December 22, 2023 | David F. Coppedge

James Tour Lab Hammers Cancer

James Tour’s lab at Rice has found a way to
hammer cancer cells to smithereens with light


Another breakthrough with potential for world-wide impact has come from the lab of a Christian chemist, Dr James Tour. His lab already found a way to upscale trash into strong materials, to eliminate a large percentage of carbon dioxide emissions, and to create clean fuel at a fraction of previous cost. His lab developed a technique that might restore movement to those with spinal cord injuries. He is the structural chemist who challenged the world’s leading origin-of-life specialists, rendering them speechless to answer simple questions. His science breakthroughs alone are Nobel-worthy achievements; so what else could top that? How about a cure for cancer?

The credit for this latest press release from Rice University goes largely to Ciceron Ayala-Orozco, one of the research scientists in the Tour Lab. The article quotes Tour explaining the method, and also shows him in a photo. Dr Tour, famous for his work on molecular motors, is also a co-author of the paper in Nature Chemistry. The new method relies on a molecular motor that attaches to cell membranes, and then shakes violently when exposed to infrared light, essentially acting as a jackhammer against a cancer cell, splitting its membrane and killing it.

Molecular jackhammers’ ‘good vibrations’ eradicate cancer cells (Rice University, 19 Dec 2023). Employing a small molecule already in wide use in imaging, Ayala-Orozco got it to vibrate in IR light. Results of experiments on mice with melanoma cancers were dramatic.

The researchers found that the atoms of a small dye molecule used for medical imaging can vibrate in unison ⎯ forming what is known as a plasmon ⎯ when stimulated by near-infrared light, causing the cell membrane of cancerous cells to rupture. According to the study published in Nature Chemistry, the method had a 99 percent efficiency against lab cultures of human melanoma cells, and half of the mice with melanoma tumors became cancer-free after treatment.

James Tour explains the significance of this “huge advance”—

“They are more than one million times faster in their mechanical motion than the former Feringa-type motors, and they can be activated with near-infrared light rather than visible light,” Tour said.

Near-infrared light can penetrate far deeper into the body than visible light, accessing organs or bones without damaging tissue.

“Near-infrared light can go as deep as 10 centimeters (~ 4 inches) into the human body as opposed to only half a centimeter (~ 0.2 inches), the depth of penetration for visible light, which we used to activate the nanodrills,” said Tour, Rice’s T. T. and W. F. Chao Professor of Chemistry and a professor of materials science and nanoengineering. “It is a huge advance.”

Dr Tour discusses this and other breakthrough projects his lab has contributed for the global good in a YouTube video posted three months ago.* In the video, he actively invites anyone in the audience to contact him if they are interested in evidence for the resurrection of Jesus Christ. “I love Him so much,” Tour comments, offering to spend an hour with any seeker who is not already a Christ follower.

This is fascinating beyond anything we have reported in CEH for a long time. Raised a Jew, James Tour converted to Christ at age 18 based on proof of the deity of Jesus. His YouTube channel mixes Bible studies with scientific advances. Unabashed as a Christian—so rare in academia—he shares Christ with people he meets regularly, without pressure but with convincing evidence and his engaging joyful demeanor. Evolutionists can’t touch him because he has tenure, and they see that his science is fantastically good. They must be gnashing their teeth as they listen to him talk about his patents and companies that allow him to deliver product to where it’s needed without interference from middlemen.

Rice University benefits from his science and his mentoring of students and the funding he brings to the university, so they don’t censure him for his faith. Climate scientists should be cheering because he can cut CO2 emissions from concrete and asphalt (one of the biggest contributors to CO2) by 30% at a cheaper price (a free-market solution, by the way). Auto manufactures ought to be cheering because they can “upscale” used auto parts with graphene, making them stronger and also less expensive. And if this new cancer-fighting method becomes widespread, millions will rejoice at getting their lives rescued from a painful death.

What’s to not love about what the Tour Lab is doing? By contrast, what do the Darwinians have to show for their worldwide dominance in science for 160 years? Just a lot of just-so stories? Ha! In a fraction of their reign of terror, Dr Tour’s real science is saving lives and improving the biosphere. Merry Christmas, everybody! Jesus Christ is born, and lives through the good works of His people. O tidings of comfort and joy!

Merry Christmas from CEH!



*Just listen to the first 27 minutes of this video, where Dr Tour is speaking alone. CEH does not recommend the panel discussion afterward, where some of the 4 other panelists stray from Biblical authority and spout personal opinions.


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  • Steeko says:

    This is incredible news by an incredible Dr. Tour.
    His detailed synthetic organic chemistry presentations on YouTube show how far the current beginning of life stories are from the realities of the impossibility of creating a reproducing entity with chemistry from under a rock in a warm little pond. One of Tour’s interesting statements is that organic molecules degrade by the very processes that might bring the simple ones into being, so time is not on the evolutionists side. More time, more degradation not more complexity.

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