March 21, 2022 | David F. Coppedge

Extreme Convergences Strain Credibility

The things one has to believe to maintain Darwinism
should give reasonable people fits.



It’s a common joke among Darwin critics that evolutionists play a kind of “heads I win, tails you lose” game with evidence. First, they say that similar organs are homologous: i.e., they evolved from a common ancestor. When presented with similarities between clearly unrelated organisms, they say the similarities are analogous: i.e., they evolved independently by “convergent” evolution. Either way, they evolved. Darwin can’t lose! Here are some recent examples of this scam.

Octopus (Wiki Commons)

Octopus brains may have become complex the same way human brains did (New Scientist, 17 March 2022).

Michael Le Page expects his credulous evolutionary readers to fall for the trick. Within a lot of irrelevant mumbo-jumbo about micro-RNAs in the brains of octopuses and humans, he credits similarities to blind processes of the Stuff Happens Law that made both creatures highly gifted on the intelligence scale. He calls on another Darwinian, Nikolaus Rajewsky at the Max Delbrück Centre for Molecular Medicine in Berlin, to handle that hot potato. Rajewsky uses the hypnotic power of suggestion on his unsuspecting victims.

Rajewsky’s team found that the number of different miRNAs in cephalopods is comparable with the number in vertebrates. In particular, more than 50 miRNAs arose in the ancestors of squid and octopuses, and have been conserved [i.e., unevolved] ever since these lineages split more than 300 million years ago. The fact that they have been conserved suggests their function is important. No other invertebrates evolved so many miRNAs.

What do grasshoppers eat? It’s not just grass! New Leicester research shows similarities with mammal teeth like never before (University of Leicester, 16 March 2022).

Yes, grasshoppers have teeth. Their mouthparts contain slicing devices that match their prey: grass, worms, or other insects. But insects and mammals have nothing to do with each other tooth-wise, Darwinists must believe. Yet somehow, similar patterns of form and function exist despite vast phylogenetic distances. The Darwinists at this British university were surprised, but did not question Charlie D, their patron saint, about this. Chris Stockey plays the fall guy.

Surprisingly, comparing the mandible landscapes of grasshoppers with mammal’s teeth allows grasshopper diet to be predicted with 82% accuracy – pretty amazing when you consider that the mouthparts of mammals and grasshoppers have evolved independently for 400 million years, and were not present in their common ancestor.”

Comedian’s Gallop (LISTEN)

Animals evolved the ability to GALLOP 472 million years ago, study claims (The UK Daily Mail, 8 March 2022).

Horses do it. Cats do it. Giraffes do it. Crocodiles do it, and dinosaurs probably did it, too: the asymmetric gait, known as the gallop. Slow-motion films of horses show the gallop pattern, in which “All four footfalls occurring at different and unevenly spaced times at [a] fast pace.” This ability is even found in reptiles and some fish. Talk about extreme convergence! Yet evolution is the only answer that reporter Jonathan Chadwick allows his readers to consider. Oh, but they are experts. They did research. You don’t want to be a science denier, do you?

Animals evolved the ability to gallop 472 million [Darwin] years ago – around 260 million [Darwin] years before they emerged onto land, a new study claims.

Researchers have analysed existing scientific literature on the walking styles of 308 species – not just mammals, but amphibians, reptiles and fish too.

The ability to perform ‘asymmetrical gaits’ such as galloping have been lost and gained over millions of years of evolution, both before and after the first animals arrived on land 210 million years ago, the experts found.

Read all about the magical powers of Darwin Flubber in their paper in the Journal of Experimental Biology, where the e-word evolution appears 63 times. No intelligence allowed.

Do you realize you are being had? The Darwin Party is manipulating you, to see how much you are willing to suspend your logic in order to conform. Don’t be a sucker. Laugh.

For more on this evolutionary scam, read The Convergence Concoction by Brett Miller, who also created the cartoon below.




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