January 22, 2023 | David F. Coppedge

Dolphins Celebrated in Illustra Short Film

Based on one of the fascinating segments
from Illustra’s documentary
Living Waters,

“Dolphins!” delights the senses in a short re-release.


This episode from Living Waters will delight viewers of all ages. Dolphins look happy, as if smiling all the time, and they are well-equipped for thrilling lives in the water, even though they are air-breathing mammals. Illustra Media has repackaged the episode about dolphins into an easy-to-share free video under 9 minutes in length. It includes the best animation of the dolphin’s amazing sonar apparatus ever made, showing how it works. Enjoy “Dolphins!” now!

The full-length documentary Living Waters includes additional true stories about sea turtles, salmon, and whales. You can order the hour-long film in DVD or streaming format at Go2RPI.com. This short film can be shared from TheJohn1010Project.com, where you can find dozens of other magnificent films all under 10 minutes. You can also sign up for their announcements about upcoming films and special offers.


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