December 11, 2021 | David F. Coppedge

Words Disprove Materialism

You can’t even think about materialism
without using something immaterial


For your weekend cognitive enlightenment, we invite you to read an essay by Matthew Connally published today (Dec 11) by World Magazine. It’s called “What Are Words?”

Microfilm Bible taken by Apollo astronauts to the moon.

In the simple concept of words, Connally finds an insurmountable hurdle for materialism and a solid refutation of Darwinism. As we have pointed out many times at CEH and in our Twitter account, Darwinistic materialism is self-refuting because it requires appealing to nonphysical realities to even make its case. You have to use words to argue that words are not real. You have to think to try to explain that thinking is a physical process.

Connally lists the various non-explanations offered by linguists, philosophers and evolutionists for the ontological significance of words. He sums up all the attempts as hand-waving.

They will expound and extrapolate and pontificate on these concepts in a feverishly pathological drive to explain the mystery away. But at the end of the day, all this enlightenment proves to be about as helpful as pointing a dozen spotlights at the night sky in order to try to see the stars.

Words are more than instincts or memes, he argues. One surprising claim is that mathematics and language are the same thing. Read the whole article here.

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