September 20, 2020 | David F. Coppedge

Op-Ed: Geneticist Exposes the Party of Sexual Anarchy

Following up on his essay “Choosing Sides,” geneticist John Sanford names the party most responsible for “anything goes” sexuality.

from John Sanford, PhD, Cornell University (retired)

John Sanford, speaking at Cornell University at a conference in 2011. (DFC)

Dear Friends –

While the previous letter addressed very broad concerns, this letter is very focused. The issue is anything-goes sexuality. I am convinced this is the most important moral issue that our country (and our world) now faces. On this issue, there is a clear choice.

The left gave us the “sexual revolution”, which was meant to bring liberation and joy. That did not happen. The sexual revolution turned into the sexual holocaust. It has brought us unspeakable misery. It has brought us bondage. It brought us unlimited pornography, unlimited abortion rights, promiscuous sex outside of marriage, anything-goes marriages, anything-goes families, gender confusion, and celebration of all forms of deviant sexuality. The radicalized leftists are now either promoting, or are considering, the legalization of prostitution, polygamous marriages, relaxing laws involving incest, and relaxing laws protecting children. The left’s insatiable sexual appetite has brought us broken marriages, broken families, broken cities, and broken institutions. Lastly, anything-goes sexuality has profoundly broken our relationship with God. All this is documented in the short book “The Sexual Holocaust – a Global Crisis” (see

The Democratic Party seems to be best characterized as the party of anything-goes sexuality – regardless of human cost. The left lit up the Democratic White House with rainbow colors in celebration, when the Supreme Court dictated anything-goes marriage. New York’s Democratic governor lit up the the George Washington Bridge, celebrating anything-goes full-term abortion. The left is still not satisfied. They want to legalize prostitution, and they would teach every child to experiment with deviant sexual behaviors at very early ages. They would do their best to promote gender confusion in every child. The left will never be satisfied until America looks just like Sodom and Gomorrah. If that seems extreme to you, please just consider what has happened in the last few decades! The growing evil is clearly accelerating – right before our eyes.

A biological family is the basis of society. Both sexes are interdependent, but distinct. Children thrive when father and mother remain married and play their God-given roles in the home.

America is not perfect, and conservative politicians are too often still very corrupt. But Conservative America has very consistently supported traditional morality, and has resisted the incredibly destructive “anything-goes sexuality”. Conservative Americas still affirm marriage and family. They still honor God. They still want to protect children. This single issue alone should cause all caring Americans to want to reject the increasingly radicalized left.

If you agree with the attached letter, will you please forward it to all your contacts? Will you please ask your contacts to do the same?

I pray we might make a difference!

Best wishes – John Sanford and Bridgette Heap

You can download this letter in PDF form and share it with associates, family and friends.

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Sanford’s book examines the impact of mutations that are invisible to selection.

Dr Sanford is author of the acclaimed book Genetic Entropy, and inventor of the widely-used gene gun.

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