant. The Bell curves of their natures, however, do not overlap, and the male-female differences are primarily due to their biology. Everything from genes to brains to physiology is influenced by whether a person is a man or a woman. Activists are kidding themselves to think that those traits are culturally conditioned and can be arbitrarily re-imagined.

We are what we are, and should be thankful for the way we are made. It’s by design for our good as individuals and as a society. The Lord our Creator, speaking through Isaiah to rebels in Jerusalem, said what activists need to hear today:

You turn things upside down! Shall the potter be regarded as the clay, that the thing made should say of its maker, “He did not make me”; or the thing formed say of him who formed it, “He has no understanding”? (Isaiah 29:16)

Solutions to societal issues have to begin with the truth.


Quiz question: Who is the father of lies? Who is always trying to undermine the created order?





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