August 1, 2021 | David F. Coppedge

Bird Flight Highlighted

A new release from Illustra Media combines some of its best
clips on birds plus new material into a short film on flight


Illustra’s full length documentary Flight: The Genius of Birds (2013) was a hit. Joining with Metamorphosis and Living Waters, Flight was a centerpiece of the Design of Life series of high-quality nature documentaries. These top-notch productions are worth seeing again and again.

The producers have had to deal with a rapidly declining DVD market and a decreasing attention span by media viewers. At The John 10:10 Project, Illustra has been posting free, shareable videos on a subscription basis, posting up to a dozen short films a year. Some of these involve upgrading and repurposing their earlier films. “The Genius of Flight” is the latest release, going online today. Those who saw the full-length version will enjoy new clips put into this compact, easily-shareable episode that focuses on the design factors in powered flight that defy evolution. It makes a strong, 11-minute case for intelligent design.

By clicking the paper-airplane icon at upper right, one can copy a link to share this film on social media. Note: DVDs of all Illustra’s films can still be purchased at, often at discounted rates or in package deals.

Viewers will realize that films of this exceptional quality are not really free. Having lost the bulk of its staple DVD income because of market trends, the only way Illustra can support this ministry is through subscribers and donations. If you like this film and want to encourage them to continue making more like it, consider becoming a subscriber to the John 10:10 Project. Those who sign up receive information about upcoming projects and have access to additional films and resources.

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