June 26, 2023 | David F. Coppedge

Big Science: Enemy of Democracy

The Big Science Cartel embraces every
globalist, leftist, socialist agenda. Beware.



Like Big Labor, Big Education, Big Hollywood, Big Media, Big Wall Street ESG, Academia and Big Law, Big Science has capitulated to the Left lock, stock and barrel. Readers of scientific journals will search in vain for hints of conservative values or principles. No matter the topic, Big Science (meaning the journal editors, lobbyists, and academic deans presuming to “speak for science”) embraces radical Left positions.

Big Science is not the same as “science.” Many if not most scientists do their work honorably with integrity, making discoveries about the natural world by seeking testable answers rigorously. Big Science is different. J. Scott Turner called it the Big Science Cartel, drunk with funding from the government, pursuing its own agendas with utter disdain for voters. The Big Science Cartel is to the individual scientist what a Big Labor boss is to an average worker, pretending to be his advocate but raking in dues to funnel to Democrat candidates. It is to the individual teacher what a bureaucrat in the Department of Education is, far removed from a blackboard or textbook while pushing CRT or LGBTQ programs mandated for all schools, overpowering parent objections with force.

By “democracy,” we mean the general notion of accountability to voters. How is Big Science the enemy of democracy?

  • It bypasses Congress to get increased funding from the executive branch or by automatic/mandatory spending.
  • It seeks ratification of global mandates at Davos, Switzerland or at international climate accords.
  • It publishes and encourages leftist priorities that have nothing to do with science: i.e., transgender surgery and abortion.
  • It works with the Deep State to get its way regardless of the party in power.
  • It censors views contrary to its own, or attacks conservative positions relentlessly.
  • It cares nothing for the will of the people or the opinions of the majority.
  • It ignores the Constitution and scoffs at the rule of law.
  • It favors redistribution of wealth, the Marxist strategy for government.
  • Instead of believing that we are endowed by our Creator with rights, it promotes the DODO policy: Darwin-Only, Darwin-Only.

While a scientist is free to investigate any question on his or her own, public funding of research should be subject to the priorities of the people through their elected representatives. Here are some recent examples of Big Science’s anti-democratic crusade:

The US EPA’s proposed regulation could help to kill off fossil-fuel plants. Good on it (Nature Editorial, 13 June 2023). Did you vote to end gas stations for your car? Nature‘s editors couldn’t care less. They are glad that a federal bureaucracy, the Environmental Protection Agency, is setting regulations that could drastically affect your job and quality of life, without any accountability to the voting public.

A just world on a safe planet: First study quantifying Earth System Boundaries live (Earth Commission, 31 May 2023). Globalist leftists are determining national boundaries and resource allocations. Publishing their views in Nature, these elitists are not putting their views up to a vote. They are drawing lines and goals that will affect the lives of hundreds of millions of people if they get their way. These self-appointed experts will tell you what is safe and just, and promise you will enjoy eating your bugs or whatever else they deem constitutes environmental justice. Interestingly, they admit that their climate change cult is just a steppingstone to bigger dictatorship: “For a safe future, the world needs global targets beyond climate,” a subheading reads.

Abortion Propaganda

The Dobbs decision last year overturning Roe v Wade did not prohibit abortion. It merely removed the myth that abortion is a federal Constitutional right. Voters in each state can decide what restrictions on abortion are appropriate for their community. That’s democracy. Big Science is aghast that the issue has been returned to voters!

After Roe v. Wade: dwindling US abortion access is harming health a year later (Nature, 23 June 2023). If Big Science respected the rule of law, it would accept the decisions of the Supreme Court. Instead, a year after the overturn of Roe v Wade, the flagship journal of Big Science, Nature, is still pushing the pro-abortion program with lies that dwindling abortion access is “harming health” (tell that to the abortion survivor). With this editorial, Nature stands against the majority of Americans who believe that restrictions on abortion are appropriate. A large majority disapproves of late-term abortion.

Abortion Bans Are Driving Off Doctors and Putting Basic Health Care at Risk (Scientific American, 25 May 2023). As if written by a propagandist for 1984, this article uses doublethink to argue that health care is declining due to laws restricting abortion. The irony of claiming that killing a defenseless baby puts “basic health care at risk” is lost on these people.

