November 3, 2020 | David F. Coppedge

Will the Darwin-Only Party Take Power?

One American party would lock in Darwinist totalitarianism in schools, colleges, and public institutions forever.

For the last four years, the Executive branch and Senate of the United States have included many leaders who favor school choice, freedom of speech and freedom of religion. Those ideals are now being challenged by a party that calls itself the party of “science” (by which it means consensus, or better yet, Groupthink). Set aside the concerns about Paris climate accords and coronavirus lockdowns, serious as they are. Darwin skeptics take various sides on those issues. But perhaps the most long-lasting impact of the Democrat Party, if their candidates take power, will be the coronation of Darwin as king of the worldviews, all in the name of “science.”

Cartoon for CEH by Brett Miller. All rights reserved.

Darwinism extends its grasping tentacles into everything. If individual rights are not endowed by a Creator, then no permanent rights can be claimed as morally good. Darwinism teaches that groups of organisms (including people) compete for a nebulous quality called “fitness.” Fitness is anything that those with power deem it to be. In the days of Social Darwinism and eugenics a hundred years ago, it was belonging to a superior race. The pursuit of “fitness” rationalized some of the greatest horrors the world has every known, climaxing in two world wars and numerous genocides. The same amoral belief in the pursuit of fitness lurks inside the Darwinism of today.

Darwinism has ruled Big Science and Big Education all through the Republican administration, even back through the time of Reagan. Ever since the 1920s, when Democrats and progressives whined for the right to teach evolution in schools (they were doing that anyway; thus, the Scopes Trial), they framed the question as an issue of fairness and academic freedom. But like all totalitarians, once they gained power, they shut out all opposition. Today, the powers in Big Science, Big Education and Big Media have sent Darwin doubters into exile. They rule the nation with their atheistic, amoral Stuff Happens Law, ruining the lives of countless scientists, teachers and reporters (see for stories).

Dr Bergman has published 3 books of true stories of careers ruined by Darwinist censors.

At least there has been some hope for change under the Republican administration. The Cabinet and Senators were working for school choice, seeking liberty for religious teachers, and favoring religious liberty issues in employment. Much remained to be done to begin loosening the grip of the Darwin Party on society. All those initiatives will be quickly swept away by the party of “science” (false so-called) that has mastered the propaganda tactics to promote Sola Darwina in education: “evolution is science; creation is religion” being the chief Big Lie of all. The totalitarianism in education has been so bad that the non-religious position of Intelligent Design has been impossible to present fairly in science classes. It has been hard enough trying to include honest criticisms of Darwinism in any public educational institution. A Democrat administration would also pack the court with leftists who would make it even harder. For more on the consequences of this worldview battle, listen to John Lennox at ID the Future.

Conservatives rightly express concern about the moral issues that Democrats would oppose: chiefly, the right to life for the pre-born, and also freedom of conscience in employment, support for the traditional family and biological gender. They are aghast at Planned Parenthood’s under-oath admission of selling baby body parts for “research” and engineering abortion procedures to preserve the best organs and calvaria (baby heads) for the secular science community to tinker with. They are incensed at efforts toward human cloning and human-animal hybrids.

Underlying all those atrocities, though, is Darwinism: the denial of human exceptionalism because of the denial of a Creator who made mankind in his own image.


Those who do not want to see the totalitarian dictatorship of the Darwinians locked in power in perpetuity must vote to oust the candidates who swear allegiance to the DODO position (Darwin-only, Darwin-only). They must vote against the DOPE pushers (Darwin-only public education). If a root is evil, the branches cannot be righteous. Candidates who use the word “god” in their rhetoric cannot be trusted, because a consistent Darwinian can justify lying in the pursuit of fitness. That’s how natural selection works; anything that advances power for the fittest is morally good in their view.

There is only one party on this election day that has any chance of stopping the Darwin dictatorship and restoring honest debate and inquiry into science. There is only one party that stands a chance of opening the window of sunshine onto the scientific evidence for origins. There is only one party whose platform believes in human exceptionalism, the right to life, and protection of the Bill of Rights. There is only one party willing to promote academic freedom about the most important questions in life: Where do we come from? What is our purpose in life? What is our destiny? There is only one party that proudly affirms our national motto, “In God We Trust,” and pledges allegiance to “one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

Please vote wisely.

Darwinism and materialism harms real people.


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