July 29, 2020 | David F. Coppedge

Old-Earth Evolutionists Have Blown Their Cred

All the news media are uncritically parroting a preposterous claim that makes the Rip Van Winkle fable look reasonable.

Japanese scientists, in conjunction with the University of Rhode Island, are either looking for 15 minutes of fame, or testing the gullibility of the public, or (most likely) have gone totally bonkers. Their paper in Nature Communications announces, “Aerobic microbial life persists in oxic marine sediment as old as 101.5 million years.” Yes, that’s what they are saying: microbes have risen from a 100-million-year sleep and are hungry again.

This is like finding a dinosaur slumbering away in suspended animation, then reviving it and finding it ready to eat you. The claim is absurd. How do they claim these microbes are 100 million Darwin Years old? They can’t. They must, though, because their Darwin timeline requires it. How much longer will the public put up with this?

“This study was supported by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science,” the press release says. Ha! The promotion of science. That’s rich.

The mainstream science media, as usual, swallows the story whole and vomits it back out for the public. The only sign of doubt are the qualifiers by some science writers that the microbes “may” be that old.

Deep sea microbes dormant for 100 million years are hungry and ready to multiply (University of Rhode Island).

According to Morono, life for microbes in the subseafloor is very slow compared to life above it, and so the evolutionary speed of these microbes will be slower. “We want to understand how or if these ancient microbes evolved,” he said. “This study shows that the subseafloor is an excellent location to explore the limits of life on Earth.”

Bacteria dug up from beneath the seabed may be 100 million years old (New Scientist).

Because the deep-sea microbes must have patched and repaired themselves countless times, it is perhaps down to philosophers to decide whether any individual cell really is 100 million years old. D’Hondt believes they qualify.

100M-year-old microbes found on seafloor were revived, study says (Fox News Science).

Experts have found 100-million-year-old microorganisms living 18,000 feet below the surface and revived them, a shocking study says.

The research notes that microbes dormant long since before the dinosaurs became extinct were revived after being discovered 10 years ago in ancient sediment samples from the South Pacific Gyre. The samples were eventually incubated, which demonstrated the microbes were “capable of growing and dividing,” according to a statement from the University of Rhode Island.

Scientists revive 100 million-year-old microbes from the sea (BBC News).

“When I found them, I was first sceptical whether the findings are from some mistake or a failure in the experiment,” lead author Yuki Morono told AFP.

We now know that there is no age limit for [organisms in the] sub-seafloor biosphere”.

“We now know,” they say tontologically. Who’s “we,” Paleface?


OK, the gig is up. We suspected the Darwin groupies in the media had lost their minds. Now, they have demonstrated it beyond all doubt. Anything they say now about evolution and millions of years should recall the date of July 28, 2020, when they blew their cred totally. Instead of laughing at the researchers, they’re joining the drinking party with them and singing How Dry I Am.

No, these germs are not 100 million years old. They got buried in Flood sediments a few thousand years ago and had just enough oxygen to survive till now. Darwinists demand people believe they survived 10,000 times longer than that, with no destructive mutations wiping them out, just sitting there ignoring the impregnable force of evolution all that time. People, think. Cells cannot repair their DNA for millions of years without nutrients. Good grief! Cells are made of molecular machines and codes that need constant refreshment and repair. They are not just going to sit there and sleep for 100 million years. And dinosaur soft tissue is not going to survive millions of years, either (15 July 2020).

Don’t you see what is happening here? The Darwinians have sold their souls to King Charlie and his moyboy timeline. The tree-of-life, millions-of-years-of evolution fogma takes priority over all observations and reasoning. All data must be fit into the timeline. It is the Law of the Misdeeds and Perversions, which cannot be revoked. These particular Darwinians are so blind to their fogma, so indoctrinated into their faith, they willingly suspend disbelief in order to preserve their preciousssssss millions of years. Read the quotations above in that light.

Why did people ever fall for the stories coming from this crowd? Wake up.


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