January 25, 2021 | David F. Coppedge

Darwinists Lying to the Public

The facts in this story are opposite what a BBC headline promises.

Why do they get away with it? Because like Stalin-type totalitarian regimes, they run the science, the schools and the press. No one is ever held accountable.

New light shed on Charles Darwin’s ‘abominable mystery’ (BBC News). Helen Briggs re-illustrates the DAM Law, that any article about flowering plants will mention the phrase, ‘Darwin’s Abominable Mystery.’ With the customary salute to the great master of evolutionary theory, she begins with acceptable artwork of Charlie’s hoary face and handwriting. The light never comes.

The diversity of angiosperms is astonishing (DFC).

The famous naturalist was haunted by the question of how [not whether] the first flowering plants evolved.

Darwin feared this inexplicable puzzle would undermine his theories of evolution, says Prof Richard Buggs.

Forgotten historical documents show a rival scientist was arguing for divine intervention in the rise of the flowering plants.

This greatly vexed Darwin in his final months, says the evolutionary biologist at Queen Mary, University of London.

The nemesis was old paleobotanist William Carruthers, botanist at the British Museum, who pointed to the actual fossil evidence for angiosperms (flowering plants) to argue for special creation. Briggs drags out the drama of Act One from which to allow her idol to leap forth into glory after his death.

“In the fossil record they appear very suddenly in the Cretaceous, dated at about 100 million years ago, and there’s nothing that looks like an angiosperm before them and then they suddenly appear and in considerable diversity,” says Prof [Richard] Buggs.

Questions raised by the sudden appearance of flowering plants are at the heart of Darwin’s abominable mystery, he explains.

“Why isn’t there a gradual evolution of the angiosperms? Why can’t we see intermediate forms between the gymnosperms – things like conifers – and the flowering plants? And why, when they appear, are they already so diverse?”

The picture was totally contrary to Darwin’s vision of gradual development of new species from the selection of small variations. Nature was not to take any sudden leaps. And yet angiosperms appeared fully formed, with no apparent transitions. This was anathema to Darwin, who was intent on ruling out God from the biological order.

Show the Light

Briggs has been setting up her readers for an expected apotheosis of Darwin. Here comes the light! Ready, set, …

And is the mystery solved?

In short, no. “One hundred and forty years later, the mystery’s still unsolved,” says Prof Buggs. “Of course, we’ve made lots of progress in our understanding of evolution and in our knowledge of the fossil record, but this mystery is still there.”

Now you get it. It was black light! Please don’t leave gum under the seat as you exit.

Update 1/28/2021: Maybe the light didn’t get shed as promised, but Darwinians at the University of Frieburg in Switzerland have another rescue tactic. In “New study unravels Darwin’s ‘abominable mystery’ surrounding origin of flowering plants,” Phys.org reports that they can schmooze the data. The Darwinians agree that the fossils just aren’t there, but they think they can infer that the transitional forms must have been there. They do this with statistics, showing other groups that diversified prior to 100 millions of years ago. It’s a theory rescue that has no need of evidence. “Our study shows that these views are too simplistic; the fossil record has to be interpreted,” one Darwin lover said. In other words, rub that crystal ball until you get the vision you were expecting.

Darwin may have been truly vexed by the lack of conformity with his theory, but he was also a great schemer. Janet Browne’s biography Charles Darwin, the Power of Place portrays him in later years putting on a carefully scripted act. He would pretend to be too ill to visit with an admirer from far away, which only added to the suspense of the admirer who would not wish to disturb the great man, and would value the final visit with even more awe, treating Darwin like a god. Darwin ran his publicity through his X-Clubbers who gained control of the journals. They made Darwin skepticism seem outdated and snobbish; the new breed were the sincere seekers of the truth, doing the real legwork of science by collecting details on animals and plants that, while interesting, usually had nothing to do with supporting Darwin’s theory. Charlie urged them on to keep looking for the missing evidence in a never-ending snipe hunt, assuring them they would find the transitional fossils for the Cambrian Explosion if they kept looking. Briggs portrays the DAM as a goal to solve something like Fermat’s Last Theorem. They would solve DAM in due time. Well; Fermat’s is solved, but the DAM “is still there” as a rebuke to Darwinism. How many hours must one look for the mythical snipe before deciding there is no such thing?

Meanwhile the “spirit of progress” in the Victorian Age gradually made “religion” seem more hoary and irrelevant over time, and secular science more trendy. The Darwinians, like Huxley, put on airs of respect for the facts, and the theists, like Bishop Butler, were portrayed as rude dogmatists. The whole scheme worked like a charm till the Darwinists gained control over science. Then, the attitudes flipped completely. After the Scopes Trial, Darwinians turned tyrannical, ousting all non-Darwinists out of the Darwin castle, so that the GSS (Great Society for Storytellers) could celebrate like the pigs in Animal Farm. They worked to get an iron grip on the schools, journals and media. Like the KGB, they rounded up and punished defectors. Like the Comintern, Darwin Party propagandists trained agents to lie to the public about the evidence with the goal of spreading the revolution internationally.

Indeed, all who desire to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted, while evil people and impostors will go on from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived (II Timothy 3:12-13).

We’ve been covering this whole DAM subject for over 20 years, and Briggs has the gall to continue glorifying this master deceiver. No man has been more responsible for the lack of faith in today’s world than this conniver, Charlie. But look, everybody! The evidence falsifies his theory. From angiosperms alone (and that’s not the only taxonomical group), life explodes onto the scene, fully formed, with incredible diversity, just like Genesis 1:20 says. Variation occurs within groups, but not beyond groups. The exquisite organization of flowers, including all their reproductive organs, and their interactions with insects that benefit all life, show intuitive evidence of design that is backed up at the cellular level and genetic level. The elaborate processes of photosynthesis that control our atmosphere and benefit the entire biosphere show foresight and planning. After Genesis 3, the world was cursed with thorns and diseases, but God did not leave himself without evidence, displaying to everyone his grace, love, and mercy.

It’s way overdue to chuck Chuck and live in the world of intelligent design. All it requires is courage and confidence and an army of scientists and citizens who, like Phillip Johnson said, “refuse to take bluffing and evasion for an answer” from the storytellers.

It’s a designed world after all.



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