August 7, 2020 | David F. Coppedge

Lying for Darwin: A Global Pandemic

Science is infected with parasitic doctrines that have developed antibiotic resistance against logic.

Ever since John Tyndall and the X Club schemed to wrest science from theology (2 Aug 2020), they took science on a predictable path to absurdity. Tyndall’s biographer Roland Jackson says, “What Tyndall argued for was the ability to explore, think and argue freely about the natural world untrammeled by religious dogma.” It sounds so noble. At one level, one can almost understand Tyndall’s frustration with religious disputes among theologians, wishing to get away from that. Too bad nobody told him that wresting science from theology is impossible. Science requires the supernatural; the pursuit of truth with integrity does not spring out of particles in motion.*

*There aren’t many world views that provide a foundation for science based on truth and integrity. Darwinism is certainly not one of them! A world view that supports science needs at least two things: unchanging truth and unchanging ethics. These two realities, furthermore, must be accessible to the human mind. They cannot exist if the universe is all an illusion, or if it is made of infinite cycles that destroy everything that was known before. Science was birthed in the Christian west by those who respected the Bible, and valued truth that was eternal and unchanging, and morality based on the 10 commandments, “Thou shalt not bear false witness.” See The Soul of Science by Thaxton and Pearcey; see also our biographies of creation scientists.

Logically, since one cannot build a science out of materialism, secular scientists have to steal those virtues. Like viruses, scientific materialists parasitize the Biblical worldview by wresting control of its doctrines and values. In essence, Tyndall and his co-conspirators exchanged a theological dogma they didn’t like with one they did like. Scientific materialism is a cloak for an underlying faith in the god of Stuff Happens preached by Darwin, the Bearded Buddha, with his two-fold path: chance variations are selected by a blind watchmaker without purpose or design. Everything evolves: even religion and morality!

Cartoon for CEH by Brett Miller. All rights reserved.

Scientists who respected the Bible in the late 19th century failed to halt this dangerous infection. Before long, followers of the Bearded Buddha displaced all other worldviews by force, so that they would be free to lie with impunity. Now, global science is infected. Big Science has shut off the original moral code in the scientific nucleus, and inserted it with the viral code. The new code takes control of the scientific apparatus to multiply copies of just-so stories. Vectors in Big Media, like mosquitoes, carry the virus to the world.

Infected Morality Justifies Lying

One symptom of the infection in humans is hot air that creates fogma in the halls of academia and press offices. The scientists are so used to it, they assume it is normal. Today’s scientists have all but forgotten the fresh air of truth and morality. Truth to them is whatever keeps the pandemic going. Morality to them is censoring any attempt to stop it.

The attractive thing about Darwin’s god is that there is no hell for liars. And what lie is more atrocious than the story that nothing times nobody equals everything? Yesterday, we saw them lying with impunity about the origin of life (6 Aug 2020). Today, we see them building on that lie with additional lies about the origin of complex life. This one from Lancaster University is a whopper.

Lying for Darwin

New insight into the evolution of complex life on Earth (Lancaster University). This tale is 90% fogma and 10% observation (or misconstrued observation, at least). It’s like telling a tale about lucky charms creating mammals out of microbes, and justifying it by finding a rabbit’s foot on a live rabbit. That observation has nothing to do with the tale. Behold the tale, enveloped in irrelevant fogma:

Their research, published in Science, sheds light on the cell division of the microbe Sulfolobus acidocaldarius, which thrives in acidic hot springs at temperatures of around 75°C. This microbe is classed among the unicellular organisms called archaea that evolved 3.5 billion years ago together with bacteria.  

Eukaryotes evolved about 1 billion years later – likely arising from an endosymbiotic event in which an archaeal and bacterial cell merged. The resulting complex cells became a new division of life that now includes the protozoa, fungi, plants and animals. 

The observation about archaea has nothing to do with the story. In fact, it is a non-evolutionary observation!

A novel connection between primordial organisms and complex life has been discovered, as new evidence sheds light on the evolutionary origins of the cell division process that is fundamental to complex life on Earth.

The discovery was made by a cross-disciplinary team of scientists led by Professor Buzz Baum of University College London and Dr Nick Robinson of Lancaster University.

The simplest organisms (archaea) have proteasomes, which are complex molecular machines. Eukaryotes also have proteasomes. The storytellers admit that “The proteasome is evolutionarily conserved [unevolved] in both archaea and eukaryotes” – in other words, they did not find any evolution! The only thing they found was similarity between two un-evolved groups of organisms. Watch carefully how this non-Darwinian observation gets woven into the grand evolutionary tale:

Now a common regulatory mechanism has been discovered in the cell division of both archaea and eukaryotes after the researchers demonstrated for the first time that the proteasome – sometimes referred to as the waste disposal system of the cell – regulates the cell division in Sulfolobus acidocaldarius by selectively breaking down a specific set of proteins.

The authors report: “This is important because the proteasome has not previously been shown to control the cell division process of archaea.”  …

The cell cycle is one of the most complex activities of a living cell, involving near-perfect duplication of the genetic code and all the cell’s machinery. How can anyone believe that a regulated process is a product of blind chance? But the lies pile up:

[It] is already well established that selective proteasome-mediated protein degradation plays a key role in the cell cycle regulation of eukaryotes.

These findings therefore shed new light on the evolutionary history of the eukaryotes.

The authors summarise: “It has become increasingly apparent that the complex eukaryotic cells arose following an endosymbiotic event between an ancestral archaeal cell and an alpha-proteobacterium, which subsequently became the mitochondria within the resulting eukaryotic cell. Our study suggests that the vital role of the proteasome in the cell cycle of all eukaryotic life today has its evolutionary origins in archaea.”

And thus monkeys came down from the trees, evolved big brains, and built universities where they could tell stories like this.

It’s not enough to argue scientific facts against the infected. One needs to know their motivations and worldview assumptions, and how they arose in history. Then one needs to know how to defeat their foundational assumptions by turning their own viruses against themselves. One important therapeutic that can do this is mirror logic. One holds a mirror up to the infected storyteller and forces them to see their fogma in light of their own worldview. It reveals to them that the just-so story is nothing but glorified monkey screeching that should be ignored, because according to their own beliefs, all they are trying to do is pass on their genes. Even worse, their selfish genes are using them as pawns to replicate themselves – all for no purpose!

Most likely they will understand none of this and just call you a #%#@! who doesn’t understand evolution. At that point, you grin and signal, “Q.E.D.”

Credit: J.B. Greene

Permanent immunity, however, can only be guaranteed with a heart transplant, followed by vaccination with antibodies that recognize the virus and prevent re-infection.



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