October 22, 2022 | David F. Coppedge

Big Science Is Failing Scientists

“Scientific” institutions are little more than powerful bureacracies
enriching themselves and keeping researchers in line.



“We stand for science!” they claim as they rake in enormous sums of money, lobby their own interests before government, and push leftist agendas. The Big Science Cartel (BSC), consisting of journal editors, publishers and lobbyists, are as fake and corrupt as the union bosses who enrich themselves from worker dues and support Democrat politicians who give them more power. How do we know this is true of the BSC?

  • They enforce consensus.
  • Anything non-consensus they label as “misinformation.”
  • They control government funding of science.
  • Science journals charge enormous fees and fight Open Access.
  • Peer review is often a racket.
  • The BSC hates and fights conservatives and Republicans.
  • There is not one Woke or Democrat policy they disagree with.
  • They excuse or ignore every Democrat failure.
  • They try to overturn conservative elections in other countries.
  • They don’t do research themselves, but rule over what gets published.
  • They look down their snooty noses at the public.
  • They are hardcore atheists, materialists and Darwinists.

Let us support these contentions with recent headlines. If scientific institutions were even a little fair and balanced, we would expect to find at least some favorable coverage of conservative scientists who do good work. We might even expect research that supports intelligent design. We might find critical analysis of the Stuff Happens Law. Where is it? It’s as rare as hen’s teeth. Big Science is a crooked Cartel.

The AAAS: Fall in Line and Fight the Right

Science, misinformation, and the role of education (Science Magazine, 20 Oct 2022). This is a completely one-sided argument for schools to promulgate the scientific consensus. Anything outside the consensus is “misinformation” by definition.

H. Holden Thorp, editor of Science (AAAS)

Remember, do no harm? (Science Magazine, 20 Oct 2022). H. Holden Thorp, the staunchly Darwinist editor of Science Magazine, is on the rampage against Republicans again. This time he raises his ire against the black Surgeon General of Florida, Joseph Ladapo, questioning his credentials and calling him a “right wing” political player pushing “misinformation” (as if the “consensus” is blameless). In his editorial, Thorp calls on “the scientific community” to oppose people like Ladapo.

A second term for right-wing populist Jair Bolsonaro could further erode research and accelerate deforestation in the Amazon (Science Magazine, 20 Oct 2022). Anybody but Bolsonaro should win Brazil’s election, this article says, even a corrupt contender like Lula da Silva. There is no conservative leader anywhere in the world that the BSC supports. Bolsonaro has rescued Brazil from poverty and socialism, and is resisting incursions by China to take over the country (contrary to the Monroe Doctrine), and so the BSC wants to destroy him. This is a big hit piece to make a successful conservative leader look as awful as possible. Is that scientific? See also Nature‘s hit piece from 27 Sept (“Bolsonaro’s troubled legacy for science, health and the environment”) that accuses the conservative leader of the unpardonable sin, cutting some government funding for science. For some balance, see Tucker Carlson’s interview with Bolsonaro, where he has a chance to explain his policies and describe the hostility he has had to endure from the Left in Brazil, which is comparable to the US Democrat Party’s nonstop hostility against Donald Trump, an intolerance also shared by Big Science.

Justice meets social science (Science, 13 Oct 2022). Of all the scientific books that could have been reviewed in a “science” journal, the AAAS picks Viral Justice by Ruha Benjamin that complains about “white racism throughout the country’s history.”

Partisanship and the pandemic (Science Magazine, 6 Oct 2022). This book review’s message in a nutshell: Trump all bad, Biden all good. (Oh, but that is not being partisan, is it?)

Nature Goes Full-on with ESG  and DEI

ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance) is the latest “social justice” fad that is destroying the world. Big Science is fully on board with ESG, and also with DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, an acronym that means “Hate White Males”). What do these fads have to do with the scientific method? Absolutely nothing.

You may have heard of investment titans like Blackrock weaseling into corporate boardrooms and pushing “green energy” initiatives (meaning, end all fossil fuels) and “social justice” (meaning, fire the right whites). They “rate” countries on their ESG scores, which some presidents and prime ministers think will put them in good standing with world leaders and make their investment portfolios more profitable. The result, though, is destroying economies, like those in Sri Lanka and Ghana, leading to riots and food shortages. Trucker convoys in Canada and tractor convoys in the Netherlands are being crushed by tyrants intent on the so-called “progressive” global agenda that works to end all use of traditional fuels.

