January 25, 2022 | David F. Coppedge

Big Science Has Sold Its Soul

Stop kidding yourself. Big Science is a willing accomplice
of the Democrat Party and the global elitists.



President Joe Biden’s polls continue to tank. After his disastrous first year, with multiple catastrophic failures at home and abroad, it’s hard even for Big Media to prop him up now. Inflation, Afghanistan, Covid, unity— all his campaign promises have been buried in a morass of lies and policy disasters. And yet to Big Science (not individual researchers who work with integrity, but the journal editors, lobbyists and academic deans who claim to “speak for science” while packing their institutions with leftists), President Biden can do no wrong. He “follows the science,” they say. Any and all wrath must be reserved for the previous president, Donald Trump, the Republican. To them, he was the “anti-science” president, despite the fact that he got 3 vaccines manufactured in record time, increased the number of hospital beds, rapidly restocked depleted supplies of personal protective equipment (PPE) and ventilators, and probably saved hundreds of thousands of lives in the first year of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Trump also kept the world out of war, stopped a nuclear Iran, opened talks with North Korea, and orchestrated the first new peace deals in the Middle East between Israel and Arab countries. He led the greatest economic recovery in decades, creating record employment especially for blacks, women and Latinos. He was the most pro-life President of all, and championed religious freedom. He rescued hostages, ended the murderous ISIS caliphate, and brought law and order to the US border. His list of accomplishments in one term was unprecedented and monumental. Unlike Biden, Trump was able to say, “Promises made; promises kept.” You would never know this from reading Nature or Science or the press releases coming from academia. Like Democrats and globalist oligarchs, they hate him. They could not control him, so they must destroy him and make sure he never again runs for political office.

For all intents and purposes, Big Science is an arm of the Democrat Party who impeached President Trump twice over a Russia hoax and an innocent phone call with a foreign leader (for which Trump produced the transcript after the call for his impeachment, which the Democrats ignored). The Democrats’ hatred of Trump was (and is) vicious and visceral, so much so that they schemed to rig the 2020 election so that he could not win despite getting the most votes received for any incumbent President in history. Mollie Hemingway tells what happened in Rigged, her best-selling book about the plot to seize the election from what would have been an assured second term. Big Science was right there with the Democrats, working to get him out and keep him out.

Does this sound like what science was supposed to be about, to seek the truth about the natural world in an unbiased way? Are we exaggerating about their bias? Nature, Science or PNAS and the other leaders of Big Science could falsify these assertions by printing one unadulterated editorial—just one—praising Trump for something he did and accusing Biden of being anti-science. You won’t find it.

Has Biden followed the science? What researchers say (Nature). Short answer: “yes” says this twisted essay. Any failures were not his fault, Nature’s editors claim, but Trump’s, who was anti-science. Why, he even took his Covid obedience mask off in public!

Support for populist politics ‘collapsed’ during the pandemic – global report (Cambridge University). This communist manifesto coming out of Cambridge, the former honorable institution of James Clerk Maxwell, supports the “Great Reset” of global leftists who want an end to representative democracy and want to usher in a world government of elitist oligarchs. To make its case that populism (i.e., anti-global progressive leftism, such as an “America First” policy) is “collapsing,” it repeats old lies, such as a “botch job made of the pandemic by populist governments: from Bolsonaro’s mask veto to Trump’s “bleach injection” suggestion.” Never happened. Did Cambridge discover these by the scientific method?

Mutual aid: can community fridges bring anarchist politics to the mainstream? (The Conversation). At this quasi-science site, four leftists actually advocate anarchy! Their suggestion for “sharing” sounds like the communist formula, “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.” Can you gasp as you read this at a “science” site? “COVID brought mutual aid – a concept with a long, radical history in communist and anarchist politics – to the mainstream.” As if that is a good thing!

Rates of infectious disease linked to authoritarian attitudes and governance (Cambridge University). Again, the venerable scientific university trashes conservatives, beginning with a poster portraying President Trump as a fascist and mob boss with an iron fist. But guess the identify of the real authoritarians. Do we not have historical examples in Nazi Germany and Stalinist Russia and China? Ahem; they did not follow the US Constitutional model of limited government, separation of powers and fair elections.

Political orientation predicts science denial – here’s what that means for getting Americans vaccinated against COVID-19 (The Conversation). Who did the most to rush life-saving vaccines to the public, and advocated their rapid and widespread use? Donald Trump did, while his opponents like Biden and Harris were saying publicly in late 2020 they did not trust any vaccine coming from Trump. Knowing that, guess who this philosophy professor at Wake Forest U, Adrian Bardon, indicts as anti-vax: Trump supporters. It might interest Bardon to know that Britain just got rid of its vaccine mandates, because they don’t work. It turned out that the most people who got Covid had already been vaccinated.

When Republicans control state legislatures, infant mortality is higher (Medical Xpress). It’s hard to choose between laughing or crying at this absurd and unproveable statistical claim. Need we mention which party is for unlimited abortion up to the point of birth? The irony in this headline is beyond belief.

Hate speech on social media is fueled by users’ shared values and moral concerns (University of Southern California). Guess who this article targets as the source of hate and “online extremism.” Guess which party it excuses by failing to mention real riots by radicals who actually killed people and destroyed businesses all the summer of 2020, including the riots and burnings at the US Capitol. Clue: the only mention of extremism is the capitol riot on January 6th, 2021, where most Trump supporters stayed outside, shouted down as “Fed!” and “Antifa!” those who were provoking violence and entering the capitol and were causing the damage. Nobody died except a lady veteran who was shot by capitol police. Nobody brought guns. Some “insurrection.” It got ugly but it was nothing like the actual BLM/Antifa riots where cops died, innocent victims died and people in the rioters’ way had their life work burned to the ground. No “hate speech” there, USC?

Persuading US White evangelicals to vaccinate for COVID-19: Testing message effectiveness in fall 2020 and spring 2021 (PNAS). To show their objectivity, how about a study on message effectiveness to get Antifa and BLM to stop rioting? Never happens. “White evangelicals” are Big Science’s perpetual bogeymen. If nudging doesn’t work, maybe Big Science can tell the Democrat Party to apply more arm-twisting, like threats of losing one’s job.

We could go on, but these are representative of the completely lopsided political bias emanating from the fountainheads of Big Science and Big Liberal Media every day.

You may be a Biden supporter and a Democrat. But what you cannot deny is the political bias in Big Science. It is obvious. It is pervasive, insistent, and perpetual. Anyone who respects traditional experimental, empirical research cannot say this situation is good for science. We think people ought to know or be reminded that the same people pushing abortion, globalism and communism are the same ones insisting on DODO education and DODO publishing (Darwin-only, Darwin-only).

Do you still believe in the ideals of science? Watch this clever short video, “Academic Journals Doing Crime” (YouTube) to see how science publishing is really done these days. Read the comments especially. Many young scientists are leaving academia because of disillusionment with the system. We sympathize with them, but not with Big Science with its corruption, unmerited power and political bias.



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