March 4, 2021 | David F. Coppedge

Big Bangers Are Making Things Up

If you thought Darwinists were the storytellers while physicists do hard science, look at this.

Observers of modern cosmology already know that the “experts” believe we can only detect about 4% of reality by observation. The rest of the universe is made up of completely unknown entities called “dark matter” and “dark energy,” they tell the non-experts (30 Dec 2020). But their imaginations don’t stop there.

Will this solve the mystery of the expansion of the universe? (University of South Denmark, via Modern cosmologists are obsessed with their models instead of reality. When reality contradicts a preferred model, they think nothing of making up fake realities to get the models to work. This article begins with a confident assertion followed by a contradiction in observations. Observations, we were taught, are supposed to lead, not follow.

The universe was created by a giant bang; the Big Bang 13.8 billion years ago, and then it started to expand. The expansion is ongoing: it is still being stretched out in all directions like a balloon being inflated.

Physicists agree on this much, but something is wrong. Measuring the expansion rate of the universe in different ways leads to different results.

Faced with this contradiction, the cosmologists in Denmark simply conjured up a new kind of “dark energy” out of whole cloth in order to get their model to work.

In a new scientific article, he and his SDU colleague, postdoc Florian Niedermannn, propose the existence of a new type of dark energy in the universe. If you include it in the various calculations of the expansion of the universe, the results will be more alike.

A new type of dark energy can solve the problem of the conflicting calculations,” says Martin S. Sloth.

Is this just a lazy scientist’s way to force reality to cooperate with the consensus theory?

Showing how the tiniest particles in our Universe saved us from complete annihilation ( The “antimatter problem” is one of the most serious challenges to modern cosmology. This article admits that.

According to the Big Bang theory of modern cosmology, matter was created with an equal amount of anti-matter. If it had stayed that way, matter and anti-matter should have eventually met and annihilated one to one, leading up to a complete annihilation.

But our existence contradicts this theory. To overcome a complete annihilation, the Universe must have turned a small amount of anti-matter into matter creating an imbalance between them. The imbalance needed is only a part in a billion. But it has remained a complete mystery when and how the imbalance was created.

Enter the power of imagination. Experts from several international institutions conspire to explain the antimatter problem away with imaginary things that cannot be detected: cosmic strings. String theory has had a bad run in the literature, because the imaginary strings that supposedly make up everything are undetectable and are purely a mathematical curiosity. But myths come in very handy when one needs something to answer this fundamental challenge to the Big Bang.

“Cosmic strings used to be popular as a way of creating small variations in mass densities that eventually became stars and galaxies, but it died because recent data excluded this idea. Now with our work, the idea comes back for a different reason. This is exciting!” says Takashi Hiramatsu, a postdoctoral fellow at the Institute for Cosmic Ray Research, University of Tokyo, which runs Japan’s gravitational wave detector KAGRA and Hyper-Kamiokande experiments.

Yes, imagining things that cannot be detected can be very exciting! Try it – in your dreams, where you can swim in the air and imagine yourself on an alien planet. Like the Darwinians, dreaming seems to be what these “experts” are doing.

It would be really exciting to learn why we exist at all,” says Murayama. “This is the ultimate question in science.”

Theological cosmologists used to say that the whole purpose of man is to glorify God and to enjoy Him forever. These days, the purpose of science is to imagine how the Stuff Happens Law can give man exciting dreams.

Big Bang theory is not a deduction from the evidence. It is a godless, secular story imposed on the evidence that is an essential part of a complete secular worldview. And it is loaded with problems! Inflation, dark matter, dark energy and other imaginary things are required to prop up the theory against the antimatter problem, the fine-tuning problem, the lumpiness problem, the horizon problem, the entropy problem, the initial conditions problem, the ignition problem and other problems they can’t answer, any one of which should falsify the theory. Don’t be fooled. These false prophets should be fired for dreaming on the job. In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Biblical cosmology harmonizes with empirically-supported observations like cosmic expansion and the cosmic microwave background. It explains the extreme fine-tuning of our universe and the mind of man by the purpose and attributes of a universe-Maker who is infinite in power, wisdom and knowledge. We are rational because He is rational. We love because He first loved us.

BTW, we’ve accumulated a pile of articles on dark matter since the new year, but lack the time and motivation to show them all. It’s basically more of the same, continually looking for mysterious unknown stuff that they never find despite better and more expensive detectors (14 Sep 2020, 1 April 2020, 22 Nov 2019). If you want us to list the titles and links at least, leave a comment.


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