November 8, 2022 | David F. Coppedge

It All Starts With Creation


The voters spoke in America on November 8. That evening, it became clear that the hoped-for “Red Wave” of Republicans was not to be; it was more of a small wave, with a few dramatic victories here and there, but not a national referendum against the catastrophes of the Biden administration. If not now, will it ever come? Consider what America has endured in less than two years under Democrat rule:

  • Five million illegal aliens entered the southern border, breaking our immigration laws.
  • Nearly a hundred individuals on the Terror Watch List have snuck into the country.
  • Sex trafficking, drug trafficking have proliferated into America at unheard-of scales.
  • Crime has spiked 30% or higher in major Democrat-run cities.
  • Homelessness has invaded Democrat-run cities and states at record levels.
  • Mentally-ill people push people in front of subway trains and beat them for no reason.
  • Criminals with long rap sheets are let out of prison under Democrat “no bail” laws.
  • Deaths from Fentanyl have taken the lives of 120,000 otherwise healthy teens and young adults.
  • A disastrous pullout of Afghanistan after 20 years of war embarrassed America in front of the world.
  • Billions of dollars of American military gear were left behind for the Taliban.
  • The Chinese communists are making alarming incursions into Africa, Asia and South America.
  • President Xi made himself dictator for life in China and is poised to invade and take over Taiwan.
  • The mullahs of Iran are dangerously close to having nuclear weapons.
  • Tens of billions of American dollars have been sent to Ukraine with no clear American mission.
  • There are indications that Biden sent the military to destroy Russia’s Nord Stream pipelines.
  • Biden’s careless diplomacy has brought the world the closest to nuclear war since the 1960s.
  • Inflation is over 8% (even higher in some categories); it was around 1% under Trump.
  • Biden stopped all domestic oil, gas and coal production on Day 1, destroying American energy jobs.
  • The prices of gasoline and diesel have doubled or tripled from late 2020 levels.
  • Strategic Oil Reserves have been plundered for Biden’s political gain.
  • American diesel supplies have sunk to dangerous levels, threatening cold and hunger this winter.
  • Supply chain crisis has led to more shortages of basic goods.
  • Baby formula shortage endangered infants and distressed their mothers for months.
  • Cruel vaccine mandates and mask mandates affected individuals and businesses.
  • More Covid-19 deaths occurred under Biden than under Trump.
  • Biden ignored opportunities to support protestors in Iran fighting for freedom.
  • Biden’s military requires instruction in CRT and transgenderism.
  • Biden appoints transgenders and transvestites to high cabinet positions, including the military.
  • Schools teach perverted sex acts to kindergarteners using “drag queens.”
  • CRT and other hate-America curriculums are pushed in schools against parents’ wishes.
  • Parents protesting Leftist school boards have been labeled “domestic terrorists.”
  • Pro-life workers were arrested at their homes in front of their children by FBI swat teams.
  • Conservative candidates have been doxxed and “swatted” by Democrats.
  • Supreme Court justices were threatened at their homes, with no consequence.
  • Leaked opinion of the court about the Dobbs decision; leaker is still unidentified.
  • Violence occurred against pro-life pregnancy centers, with no consequence.
  • Democrat legislators push for abortion without limits, even to infanticide.
  • January 6th protestors have been locked in solitary confinement for over a year, some without being charged.
  • Rioters of summer 2020 got away with murder, destruction of businesses, and all kinds of violence.
  • Political opponents of Biden have been harassed with their phones or computers taken.
  • Two-tiered justice system: Republicans arrested and tried, Democrats get away with everything.
  • Biden has turned the FBI and DOJ against citizens and his political opponents.
  • President Biden’s son Hunter is still getting away with multiple felonies.
  • There is tangible evidence that the president sold out America for money to our national enemies.
  • President Trump’s private home was violated by the FBI in a surprise raid.
  • Ominous speeches by President Biden condemn half the country as a “threat to democracy.”
  • Ample evidence election fraud in 2020 exists, but people get arrested or canceled for saying so publicly.
  • A president who turned MAGA into a dirty word when it simply means “Make America Great Again.”
  • Lies, lies, and more lies have become the standard throughout the Democrat Party.
  • Most of the media repeats Democrat talking points verbatim.

This list is hardly complete. It represents just what comes to mind as I write. Was there ever a more urgent time for conservatives and evangelical Christians to have repudiated leaders who allowed these things to happen? Was there ever a more urgent time to pray and work to restore leaders of integrity?

How Far We Have Fallen

The previous administration under Donald Trump was not perfect, but his list of accomplishments was almost the exact opposite of the above. He destroyed the growing terrorist caliphate of ISIS that was murdering Christians and Jews. He built a border wall that was nearly complete. He supported the rule of law: legal immigration, but not illegal immigration. He loved the country and honored the Constitution. His cabinet supported religious freedom at home and abroad. His policies brought unprecedented prosperity for individuals and businesses, with record numbers of jobs for blacks, Latinos, women and others in every category. He gave multi-year support to historically-black colleges. He made America energy independent. He built up the military, and began a new branch, the Space Force. He got three Constitutional conservatives on the Supreme Court, and appointed over 300 conservative judges.