As for DEI, watch Nature‘s editors step on each other to perform fake penance motions over “colonialism” and alleged “systemic racism” everywhere. This is contrary to Rev Martin Luther King Jr’s mission to build a colorblind society, but is right in line with the US Marxists and antiracists who are attempting to shove Critical Race Theory (CRT) into public schools (as young as kindergarten) without telling parents, and into the military academies, along with the “tolerance” of all the alphabet-soup LGBTQIA+ gender-fluidity agenda.

Imperialism’s long shadow: the UK universities grappling with a colonial past (Nature, 19 Oct 2022). “Many research institutions in the United Kingdom gained prominence as the British Empire reached its zenith — bringing them a painful reckoning as they attempt to decolonize.” This one-sided presentation forgets any of the benefits that England brought to the world, like education, improved standards of living, and the elimination of atrocities like suttee and reduction of the caste system. Interestingly, this article blames some of the worst scientific racists (e.g., Pearson, Galton) but tries to smooth over Darwin and Huxley by “contextualizing” their racism: “Huxley and Darwin expressed views that were typical of their time — which is not to excuse them, but rather to contextualize them.” Feel better now?

The geoscientist fighting for universities to confront systemic racism (Nature, 19 Oct 2022). The editors try to win virtue points for getting non-white scientists to pose for the camera. Every qualified scientist deserves a chance, but to Nature‘s editors, merit doesn’t matter as much as skin color.

Ending racism is key to better science: a message from Nature’s guest editors (Nature Editorial, 19 Oct 2022). The super-rich journal hopes these acts of penance will put them in good standing with the Left.

Nature thanks the guest editors of our racism in science special issue (Nature, 19 Oct 2022). Score four more virtue points for Nature getting people of color to preach “equity” and gripe about “racism in science.”

What Italy’s far-right election victory means for science (Nature, 30 Sept 2022). Giorgia Meloni was duly elected Prime Minister by the voters of Italy, but Big Science is only for “democracy” when it is far left, and only for women leaders when they are socialists who tow the globalist line. “Researchers fear further cuts to funding and a lack of action on climate.

Other Scientific Institutions Are All In

Exploring the Intersection of Structural Racism and Ageism in Healthcare (American Geriatrics Society, 19 Oct 2022). The keyword “intersection” (from “intersectionality”) tells you in advance this is another Marxist ploy to chalk up as many victims of oppression as possible. No redemption is possible for the oppressors. One must confess the “deeply rooted societal injustices” of the past to even be acknowledged. But it never helps; white young males will still be guilty.

Firms join forces to combat racism in chemistry (BBC News, 21 Sept 2022). Believe it or not, even chemistry is racist. Everything is racist. You are even a racist for asking how chemistry can be racist.

New research shows U.S. Republican politicians increasingly spread news on social media from untrustworthy sources (University of Bristol, 22 Sept 2022). Now you see; it’s only American Republicans who spread fake news. Democrats are as clean as the wind-driven snow. What are “untrustworthy” sources, you ask? Guess: those that question the scientific consensus. This foregone conclusion is what is known as “research” these days.

Systemic racism plays role in much higher maternal mortality rate among Black women (American Society of Anesthesiologists, 22 Oct 2022). What does racism have to do with putting patients to sleep for surgery? Nothing. But here is another society looking for a way to appear Woke through allegations of victimization. Score two: blacks and women. Does a patient facing surgery care about the skin color or sex of an anesthesiologist? Or does the patient want a competent doctor who won’t give them too much or too little of the sleep-inducing drug?

Leftism Is All Over the Science News

Space doesn’t permit a complete listing of Leftist bias in Big Science and Big Media in just the last two months. Here are a few samples. Suffice it to say that the bias is 99% Leftist. Rare is any acknowledgement that conservatives have anything of value to add to science.

No environmental justice, no positive peace — and vice versa (Hiroshima University). The social justice warriors have invaded Japan, too, chanting their slogans.

