November 20, 2022 | David F. Coppedge

Illustra Shares Peace and Hope

Illustra media’s newest short film invites us
to dwell on good things for a few minutes


You’ve never seen Philippians 4:4-13 like this. Illustra Media invites us to “Dwell on these things” in a classic Bible passage about peace and hope, along with soothing music and images of the things in life that matter most. The first minute describes why the Apostle Paul had every reason to be anxious and discouraged, and yet he penned unforgettable words to a church facing its own challenges.

Take 4 minutes and let this audio-visual-spiritual experience wash over you.


After yesterday’s depressing post about evildoers, we hope this film succeeds in preparing our minds for the gratitude we hope to express on Thanksgiving Day. God’s master plan will succeed; in him—not in man or circumstances—our soul finds an anchor and our eyes look up with purpose and contentment.

Note: Reporting at CEH may be intermittent from Thanksgiving through New Years, but we trust our ample back issues and menu resources can keep your mind bountifully occupied through year end. At Illustra Media’s John 10:10 Project website, you can also find more wonderful short films like this for learning and inspiration.



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