July 1, 2023 | David F. Coppedge

Ministry Spotlight: David Rives

This organization offers an impressive
amount of content and continues to grow.



Occasionally we like to give information on other creation ministries and sources of material.

David Rives Ministries, a 501(c)3 nonprofit creation ministry near Nashville, Tennessee, offers a virtual department store of information on Biblical creation suitable for families: TV, video, audio, a magazine, a bookstore, field trips, and more. David Rives (pronounced reeves) got his start when Trinity Broadcast Network (TBN) saw a homemade video he had produced and offered him a regular program on the channel. Actually, his interest in creation began earlier as a teenager when he started collecting fossils and showing them to neighbors and visitors as evidence for Noah’s Flood. His portable box museum would some day need a bigger box, as you will see. In addition, he developed an interest in astrophotography and became very good at it. In researching this hobby, David gained a good working knowledge of astronomy and stargazing.

For his TV show Creation in the 21st Century, David has interviewed leading creationists and produced videos about all aspects of creation. His pleasant voice and friendly demeanor made his short videos a hit on TBN. With his brother as a business partner, David formed David Rives Ministries (DRM) in 2007 to begin sharing his material and developing more ways to get the message out with his signature byline, “Truly, the heavens declare the glory of God.” Here are some of the materials people can find at David Rives Ministries.

  • The Genesis Science Network: 24 x 7 TV channel available on online and on Roku and other streaming platforms.
  • The Creation Superstore: virtually every Biblical creation book in print can be ordered here.
  • The Creation Club Magazine: a free bi-monthly magazine in color with articles by David and guest authors.
  • YouTube: Over 300 short well-produced videos on biology, astronomy, geology, and many subjects. New ones come out regularly.
  • Documentary films: several full-length films done, with new ones in the works.
  • Social media: DRM can be found on Facebook, YouTube, TikTok and other popular platforms.
  • Podcasts: Changing the Narrative and Genesis Science Minute.
  • Books: David has written two books so far, Wonders Without Number and 21 Verses Backed by Science.
  • Field Trips: Safaris in South Africa and dinosaur digs in Kansas.
  • Public speaking: David regularly speaks at churches and events.
  • Music: David is a songwriter and guitarist, and has published CDs of his original praise and worship music.

Does he ever sleep? This is an incredible list of accomplishments for one man only 34 years old. But wait, there’s more!

Wonders Center

The most recent development at DRM is truly a “God thing” the way he describes it. A fully-equipped, multi-story, like-new institutional structure that was built 23 years ago by millionaires but was never fully utilized came into the ministry’s possession last year. The building was going to be auctioned off, but DRM purchased it at a bargain-basement price, and is about to open it as the “Wonders Center and Science Museum.”

It has a large entry hall, full audio/video production facilities and office space, a 450-seat auditorium for lectures and concerts, a planetarium and multiple wings for exhibits. Located in Dickson, Tennessee, about half an hour west of Nashville, this will be the ministry’s new headquarters. David told me the building had been hit by a tornado a couple of years ago, damaging the roof and glass and causing water leaks. But insurance repaired all the damage and put in new glass and a new roof, so that when David received the keys, it was in like-new condition. The ministry has been acquiring exhibition materials and designing a coherent, visitor-pleasing and informative attraction. Expect great things in this new Wonders Center and Science Museum.

DFC & DR in South Africa on June 16, 2023

I went on David Rives’ third bi-annual African Safari in June, and got to know him. I found him to be a very personable fellow, good listener and good teacher, and a humble man of integrity. Everything he does he does well. His wide experience with interviews and speaking has brought him into contact with key people in the creation movement and with important Christian leaders. It has also helped him become knowledgeable on a wide variety of topics that make conversations with him fun and engaging.

One particular thing I appreciated was his desire to stay out of conflicts between creationists (provided they share a Biblical position on Creation and the Flood), and to let each side present their best theories without criticism, so that viewers can decide where the evidence leads. And while David agrees with much of the material in the intelligent design movement, DRM’s goal is to present the positive case for Biblical creation.

Viewers of his videos (sample) will enjoy David’s upbeat manner and the good visuals backed up with incredible facts that honor the Creator’s wisdom and power. I encourage our readers to check out the ark-load of material at David Rives Ministries, to subscribe to his free newsletters and magazine, and to consider supporting his enthusiastic and productive work with a tax-deductible donation. And if you find yourself in Tennessee on travel, plan a visit to the Wonders Center where big things are just now starting to happen.





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