December 3, 2022 | David F. Coppedge

Science Goes All-In for Sexual Perversion and Marriage Redefinition

The collapse of science is complete.
Find some theists like Robert Boyle and start over.


For the last few years, Big Science has been on the LGBTQIA+whatever bandwagon, justifying it with the euphemisms “Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity.” They abbreviate these as DEI, but since Equity came in last, it should be DIE. And science died. Individual scientists still do some good work, but the academic deans, lobbyists and journal editors who call the shots have been entirely co-opted by Leftists and sexual perverts.

It started with its lean to the left, becoming pro-abortion. Then they supported communists in China and Cuba. Then they joined the hate-America campaign and Black Lives Matter. When the America-first president Donald Trump came to office, their heads exploded. Since the Biden administration gained power under dubious voting methods enabled by the pandemic (mail-in ballots, ballot harvesting, etc.), Big Science has been in free-fall. The latest outrages are reported here, right after the Senate (with 12 Republicans joining the uniformly-aligned Democrats to break a filibuster), approved the so-called “Respect for Marriage Act” that instantiates same-sex “marriage” into federal law (see Family Research Council and World Magazine on what this means).

Marriage is now dead, and Big Science was one of the pallbearers.

What’s a polycule? An expert on polyamory explains  (The Conversation, 30 Nov 2022).

This article justifies polygamy. It discusses the open-sex ring at FTX headquarters, after Sam Bankman-Fried’s spectacular fraud scheme that bilked investors of millions in cryptocurrencies. With euphemisms like “consensual non-monagamy” the so-called “expert on polyamory” at the University of Washington treats it as just another form of human relationships. She even thinks that unequal treatment among participants is just fine. It’s like natural hierarchies in the animal world, isn’t it?

Note: Although The Conversation is not strictly a science news site, its articles are almost always written by scientists. It always supports evolution and DIE.

How can sex education training videos be more inclusive? (, 1 Dec 2022). is a science reporting site. In this article, readers see complete adherence to DIE and to the full inclusion of every sexual deviancy, even ones that have not even been identified yet!

Sexuality education often fails LGBTQIA2S+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Asexual, Two-Spirit with the + indicating other identities not listed) students, few of whom report ever receiving inclusive education at school. Yet sexuality education classrooms have the potential to be safe, affirming, and inclusive spaces if educators receive training to develop inclusion skills.

FDA moves to ease restrictions on gay men giving blood (Medical Xpress, 1 Dec 2022).

Medical Xpress is a sister site to, focusing on health news. This article reports that the executive branch of the federal government is now set to ease restrictions on blood donations from “gay” men (or “men who have sex with men” as the current euphemism goes). These individuals may be carrying HIV, but patients’ safety is deemed less important to federal health officials than preventing feelings of “stigma” by homosexuals who might feel left out because of the restrictions. A spokesperson for a “gay” advocacy group was “glaad” for the change, but still feels it’s not enough:

“While today’s reports of an overdue move from the FDA is an important step, our community and leading medical experts will not stop advocating for the FDA to lift all restrictions against qualified LGBTQ blood donor candidates,” Sarah Kate Ellis, CEO and president of GLAAD, an LGBTQ media advocacy organization, said in a statement.

It’s “overdue” the article claims because several other countries have already made this change. The country whose motto is “In God We Trust” doesn’t want to be left behind, does it? The AMA (American Medical Association) and American Red Cross are all on board.

Medical and blood donation organizations voiced their support of the plan.

“The AMA [American Medical Association] relentlessly advocates for eliminating public policies that do not align with scientific evidence and best ethical practices, which is why we have urged the FDA to use rational, scientifically-based deferral periods for donation of blood, corneas and other tissues that are fairly and consistently applied to donors according to their individual risk,” AMA President Dr. Jack Resneck Jr. told CNN.

The American Red Cross said Wednesday it “believes blood donation eligibility should not be determined by methods that are based upon sexual orientation and is committed to working with partners toward achieving this goal.”


Being left behind is a good thing when the world is in free-fall down the slippery slope.

Thanks to help from Big Science, many children will never know what it is like to have a father, mother, and intact family.

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