January 16, 2022 | David F. Coppedge

Why Whales Did Not Evolve

Illustra has packaged a whale of a story against
evolution into a powerful short video.


Living Waters: Intelligent Design in the Oceans of the Earth contained a classic segment about humpback whales, showing details of their anatomy, their songs, and their design features that challenge undirected processes of Darwinian evolution. Today (Sunday January 16), Illustra released a “whale of a story” about humpback whales, explaining why the simplistic evolutionary story cannot work; it’s “game over” as biologist Richard Sternberg quips. With new amazing footage of these magnificent creatures, the film is a convenient, free resource for explaining the argument for intelligent design to laymen. Watch it now:



To get this video, go to the John10:10 Project website. You can watch this and many other “Awesome Wonder” short films. They’re easy to share on social media by using the paper airplane icon at the end (upper right).

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