Affirmative action bans make selective colleges less diverse – a national ban will do the same  (The Conversation, 16 Oct 2022). Like they did before the Dobbs decision dismantling Roe v Wade, the BSC is trying to pre-anger readers about a possible Supreme Court decision against affirmative action, despite the policy’s overt racism and unfairness.

Researchers should avoid using terms like ‘race,’ ‘ancestry’ and ‘ethnicity’ interchangeably (Medical Xpress, 19 Sept 2022). We learn in this brilliant piece of work that “people’s perceptions of their own ethnicity can vary over time.” Does this mean you can identify as black one day, Asian the next, and white after that?

The intersectional privilege of white able-bodied heterosexual men in STEM (Science Advances, 15 June 2022). We included this paper from four months ago just for the amazement of how an author was able to pack so many Leftist keywords in one title.

Blue Turtles All the Way Down

Name any other public policy, and Big Science with its lapdogs in Big Media will always take the Democrat or Leftist position. This includes abortion (aka “reproductive health”) up to the moment of birth (or after), gun control, open borders, climate change, economics, foreign policy, Covid vaccines and lockdowns, and on and on—even school choice. Trump is forever blamed for everything, and Biden’s catastrophic failures are rationalized. We even found one press release from USC saying that higher gas prices—which have doubled under Biden—are a good thing. There’s an “upside” to the suffering that is crushing families and businesses, believe it or not. Many articles openly call for censorship of “misinformation” by those outside the consensus.

You may be thinking that Big Science and Big Media would never rationalize or support something as outrageously unscientific and harmful as transgender surgeries on minors. But you would be wrong. They are all in favor of helping anyone of any age transition out of their biological sex, even if that includes genital mutilation. And if you don’t approve, you must be one of those right-wing transphobes—maybe even a Christian. Conservative whistleblowers like Chris Rufo and Matt Walsh have lately been exposing major medical centers, like Vanderbilt, that were making big money by cutting off the breasts of young girls and the genitals of young boys.

Transgender men and nonbinary people are asked to stop testosterone therapy during pregnancy – but the evidence for this guidance is still murky (The Conversation, 26 Sept 2022). Get used to it, you bigots: “Transgender people, as opposed to cisgender people, have a gender identity that is different from the gender they were assigned at birth.” One lawmaker in Virginia was putting forth a bill to remove children from any parents who did not affirm their young child’s identity, and putting the parents in jail. Would BS approve of that?

Medical groups urge protections for health workers providing gender-affirming care (Medical Xpress, 1 Oct 2022). “Gender-affirming care” is a euphemism for genital mutilation and irreversible damage to children’s bodies.

Expressing ‘true self’ may prove elusive for transitioning employees (University of Exeter, 1 Sept 2022). The poor confused victims must be protected from the evil conservatives who prevent them from being “authentic” (ahem; look at your sex chromosomes).

Transgender parents bring child-centered perspective to parenthood (Penn State, 31 Aug 2022). Good parenting means letting the little one be whatever “it” wants to be, even at 1.5 to 6 years of age.

After facial feminization surgery, transgender people report better psychosocial health (UCLA, 6 July 2022). Selective reporting makes it seem like men who have surgery to look more like women feel better. But compare this report with Tucker Carlson’s documentary, Transgressive: The Cult of Confusion, where de-transitioners tell about the mental health disasters that “transitioning” had on them.

We had so many dozens of articles proving Leftist bias in the Big Science Cartel, we had to stop somewhere. These are just a sampling from recent news, about 1/5 of what we collected. We could do another page this size just on pro-abortion articles. Responsible citizens must learn that Big Science is a Leftist cabal that deserves no more respect than a corrupt union cartel does. Individual scientists who do quality work, though, we honor and respect. We grieve the conservative researchers who have learned to keep their mouths shut so as not to jeopardize their careers.

Again, readers should feel free to submit any articles from mainstream science or media that present conservative positions in a good light. We end with one howler: “Natural selection may be making society more unequal” announced the University of East Anglia on July 6th. Well what do you know! Stop blaming conservative Republican white males. If the Stuff Happens Law is creating inequities, it must be natural, and therefore good! As a bonus, see “How did the patriarchy start – and will evolution get rid of it?” (The Conversation, 20 Sept 2022). Too funny!


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