LGBT Propaganda

What could be more unscientific than believing that males and females are a figment of the imagination? Ever hear of sex chromosomes?

Level of support for gender-neutral option on state IDs affected by political orientation, social context (UCLA, 30 May 2023). What do you think of the scientific method used by these leftist-progressive researchers, who clearly want to smear the distinctions between males and females? “For the study, Saguy interviewed 85 gender activists: 69 progressive activists, 13 conservative activists and three whose views are not easily categorized as progressive or conservative.” Can you trust a survey that is weighted 154 to 16 in favor of leftists and pro-transgender interviewees?

Gender-affirming hormone therapy reduces psychological distress in transgender people: systematic review (University of Exeter, May 2023). Stop right there at the first four words: “gender-affirming hormone therapy.” That LGBT terminology covers up a HUGE controversy right now, with lawsuits flying around at hospitals that are castrating boys and cutting off the breasts of girls without their parents’ knowledge or consent. Another part of the controversy involves de-transitioners: transgenders who realized too late that being operated on to fulfill their youthful fantasies was a big mistake, and wish to warn others not to do it. You would never know that from this biased piece of newspeak that smilingly tempts readers to accept a lie that such therapy “reduces psychological stress” among those who submit.

It Keeps Coming

The day this article was posted, more news like it came in. Sources are the formerly-prestigious British Medical Journal and The Conversation, a website that pretends to promote science. Most of its authors are professors within academia, almost always liberal and progressive.

Age of those with mismatched biological sex and gender identity (gender dysphoria) is falling, study finds (British Medical Journal via Medical Xpress, 26 June 2023). BMJ does not report this as a crisis, but as a ho-hum development.

Social attitudes may also have a role, they add, with school-age masculine girls with gender dysphoria more likely to be accepted by their peers and feminine boys in the same situation more likely to face bullying and rejection.

As to the increase in the numbers of those with gender dysphoria, wider availability of specialist clinics and growing awareness and acceptance of gender diversity might explain these trends, the researchers suggest.

“Gender identity development heavily leans on social processes, including exploration and experimentation with external feedback. There is now increasing acceptance of gender-neutral pronouns and gender-non-congruent chosen names,” they write.

Most of the cases studied were from the USA, the article mentions, where a “Pride Month” throughout June celebrates sexual debauchery.

A year after Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision, Black women still struggle for access to reproductive health care (The Conversation, 26 June 2023). A “women’s studies scholar” at San Diego State is responsible for equating killing babies to “reproductive health care.” She all but advocates readers to vote for more abortion-friendly candidates.

Making pride more inclusive means creating space for 2SLGBTQ+ people with disabilities (The Conversation, 26 June 2023). Two leftists at the University of Calgary want to expand “Pride Month” to include more disabled people who identify as queer. Their article shows the ever-expanding acronym for sexual deviants is now 2SLGBTQ+. Where does it end? Twitter showed nudists twerking in front of kids in pride parades in Toronto and in Seattle. Where is the outrage? Why are normal people afraid to speak out? This is the end result of the push for “inclusivity” and tolerance, which results in anyone speaking out being labeled a hater or homophobe or far-right extremist.

This is just a small taste of the incessant leftist propaganda coming across the “science news” wires and journals. Take any political subject, and Big Science is always on the far-left progressive side. As usual, we welcome you to prove us wrong. Show us any article that advocates a conservative position. Find one that celebrates the decline in abortion. Find one that warns of the harm of transgender surgery and advocates for parental rights. Find one that says climate policy should be up to the voters. Find one that acquiesces to voter-approved cuts in research funding. Good luck. Big Science wants its millions to continue studying crawfish on treadmills! The Cartel wants to continue flying its private jets to Davos, so that globalist authorities can set agendas that reduce the freedom and quality of life for the rest of us.

Understand that Big Science is elitist at its core. It hates you. It doesn’t want you to have a voice. Its mindset is to tell you what to believe and nudge or coerce you to accept it without question. It wants power and authority, and wants to shut you up. <lie>It came to this attitude by the scientific method.</lie>

Knowing the nature of the Big Science Cartel is essential to critical thinking in our time. Most of us were taught to respect science, and here at CEH, we do respect science. The Big Science Cartel, however, is an enemy of democracy, and when it obstructs human freedom and dodges accountability, it must be resisted, called out and shamed.




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