March 1, 2023 | David F. Coppedge

Keep Darwinists Out of the Hospital

The ones who brought us eugenics and purposeless
existence want to “help” your doctors. No way!


Every few years, an evolutionist advertises the Darwin Party to the healthcare industry. They try to sell evolutionary snake oil as a panacea for all ills. It’s a scam, and they know it. Darwinists are the LAST guys you want hanging around your hospital bed! They’re the ones who brought us eugenics, forced sterilization, the devaluation of human life, animal rights and justification for genocide.

Let’s look at the presentation by Liad Hollender, writer for Frontiers in Science, whose 28 Feb 2023 article is titled,

From anti-antibiotics to extinction therapy: how evolutionary thinking can transform medicine.

You read that right: extinction therapy! What does she want to do, cure your disease by ending your life? Well, no. The paper explains:

In extinction therapy, one drug used initially to reduce the cancer cell population size is stopped (while it is still working) and replaced by a second drug. This is based on principles derived from extinction biology where a decrease in population size, followed by new ecological perturbations, is often associated with population extinction. This approach is in the very early stages in terms of being tested and used in the clinic.

This approach owes nothing to Darwinism. There is no increase in fitness due to mutation and natural selection. There is no innovation suggesting progress up Darwin’s “tree of life.” One population goes extinct; that’s all. In nature, stuff just happens for no reason. For doctors to use “extinction biology” as a strategy, they would have to use intelligent design for a purpose—not Darwinism.

Let’s examine Hollender’s list of ways that Darwinism can help medicine and see if they stack up. Note that “transforming medicine” can be taken in two ways. It could transform it for the better, or for the worse. She begins with her opening pitch:

The word ‘evolution may bring to mind dusty dinosaur bones, but it impacts our health every day. For example, even though antibiotics were invented only a century ago, the evolution of antibiotic resistance is already a major concern. The rise in modern health problems such as obesity can also be traced back to evolutionary principles.

Pray tell, what is an “evolutionary principle”? The dictionary says that a principle is “a fundamental, primary, or general law or truth from which others are derived.” It takes a mind to understand and apply a principle. If we are just amoral animals, what do we care about principles? The fit survive; the rest are out of luck. Stuff happens. Why would anyone want somebody who thinks in those terms being anywhere near a hospital?

Regarding antibiotic resistance, that is NOT an example of Darwinian evolution (10 Oct 2019, 14 Oct 2022).

As we look at Hollender’s sales pitch, you decide the likely effect of bringing the Ghost of Charley into medical school. Some frontier!

A short, upbeat video clip asks, “How could evolution inspire medical breakthroughs?” It proceeds with the following bullet points:

  • Elephants rarely get cancer
  • Bacteria can quickly adapt
  • Our own genes may clash with today’s world

Before continuing, ask whether Darwinian evolution has anything to do with these observational facts. Stuff happens, so elephants rarely get cancer. Stuff happens, so bacteria can quickly adapt (but how about the possibility they were internally programmed for it)? Stuff happens, so our genes may clash with today’s world. What are they suggesting: intelligent design—thinking, planning, engineering—to solve problems with human bodies made for the Garden of Eden but living in smog-filled cities? What does Darwin have to do with any of this? Elephants are still elephants. Bacteria are still bacteria. And the human genome is fantastically complex and sophisticated! What does she mean that “our own genes may clash with today’s world”? Humans have successfully inhabited the whole globe, from the icy polar regions to the harshest deserts, for thousands of years. What clashes are her stories with the facts.

  • Evolutionary medicine uses insights like these to drive biomedical innovation,
  • Develop new treatments,
  • Guide public health policy,
  • Improve pandemic control,
  • And tackle modern health issues like obesity, Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease.

“Evolutionary medicine” is a pure oxymoron. It’s like advising, ‘Try the Stuff Happens Law on human patients.’ Should your doctor give you mutations and hope one of them will be beneficial to your great-great-great-great…..great-grandchildren? This is ridiculous. Doctors need to think and use their God-given immaterial minds to tackle modern health issues. Darwin would say that the obese, the diabetics, and heart diseased are obviously unfit, so sterilize them or let them die. The Darwinocratic Oath would say, ‘Do harm to the unfit.’ Need historical evidence? Read the shocking new book about what European Darwinists did to Africa.

In an effort to be charitable to shallow-thinking Ms Hollender, let’s analyze her sales pitch for “evolutionary medicine” with its list of examples.

Overcoming chemotherapy and antibiotic resistance

Evolutionary-inspired strategies could break this cycle. For example, ‘anti-evolution’ drugs could stop bacteria from sharing resistance genes with each other. ‘Anti-antibiotics’ are another innovative strategy that could stave off many hospital-acquired antibiotic-resistant infections. These infections often occur when antibiotics administered to the bloodstream reach harmless bacteria in the gut, causing antibiotic-resistant strains to evolve and spread. Oral anti-antibiotics that block these drugs in the gut could prevent this.

Notice the illogic of this. The same “evolutionary inspiration” that inspired white Europeans to commit genocides against Africans and other “primitive races” can now be sanctified and trusted to promote healing? Why would an evolutionist devise “anti-evolution drugs” anyway? A house divided against itself cannot stand. She says, in effect, ‘evolutionary medicine’s goal is to stop evolution.’ And she admits that antibiotic resistance occurs not by mutation/selection, as Darwin taught, but by gene sharing. The sharing of genetic information is not evolution!

