September 2, 2020 | David F. Coppedge

Big Science Dodging Its Own Racism

They have the worst record on race of any institutions, but they are blaming YOU. This is the strategy of projection.

Scientific racists in the era of Social Darwinism and eugenics put a black man in the zoo (17 Aug 2020), promoted the elimination of blacks, and continue to support the most racist company of all, Planned Parenthood (31 July 2020). But they pretend that racism is a systemic problem in the American public consciousness, particularly among whites. This is their way of covering up their own egregious sins. Some recent apologies are too little, too late (27 Aug 2020).

Scientific racism goes all the way back to Darwin. Some modern Darwinians try to distance Charles Darwin from Social Darwinism. In the preface to a new book about Alfred Russel Wallace, presented in Evolution News, William Dembski quotes a historian who knows Darwin:

University of Pennsylvania historian of science and social anthropology, Henrika Kuklick, has stated unequivocally, “scholars have wasted their time trying to exonerate Darwin of responsibility for Social Darwinism, for he was a Social Darwinist.

What do unconscious bias tests really reveal about racism? (New Scientist). Everybody has unconsious racist biases, Pragya Agarwal writes, deflecting blame from Big Science because “Psychologists have shown that reflexive biases influence our perceptions of others, potentially explaining the persistence of various forms of prejudice.”

YOU are biased. So am I. We all discriminate. It is both a source of concern and comfort that we don’t necessarily do so deliberately and that our prejudices aren’t always wilful.

If societies are to truly confront the pernicious effects of racism and prejudice, the importance of examining these biases and how they become etched into the brain is becoming increasingly clear. The death of George Floyd under the knee of a police officer in Minneapolis on 25 May shook the world to attention, but it was no isolated incident. Every day there are stories of people being treated with suspicion – or far worse – based on their skin colour while going about their daily lives.

There are also a vast majority of good, decent people who love all people. While Agarwal appears to include himself in the universe of biases, he proceeds to justify psychology, one of the worst branches of science of all, guilty of the “reproducibility crisis” in science and shamed often even by other scientists.

In this hit piece, Agarwal echoes the ideas of “critical race theory” that puts a guilt trip on everyone for unconscious racist tendencies that people are not even aware of. Well, maybe there are unconscious anti-conservative, anti-Christian biases that Agarwal is guilty of when he wrote this. Did he ever think about that? How could he extricate himself from his own bias without escaping into the never-neverland of the Yoda Complex?

All the leading scientific institutions and museums endorsed Darwinian racism and eugenics at the time of the Scopes Trial.

US racial inequality may be as deadly as COVID-19 (PNAS). Elizabeth Wrigley-Field of the University of Minnesota engages in the hate-America campaign of the left, putting guilt trips on all Americans for the sins of a few. Dressing up her political bias in pseudo-scientific garb, she joins in the anti-police sentiments of the Black Lives Matter (BLM), Antifa and other hate-America groups, alleging that “Black disadvantage is on the scale of the worst pandemics in modern US history.” She puts forth charts and graphs that look sciency, but as philosophers know, one can lie with statistics and selective evidence. She totally overlooks the racist sins of Big Science from Darwin to the present. The phenomenon of projection is a well-known tactic that the guilty try to evade responsibility. It’s like the arsonist who blames the fire department for starting the fire.

Darwin’s views led to many racist depictions of evolutionary “progress” – an “ascent of man” from the apes. Such diagrams have long been known to be scientifically false, but they have become iconic in the popular mind. They usually portray dark-skinned “hominids” as less evolved than Europeans and whites.

Ethnic antagonism erodes Republicans’ commitment to democracy (PNAS). This has to rank as one of the most overtly biased papers ever printed in a science journal. With a cloak of “science” with the help of the National Academy of Sciences, Larry M. Bartels specifically portrays Republicans, Donald Trump and conservatives as anti-democratic racists. All those riots occurring in Democratic states and cities? Why, it’s Republicans’ fault!

The strong tendency of ethnocentric Republicans to countenance violence and lawlessness, even prospectively and hypothetically, underlines the significance of ethnic conflict in contemporary US politics.

Like Elizabeth Wrigley-Field, Bartels completely ignores the long history of Darwin-brand scientific racism. How did such a naked political screed ever get published in a “science” journal? Interestingly, Bartels and his squad all come from Vanderbilt University, but they completely ignore the damning evidence presented by Vanderbilt’s notable black female professor of law and history, Dr. Carol Swain, who has recounted all the Democrat culpability since before the Civil War for slavery, KKK, Jim Crow laws and opposition to civil rights bills (see YouTube video from Prager University, and a lengthier interview on Prager U about BLM, Marxism, critical race theory, policing and other matters affecting blacks).

Look familiar?

Democrats are still at it, says black Congressman Vernon Jones (Breitbart News). The goal of “Black Lives Matter” (an overwhelmingly Democrat terror group), he says, is the destruction of the black family– and BLM says so on its own website. BLM works hand-in-hand with the LGBTQ movement to destroy the traditional nuclear family, and embraces Marxism. Jones proves it with quotes.

Do you see why CEH calls out the downfall of Big Science? (See 29 Aug and 30 Aug 2020). Big Science is now a tool of the radical leftists. You cannot trust anything they say when it touches on origins, politics, mind, education, religion, policy, or worldview – any of the things that really matter in life.

Exercise: If you are appalled at the big lie of Bartels, you can do something about it. Bartels left his email address in the paper: . Write him to complain, and send him a link to Carol Swain’s excellent short video that sets the record straight. While you are at it, write the editors of PNAS and demand an apology for their having printed blatantly partisan pieces in their journal without any debate or rebuttal – qualities that should characterize good science journalism especially on matters of political dispute as important as racism. Complain that the dark history of Darwinist racism has been whitewashed by the journal, and provide evidence. You can also write Elizabeth Wrigley-Field at the University of Minnesota: . Don’t be nasty, but be firm. Include the links to Carol Swain’s videos.

Recommended Resource: Watch the documentary film “Human Zoos” from the Discovery Institute. Without pushback, liars will succeed in controlling the narrative. This is urgent. Don’t let them get away with it, especially now, right before a pivotal election. If the Darwinist-leftist-Marxist radicals win, there will never be accountability, and the truth will be suppressed.



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