December 29, 2023 | David F. Coppedge

2023 in Review

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— Here’s a wrap on Year 2023, our 23rd year of online news reporting —

This year, we published 287 articles (that’s more than one per weekday, given 260 weekdays in 2023).

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Our original material evaluates news from leading scientific journals, including Nature, Science, the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), Current Biology, journals of the Royal Society, journals of the American Geophysical Union, Journal of the Geological Society, Icarus, and open-access journals like the Public Library of Science (PLoS), iScience, the bioRxiv preprint server, Nature Communications, Science Advances, and more.

I just want to thank you for your nonstop avalanche of hard work … since the launch of your internet oasis of truth. Happy New Year! —a PhD reader

We also evaluate press releases from numerous universities and labs around the world, and news from amalgamator services and science magazines like Science Daily,, Medical Xpress, Live Science, New Scientist, The Scientist, The Conversation, BBC News,, Universe Today, Associated Press, and wherever else headline news is found concerning creation or evolution. CEH is often the first among creation ministries to put out the news, sometimes on the day of publication.


Our writers included Dr Jerry Bergman (48), Dr J.Y. Jones (9), Dr Henry Richter (1), Dr Margaret Helder (1), Dr Leonard Brand (1), and founder/editor David Coppedge (227). Articles by these authors can be found under the Features tab, Author Profiles.


Here are the counts of articles in 2023 by primary subject. (Notice that most subjects overlap with other categories). These can be browsed by clicking the categories on the Title Bar or clicking the links below. Have a look at the articles on your favorite topic from the past year.

In 2023 we also re-published significant articles from our archives that had become inaccessible after website upgrades. These archive entries usually appeared on Saturdays.


We have two awards called “Dumb” and “Amazing” for particular articles that we feel deserve them. There were 46 Amazing stories, and 33 we considered just plain Dumb. You’ll have fun browsing through these entries. Although it’s hard to choose (and James Tour should be awarded 2023’s Most Amazing Scientist), here are what the Editor considers the top finalists in these categories. Readers are free to pick their own winners.

Below were the winners of Scientist of the Month for 2023. These biographies are worth re-reading. Young people and students will gain tremendous inspiration from their life stories. Some of these scientists rose from poverty, or did science as a hobby, but changed the world for good. Some made epochal discoveries in relatively short lives. All of them loved the Creator of the earth and life, and most were diligent students of the Bible.

Our History and Purpose

The material on this website began in August 2000, when editor David F. Coppedge felt a need to “get the word out” about scientific discoveries he was hearing through his work at NASA that were important to the study of origins. What started as a small page of brief announcements has grown into a leading source of information for those interested in the big questions: Who am I? Where did I come from? Why am I here? Where am I going?

The mainstream media always give the Darwinian, evolutionary, materialist slant on science. CEH provides “equal time” for looking at the same evidence without Darwin glasses on. We show that claims of scientific naturalism evaporate on closer inspection. They are guilty of logical fallacies and propaganda tactics, as our Baloney Detector illustrates. While we love true science and honor all scientists who do solid empirical work, we oppose the leftist/globalist Big Science Cartel that censors Darwin skeptics and pushes anti-theistic dogmas and leftist positions (e.g., abortion, climate alarmism, racism, and communism).

Whenever you read news that seems to support evolution, come here for a different perspective. Most of all, learn how to dissect claims with critical thinking skills, and teach these to skills to the next generation.

Keeping Connected

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