This is absolutely backward. Doctors with intelligent minds and moral values, who care about health and value human exceptionalism, need to apply rational thought and the “Do no harm” principle to understand what a problem is, and to devise a strategy to deal with it. Instead of the imploding idea of using evolution to stop evolution, a righteous healthcare professional would hinder processes that share the wrong genetic information in places where they do not belong. They would apply the same principle for chemotherapy resistance: identify the problem and engineer a solution using intelligent design.

Using biodiversity to drive biomedical innovation

Giraffes have the highest blood pressure of any animal, and yet they don’t suffer from the organ damage that hypertension causes in people. And elephants and Tasmanian devils rarely get cancer,” said Natterson-Horowitz. “What is the biology that protects these animals from diseases that kill us? Extraordinarily powerful insights are out there that we haven’t tapped into yet.”

Short answer: this is the ID strategy of biomimetics (the imitation of nature)—not Darwinism. Yes, study nature! Study giraffes and elephants and Tasmanian devils. Learn about them. Study the biology that protects these animals within their habitats.

If doctors were to use Darwin’s advice, they would just let stuff happen over millions of years without aim or concern. If humans survive the fitness test, they will evolve resistance to cancer somehow by chance. There’s nothing anyone can do about it, because evolution is mindless, soulless and valueless. Whatever will be, will be – unless intelligent design and moral principles are applied to solving  problems.

Read about what Pasteur, Lister, and Damadian—Christian doctors who cared about their fellow man—did to solve health problems. They would be appalled at the idea of using Darwinism in medicine!

Improving public health measures 

Evolutionary principles could also guide more effective public health policies. “Our bodies and minds evolved in one environment but are living in another – and that causes disease,” said Natterson-Horowitz. “Cardiovascular disease, low fertility, and other common ‘modern’ conditions all result from this evolutionary mismatch.

Yikes! Now Hollender wants evolution to inform public health policy! Haven’t we had enough of that after the recent failures in the Covid-19 pandemic from the experts? This quote, too, is illogical. Why didn’t the Darwin snake oil speed up human evolution to let us match our environment? Oh, we see. Evolution is fast except when it is slow.

She continues: “evolutionary-based public health policies would focus on improving ecological conditions instead” of trying to change human behavior. That idea is pregnant with a thousand unsavory tactics, like totalitarianism, too horrifying to think about.

An evolutionary-inspired roadmap for better health

Evolutionary perspectives are already making their way into the public and political agenda. Some countries have restricted antibiotics use and introduced taxes on sugar-sweetened beverages. However, the authors emphasize that realizing the full potential of evolutionary medicine requires greater investment and interdisciplinary collaboration.

This is getting scary. The Darwin elites are moving away from patient care to global policy, and want you to pay for it (through taxation). The same ideologues who gave us eugenics will look not to YOUR health, but to the health of the global population, led by mentally-ill ‘experts’ suffering from the Yoda Complex. And then—look at this—”planetary health” will be the focus. They will twist the doctor’s care for individuals into a globalist agenda to save the environment from individuals deemed by elitists to be planetary germs. This may require government-imposed ‘antibiotics’ to eliminate individuals holding nonconforming opinions. See this article.

Evolutionary insights have tremendous – and as yet unrealized – potential to better understand, prevent, and treat existing and emerging threats to human, animal, and planetary health.

And you thought Brett Miller’s cartoon above was an over-the-top joke.

Hollender’s article is a summation of a paper published in Frontiers in Science by nine Darwinists, “The future of evolutionary medicine: sparking innovation in biomedicine and public health.”

Exercise: Read the open-access paper and judge for it logic, consistency with Darwinism, and plagiaristic application of intelligent design and Christian morality. Look for dangers of consistently applying “evolutionary principles” (like survival of the fittest) to public health policy. Don’t let the faux morality and altruism fool you. They believe altruism evolved by natural selection! The doctrine of evolution is an evil tree that bears evil fruit.


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  • J.Y. Jones says:

    Mostly, and thankfully, Darwinists are still OUT at the hospital. The good of the patient on the bed in front of the average doctor is still the focus of their care, even if it conflicts with the views of atheistic ivory tower elites. There are a few “theistic evolutionists” around my profession, but in my entire life I’ve met only one MD who claimed to be an atheist. I attended his Darwinist funeral, and came away deeply saddened. That doesn’t mean almost every MD is a believer and a Bible-thumper, but when real life meets Darwin’s failed theory, so far it isn’t a contest. Hopefully this will continue, but the fact such a futile, unhelpful article as the subject of this piece even appeared in the literature doesn’t bode well for the future of medicine. Still, keep in mind that the very first shot by the James Webb Space Telescope destroyed the “Big Bang” theory, so the entire Darwinist empire is on the verge of collapse. When evidence for “climate change” is ever more scanty to seriously consider, since the Earth’s life forms (plant and animal) have a designed penchant for ridding the planet of any excess CO2, there is hope for a great wailing of repentance that results in life-changing decisions that will impact God’s children not just in this life, but in the life that will surely follow (listen to Dr. Franklin Graham’s ads on Fox, I believe the only network that will allow his “life” messages to air–I can’t say for sure, because I watch little television and all I do watch is Fox).

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