After the crisis of Covid, Trump showed leadership by fast-tracking the development of vaccines and therapeutics, rapidly replenishing stockpiles of health equipment including complex ventilators, setting up hospitals and sending hospital ships to hard-hit New York and California. He got the economy into a V-shaped recovery at the end of 2020, for which Biden has tried to take credit (or has lied about, saying that he inherited an economy in tatters). Trump accomplished all these things despite constant vitriol from Big Media and the Democrats, two impeachments by Nancy Pelosi, and angry harassment from the Far Left. You might not have liked Trump’s style or “mean tweets” on Twitter, but his accomplishments reflect policies built on respect for God and country, and the results brought freedom and prosperity to all categories of American citizens.

The condition of our country now looks like America fell off a cliff in January 2020 and is accelerating on the way down. The few Republican victories on November 8 may act as a parachute for awhile, but the sad fact remains: America is deeply divided, and conservatives and evangelicals lack the presumptive virtues they long held in our culture. As a barometer, ask how John Fetterman, a man mentally disabled by a stroke, who refused to release his medical records so that voters could know his condition, who stumbled through a debate, who lied that he supports fracking when he long opposed it, who believes in no restrictions on abortion up to the point of birth, who never held a real job in his life but lived at his parents’ expense into his 40s, who dresses in a hoodie displaying disrespect for high office, could win in Pennsylvania over a medical doctor who ran on fighting crime in one of the most crime-ridden states in the union: Dr. Mehmet Oz. Is this the America the Beautiful we so recently sang about with patriotic fervor? Is this what has become of the home of the Liberty Bell and the Constitutional convention?

The founding documents of America were built on Biblical values of equality before God. (Museum of the Bible, DFC)

Creation Is the Fulcrum of the Tipping Point

Looking back on the Soviet Union’s 70 years of suffering under communist totalitarian dictators with their Gulags and mass murders and wars and famines, Alexandr Solzhenitsyn attributed all the trouble to the fact that the people had forgotten God. Marx, Lenin and Stalin (and communist dictators in other countries) were adamant atheists. If no one created mankind, then people can be molded into the pawns of the powerful. Why not? There will be no accountability. No judgment awaits the wicked. It’s all about power. It’s all about “fitness.”

“Fitness” is the key word in Darwinism. It is a nebulous enough word for any selfish individual or Party to claim it for their ambitions. Spencer, Darwin, and Huxley, and the whole crowd that promoted atheistic “progress” according to their own imaginations believed that the advance of civilization depended on “survival of the fittest.” That phrase in the past meant racism and eugenics. Now it means unbridled scientism, free love, unrestrained sexual license, and lawlessness. The flip side is hatred for anyone who would hinder those sins—especially those who quote a Creator with the authority to say, “Thou shalt not.”

Instead of survival of the fittest, Christians teach the rewards of righteousness. Those rewards are granted by grace to sinners from a God who made us, the Earth, and the universe. We are not our own; we belong to a Supreme Being who designed our bodies and habitations, who is as holy and loving as he is powerful. Success for individuals and nations is measured by their alignment with the Creator’s revealed master plan for all he has made, from the individual life to the universe. “Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people,” said wise old Solomon. Today’s elitest don’t even consider sin a “thing.” Righteousness? What’s that? It’s about power, say the rulers and authorities of our day; there is no God. We can be our own gods.

Like Soviet Russia, much of America has forgotten God. While many citizens still attend dwindling churches, God is not welcome in Big Science, Big Media, Big Education, Big Labor, Big Business, Big Entertainment, or Big Government. They do things their own way now. Youth raised in churches don’t learn the strong evidence for creation. They go to colleges and universities that teach the Stuff Happens Law that Darwin introduced into science as a replacement “creation myth” appropriate for a secular culture. Unequipped for battle, they walk away from church, never to return.

Our troubles today hint of greater troubles ahead unless we reverse course and get back to the foundation of all righteousness: the knowledge that we are creations of a holy God. Our public schools, national parks, universities and institutions of power universally teach, instead, the opposite. Stuff Happens, they say, and that’s how we got here. Evolution is the quicksand into which nations sink into oblivion. That is why we fight it so hard at CEH: it is not only false, it is deadly. Be a part of the rescue mission to pull America out of the quicksand and show it, once again, how to build on the Rock. Are you on God’s team? It all begins with creation: In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth (Genesis 1:1).

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  • Recondo says:

    Republicans, including very conservative ones, can try to field better candidates and try to bring arguments in support of various policy positions but they aren’t going after the root cause of the decline, which is secularism. Once upon a time, even Jimmy Carter was able to debate evolutionists but today’s Republicans don’t seem to want to touch it.

  • SteveW says:

    Hi David/Jerry – You guys have been conned. There was indeed a “red wave” but it was broken up on the rocks of the Dominion Voting machines. Strange how the machines all “glitched” in unison in all the key battlegrounds. Coincidence? I think not. You are, of course, correct to point out the many achievements of Trump whilst he was in office, but rolling out the deadly mRNA “vaccines” was not one of them. Are you seriously unaware of all the injuries and deaths caused by these so-called “vaccines”? Wake up, my brothers! Steve.

