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Darwin and the Origin of Lie

Not a typo: Darwin’s religion of naturalism advanced the
Origin of Lie: the belief that life just happens naturally.



Darwin had a lot to say about changes in life forms, but little to say about the origin of life itself. He speculated about a “warm little pond” in his famous letter to Joseph Hooker late in life, but his influence on naturalistic religion went far beyond the origin of species. In his religion, Nature makes itself— no Designer needed. Naturally, his disciples took his program further and started naturalistic doctrines about the origin of life, the origin of planets, the origin of stars, and the origin of the universe, all making itself without intelligence or direction.

Nobody has witnessed any of these things happen. Today, the Origin-of-Life (OOL) field is active, confident, and dogmatic. Scientific papers appear regularly about the origin of life, but they are all based on lies. It gets tiring to have to repeat this. Chemistry forbids it, thermodynamics forbids it, probability forbids it, and reason forbids it. In the Origin of Lie cult, the “building blocks of lie” are suggestions that an amino acid here, or a nucleobase there, or a clay mineral over yonder might help “shed light” on the origin of life. It’s all smoke and mirrors.

Cartoons by Brett Miller. Used by permission.

As one of our previous analogies portrayed this myth, a helicopter can hold a piece of steel over a canyon, but it does not not follow that a bridge is evolving there, especially, after the helicopter drops the steel to the bottom of the canyon. In another notable analogy, one of the more honest OOL experts, Robert Shapiro, likened a naturalistic origin of life to a golf ball playing an 18-hole course perfectly by itself (15 Feb 2007; see also Leslie Orgel’s “pigs don’t fly” rebuttal, 26 Jan 2008).

Such things just do not happen. They will never happen, no matter how much time, space, energy or ingredients its religious devotees conjure up. It’s religious because any worldview that posits no Designer is just as religious as one that does. It’s bad religion when it is held to fervently in spite of overwhelming evidence against it (laws of chemistry, thermodynamics, probability, reason) and when it censors anyone who doubts the shamans. They get very angry at that, calling you names if you do. In the Origin of Lie faith, the People of Fluff are also People of Froth. Reasonable people get intimidated by the shamans. They don’t want to appear “anti-science” because the shamans have enormous power and influence.

And so the lies continue. Here are some of the latest iterations, where practitioners of the Origin of Lie cult boast of knowledge with empty promises, using the Power of Suggestion to hypnotize readers into thinking their religious rites are a form of science. Seance is a closer word.

New Spheres of Knowledge on the Origin of Life (University of Tsukuba, Japan, 11 Jan 2022). Look at the bubbles in the opening artwork, and dream of them coming to life. That will provide better evidence than these researchers have. In their imaginations, spheres come to life!

This work is the first to show typically rod-shaped cells shifting to a spherical shape in a primordial-like environment, supporting the theory that when life began to evolve, the earliest primitive cells were spherical.

Chance or “Stuff Happens” is not a scientific explanation.

New Study Sheds Light on Origins of Life on Earth (Rutgers, 11 Jan 2022). Oh great spirit of naturalism, give us light. Let there be light. But it’s black light; it only makes things glow in the dark.

Addressing one of the most profoundly unanswered questions in biology, a Rutgers-led team has discovered the structures of proteins that may be responsible for the origins of life in the primordial soup of ancient Earth.

One can look for light being shed in their paper in Science Advances, but it doesn’t really matter, because it’s all just glow-in-the-dark tricks under black light.

Lasers to Probe Origin of Life on a Frigid Moon and Take the Space-Time Pulse of Star-Shattering Collisions Built in Goddard Lab (Goddard Space Flight Center, NASA, 6 Oct 2021). NASA needs money for another mission to Titan, so crank up the perhapsimaybecouldness index, and let’s titillate the public with visions of alien life at 300 degrees below zero.

The complex chemistry on this icy world could be analogous to the period when life first emerged on Earth, or it might yield an entirely new type of life.

Origins of life: Encapsulating Darwinian evolution (Sebastianelli and Mansy, Current Biology, 10 Jan 2022). Everyone knows that you can’t invoke natural selection before there is accurate replication,* but these two liars try to sneak it in anyway. As if that helps.

The reason for newcomers: a lucky organism or cell cannot continue unless it can replicate all its parts with a high degree of fidelity. Otherwise, “error catastrophe” sets in within a few generations, and any gains are lost. Natural selection requires accurate replication.

Gas bubbles in rock pores – a nursery for life (Max Planck Institute, 10 Dec 2021). OOL people have a fascination with bubbles. Those empty membranes seem so rich with potential.

Where and how did life begin on Early Earth more than 3.5 billion years ago from non-living chemicals? A key necessity for the first cells on Earth is the ability to make compartments and evolve to facilitate the first chemical reactions. Membraneless coacervate microdroplets are excellent candidates to describe protocells, with the ability to partition, concentrate molecules and support biochemical reactions. Scientists have not yet shown how those microdroplets could have evolved to start life on earth.

Study reveals hostile conditions on Earth as life evolved (University of Leeds, 5 Jan 2022). The Great Myth turns adventure story, as British members of the Sunday School of OOL make the kiddies gasp at what life had to go through to evolve. It was being battered by deadly UV radiation for a billion years! But courageously, the protocells got through this firing squad and survived to become you and me. Come back next week for the next dramatic episode.

Mr Cooke said: “If our modelling is indicative of atmospheric scenarios during Earth’s oxygenated history, then for over a billion years the Earth could have been bathed in UV radiation that was much more intense than previously believed.

“This may have had fascinating consequences for life’s evolution. It is not precisely known when animals emerged, or what conditions they encountered in the oceans or on land. However, depending on oxygen concentrations, animals and plants could have faced much harsher conditions than today’s world. We hope that the full evolutionary impact of our results can be explored in the future.

Early Earth: Evolution in the abiotic world (Ludwig-Maximilian University of Munich, 17 Jan 2022). Cheaters. They’re sneaking in natural selection again. Read no further. This is a technical foul.

Chemical evolution took place on the early Earth before the biological one: Out of simple abiotic molecules, there emerged increasingly complex networks of chemical reactions and ultimately the first building blocks of life. Analogously to its biological counterpart, chemical evolution is based on the variation and selection of molecules, causing new functions to arise and spread.

Dynamic Exchange of Substituents in a Prebiotic Organocatalyst: Initial Steps towards an Evolutionary System (Angewandte Chemie, 27 Oct 2021). Another technical foul. Shows mutation and selection. Don’t they know better? How does this pass peer review? Answer: they’re all members of the cult.

NASA has been pushing scientific materialism for many years.


Don’t read all the above articles unless you are glutton for meaningless trivia about impossible dreams. We’re just showing you that the cult is still in power, censoring anyone who doesn’t believe.

Instead, read Robert Shapiro’s take-down of the Genetics-First branch of the cult (15 Feb 2007), followed by Leslie Orgel’s take-down of the Metabolism-First branch of the cult (26 Jan 2008). Those two champions fall together in the ring, leaving no other contenders.

We’ve been covering the Origin of Lie cult for 21 years, and it has not improved at all. For a heavy dose of reality or a deprogramming resource to save those still captivated by the cult, watch this short video from Illustra Media, First Life.

We also recommend the updated classic, The Mystery of Life’s Origin by Thaxton, Bradley and Olsen, which now includes additional chapters by other critics of chemical evolution.

Don’t allow yourself to be taken captive by the OOL cult. If you are secure, help rescue those who are being deceived.



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