November 21, 2021 | David F. Coppedge

Intelligent Design Falls from Trees

Illustra Media does outstanding work portraying design
in simple everyday things. Here is the latest beautiful example.



Six minutes watching the latest short film from Illustra Media is well worth your time. Introducing: “What-a-Wing!” — just released today, Sunday Nov 21, 2021. The introduction to this episode at says,

It has been said that nature is often the greatest inspiration for human technology. An excellent example of this observation is the winged seed of a maple tree. These fragile, yet ingenious creations are designed to transport packages of life more than mile from their parent tree.  The seed’s efficient, lightweight aerodynamic design is now both the focus of study by engineers throughout the world…and a fascinating example of God’s creative power.

Now watch nature’s own helicopters at work!

We recommend our readers watch these films at Illustra’s website, The John 10:10 Project ( There, you can enjoy many other films like this one. You can also share this film and others on social media by using the “paper airplane icon” at the top right of the film at the end.

If you want to see Illustra continue making outstanding, shareable films like this, consider signing up to the website, where you will get notifications of upcoming projects and new releases. You can also buy DVDs of their documentaries and donate to support the ministry.

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