    • Thank you for responding, SteveW, but can you think of a nicer way to write a comment? Your tone is very judgmental. Note: Jerry did not write this editorial.

      In 2020, President Trump was following the best information he had at the time under the stress of a crisis, in which he showed courageous leadership. It was only after his Presidency that the downsides of vaccines started becoming apparent, and the conflicts of interest with Big Pharma came to light.

      While I am aware of reports of big problems with voting machines, it is off topic at CEH to litigate that issue here. Everyone should watch for more information to come to light.

      The point of this editorial was the foundational issue of creation. I hope that message came through clearly.

  • DaBump says:

    As I studied the history of science, belief in creation, the rise of naturalism in science through uniformitarian geology and evolutionism; and then considered the rise of Christian (“Western”) Civilization and the spirit that was carried to what became the United States of America and how we have stumbled and are going downhill at an accelerating rate, I think I discovered the key to it all, and how we lost it.

    The key was putting the Word of God in the hands of common people, in their own language. This of course led to a need for increased literacy, which in turn supported increased learning in general. More importantly, for the first time in history, it gave common people great worth, equal to everyone else. It carried the message that Christ died for ALL, with implications so unheard-of in world history that it took centuries for them to develop — equal rights for men with no lands, the ending of slavery, equal rights for women and minorities. It all came about because people believed that God had provided a message that all could read and understand, with only a little help for obscure passages that didn’t affect major doctrines.

    This provided a strong core of society built on the solid foundation of God’s Word, and in America it was quite a large core, too. I believe that the historical “Great Awakenings” were just the greatest manifestations of an ongoing work of the Spirit that continually resisted the attacks of “modernists” of various ilk.

    What happened was that the leaders of various denominations, and especially the theologians in the universities and seminaries, came to accept the new “scientific disciplines” which said that the Earth was millions of years old (the billions came later) and that humans had evolved from apes. They may have thrown God into the mix, but the damage was done. Along with these new ideas, the Great Awakening of the late 1800s was a period that also saw many new cults arise, along with a number of “isms” from socialism to spiritualism and the mix of occult paganism and eastern mysticism that would become known as the New Age movement.

    So in the early 20th century, when the call went forth to return to the fundamentals of the faith, the faithful were stabbed in the back by their own shepherds, the leaders who had turned to SCIENCE as their new false god; and the writings of Lyell, Darwin, Huxley, Galton, et al., to tell them what had really brought the Earth and all life on it into existence. If we couldn’t read how God created these things and understand it without someone with a PhD to tell us what it really meant, what else might need to be “properly understood” through the “light” of modern thought? Sure enough, while momentum and a solid but decreasing remnant of the faithful carried the country to new heights for decades, the rot was growing in our churches and associated institutions. More of the Bible was relegated to being ancient, outdated illustrative myths. Those who tried to ignore the problem and focus on the New Testament and evangelism began to see their youth drifting away, especially after going to State colleges or liberal denominational schools that once had been strong.

    Without the firm assurance that they could stand upon their own understanding of God’s Word, the common people increasingly fell prey to various experts and tendencies to worship sports “idols,” entertainers and other celebrities. Now there is a large percentage of the population who are totally given over to what “everybody says” — the media, experts, political leaders who are echoed by the media — and actually do not WANT to think about other possibilities, views, or just thinking for themselves. Their opinions have been molded to fit the groupthink propaganda, and nothing else matters. They will happily rush into the unknown consequences of “progressivism” while feeling assured that eventually they will reach a utopia where religion (including their own) is something that people keep to themselves, like still believing Santa is real.

    • survivorbiasmonkeyman says:

      “equal rights for men with no lands, the ending of slavery, equal rights for women and minorities. It all came about because people believed that God had provided a message”

      This is a strange interpretation of history. Gutenberg’s bible was printed in 1455. White males who did not own property werent fully enfranchised until 1860. Women could not vote until 1920. Blacks could not vote until Jim Crow apartheid was finally ended by the Voting Rights Act of 1964.

      If gutenberg gets credit for Voting Rights Act 1964, then that advancement took 500 years and I question the causual link.

      “If we couldn’t read how God created these things and understand it without someone with a PhD”

      Well, you can understand the basics of evolution with just a highschool education. Just ask farmers about breeding cattle, or about how corn changed over the centuries, or many, many crops we eat. We selectively bred them to produce the result we wanted. The only difference with that and evolution is evolution doesnt care about crop yield, it only cares about survival.

      Its not that difficult.

  • survivorbiasmonkeyman says:

    “Crime has spiked 30% or higher in major Democrat-run cities”

    8 of the 10 states with the highest murder rates in 2020 voted for the Republican presidential nominee in every election this century. Red states are deregulating guns more and more, adopting concealed carry with no paperwork required, and it has resulted in red states having some of the highest murder rates in the country.

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