April 13, 2021 | David F. Coppedge

Educators Scheme to Indoctrinate Children into the Darwin Cult

They used to wait till high school to begin indoctrination. Now, they want to “prime” 7- and 8-year olds to love Charlie.

Educators from the University of Toronto and Boston University ran some tests on whether young children “can learn evolutionary concepts that stump adults.” They found that children, indeed, can imagine animals being fluid beings in a state of evolutionary change. One can imagine parents teaching such things as fairy tales in bedtime stories, but these educators want them to really believe it, to overcome their intuition that species are real entities.  Is this not child abuse? A press release from U Toronto acts proud of what they found:

Working with collaborators Sarah Brown, Erin Doncaster, and Deborah Kelemen from the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences at Boston University (BU), [Samuel] Ronfard and his colleagues used storybooks to teach elementary school children how new species evolve. The researchers examined whether children could learn, apply, and retain that understanding over time.

Their lab rats were the darling children of real parents. Children at that age will believe what authority figures tell them, even that Santa Claus flies a sleigh with reindeer to all the children of the world. Of course they will take what a teacher says as truth, that bacteria turn into humans given enough time. They haven’t learned yet that authority figures can be liars.

“Our research project examined children’s ability to construct an accurate account of natural selection at the between-species level, that is, in relation to the evolution of new species,” says Ronfard, who is the lab director at UTM’s Childhood Learning and Development Lab.

“This is a really hard concept to learn. Even adults struggle with learning it because it goes against our intuitions about species—the idea that species members possess a special unchanging essence that makes them what they are.”

In effect, they are telling them (contra Genesis) that kinds of animals do not reproduce after their kind. They are teaching them that animals are fluid entities in a constant state of change because of a mysterious process known as “evolution” which reduces to Stuff Happens. (Is natural selection scientific? Read this.) By introducing the concept of gradual minor changes (microevolution), such as an animal’s back getting longer (sounds like Lamarckism), they can slip in the real lesson of macroevolution: giraffes, butterflies and the human brain evolved from bacteria which emerged from chemicals. No design, no plan, no Creator, therefore no purpose in life.

Why are they testing this on children? Because high schoolers and adults are too smart to fall for it. Mature people are more skeptical; they know how to ask hard questions. The Darwin Party propagandists want to begin the brainwashing program earlier, when children are more pliable and ready to believe fantasies like the Stuff Happens Law. To make it fun for the innocent youngsters, they designed their own Stuff Happens storybooks.

A look at the books already in print by BU’s Evolving Minds Project shows that they are going beyond the silliness of Kipling’s Just-So Stories. They are making up silly stories about imaginary animals!

  • How the Piloses Evolved Skinny Noses
  • How the Dormacks Evolved Longer Backs
  • Meet the Miroungas

To get really alarmed by this, watch the 3-minute video clip in the article. Notice the expression of the boy in the red shirt as he gets indoctrinated by Professor Deb Kelemen, a developmental psychologist from BU. The boy, looking like he just came out of hypnosis, has been trained to obediently parrot Darwin as the father of ‘natural selection’ from this facilitator. The dear faces of other impressionable children appear on the screen, waiting for their indoctrination session about imaginary “piloses” evolving “skinny noses” because of Father Charlie’s sermon. Her goal is to “Help make Darwin understandable to everyone.”

“By designing our own books about novel animals we could create storybooks that built on one another and continued the evolutionary story of one species. We were also able to keep the illustrations simple to support the explanations described in the narrative text and control children’s knowledge about the animals.”

The key word there is “control.” They were brainwashing the kids. Propagandists always believe they are just trying to “help” their subjects. Elitists always think they have true, accurate knowledge, and that communication should always be one-way: from elitist to compliant receptacle.

Chief brainwasher Deborah Keleman.

“Our work suggests that instruction on certain hard-to-learn concepts like the evolution of new species should start earlier than it currently does because earlier instruction allows children to construct a scientifically accurate understanding of complex scientific processes before intuitive but incorrect explanations take root and entrench themselves,” Ronfard says.

If this were being done by a few nutty professors back east, parents might be outraged as they should be by “Drag Queen Story Hours” that the LGBTQ special interest groups have been pushing in libraries. But this research, “part of BU’s Evolving Minds Project,” was funded by the National Science Foundation. The Evolving Minds perpetrators, flush with $1 million in NSF grant money, are trying to get “How the Piloses Evolved Skinny Noses” into the hands of every school child in America. In the long run, this can be far more dangerous than watching weird men with makeup on. Evolutionary scientific materialism destroys the foundation of traditional values and natural law.

The paper the propagandists published in Cognition has an even more alarming title: “Inhibiting intuition: Scaffolding children’s theory construction about species evolution in the face of competing explanations.” Competing explanations. What could those be? Creation? Intelligent design? Doubts about the adequacy of natural selection? The propagandists don’t just want to present a competing explanation. They want to “scaffold” young minds against them.

See our 21 Dec 2005 entry about earlier efforts by another propagandist trying to overcome student objections to evolution. It links to James Clevell’s chilling tale about a New Teacher appearing in class one day. She turns patriotic young children into fascists in just 25 minutes using propaganda like this. See also 24 July 2019.

Look Darwinists; get your wicked minds out of the grade school classroom. Instead of hypnotizing children with your evil doctrine snuck into fairy tales, try to get it past smart high schoolers, collegians and adults with real evidence after they have had opportunities to hear “competing explanations” that have better science, like intelligent design. This is an atrocious power grab using helpless children as your pawns.

What’s the matter? Can’t you convince gifted college students who are well read about origins? Must you sneak your evil doctrine into the heads of innocent children who don’t yet know their right hand from their left? Imagine the laughter you will get if you show your fairy tale about “How the piloses evolved skinny noses” to students who know paleontology, genetics and philosophy of science. Maybe it’s been hard for you to convince high school students and adults because your theory is stupid!

Parents had better wake up to what is happening. Darwinians are bosom buddies with Far Leftists. Just like the leftists are trying to insert their Critical Race Theory everywhere in school, even in kindergarten, these Darwin Party facilitators are trying to do it with Darwinism. This is even more dangerous, because Darwinism is the foundation for all the Leftist ideologies like Marxism. Don’t let the propagandists sneak by on your watch! Stand up to them. Challenge them. And tell your representatives not to allow your tax dollars to be spent on this kind of brainwashing.



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