January 18, 2024 | David F. Coppedge

Climate Blindfolds and Hypocrisy

The scare about greenhouse gases
evaporates when considering what
government leaders did in Sept 2022.


As Hertz Rent-a-Car struggles to sell off its unpopular electric vehicles (EV), the mainstream liberal news media continue to scare everyone about global warming.

The scare talk is usually about carbon, particularly carbon dioxide (CO2), the greenhouse gas that some experts say must require herculean efforts to reduce. But there is another greenhouse gas more than 80 times as potent: methane, which we know as the primary component of natural gas (CH4). Climate scientists also tell everyone to reduce methane emissions. This is also part of the push for hydrogen fuel, EV’s, and the elimination of gas stoves.

Why, then, did someone in high places perpetrate the worst methane leak in recent history? And why did the media cover it up? Why aren’t climate alarmists screaming for accountability for a record-breaking, huge climate disaster? Why wasn’t the guilty party, most likely a government, chastised at the recent climate conference in Dubai?

Here are two articles from mainstream sources that avoid naming names.

Seismic and infrasonic signals used to characterize Nord Stream pipeline events (Seismic Society of America on Phys.org, 4 Jan 2024). This article only discusses how physicists determined the size of the Nord Stream 2 leak, but fails to indicate which country was the perpetrator. Is the Seismic Society trying to blame an earthquake?

Seismic events that coincided with sudden drops in pressure within the Nord Stream 1 and 2 natural gas pipelines in September 2022 alerted the world to the rupture of pipelines in the western Baltic Sea. The suspected act of sabotage, which reportedly used explosive charges to rupture the pipelines, is still under investigation by multiple countries.

The event was 16 months ago! How long does it take? The likely suspects are few. Russia certainly would not have blown up its own project. Reportedly, Sweden figured it out, but has not released the conclusions. They recently confirmed that the explosions were an act of sabotage (Radio Free Europe).

World’s largest natural gas leak from nord stream pipeline estimated at 478,000 tonnes (iScience, 19 Jan 2024). Yes, it was big. It was the worst, say 3 researchers from Cyprus. Once again, though, no perpetrator is named. Here are the principal findings:

  • Nord Stream gas leaks released about 478,000 tonnes of methane into the atmosphere
  • The incident constitutes the largest single methane gas source in recent memory
  • The amount of gas and duration of the episode concur with other estimates

Methane is a potent heat trapping gas believed to account for 30% of the observed global warming to-date. At a capacity of 110 bcm/year, the Nord Stream (NS) pipeline corridor measuring 1,153mm in internal diameter and stretching 1,224km from Russia to Germany is the biggest in the world. The explosions that NS sustained in September, 2022, in the Baltic Sea, have unleashed the largest single methane gas source in recent memory. Over the course of 7 days, our transient multiphase pipeline model has estimated that the gas leaks from 3 lines pumped 478,000 tonnes of methane into the atmosphere. A range of pipeline shut-in pressures as a function of leakage time deduced an envelope of gas volume that matched the timeline of observed outflows. Interestingly, the methane gas that escaped from the damaged threads amounted to the CO2 equivalent emitted by concrete sufficient to build about 27 Burj Khalifa towers.

Climate alarmists have warned that the manufacture of concrete is one of the major sources of CO2. That’s why Dr James Tour’s proposal for adding graphene to concrete is so timely; see 31 May 2022.

That an act of sabotage releasing methane at this scale could occur in a time of great concern about global warming should be big news, but how many citizens have heard about this? The news was quickly hushed up after it was announced. Something very fishy is going on!

Likeliest Suspects

Given the size of the explosions, the perpetrator had to be a state actor with sufficient military resources. Some have accused Ukraine (they deny it), or one of the European countries. Was it the United States?

In February 2022, President Biden told world leaders he would “bring an end” to Nord Stream 2 if Russia invaded Ukraine. “I promise you, we will be able to do it” (C-SPAN). If this was his fulfillment of that promise, what a reckless way to do it! By blowing up the pipeline in the sea, he released 478,000 tons of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Even liberal Wikipedia says that while environmental effects are probably localized to the explosion site, “a greater effect is likely to be the climate impact” from the release of greenhouse gases—and their estimate (150,000 tonnes of methane) is less than one third of that stated by iScience in the above paper. Wikipedia goes on to say that the methane plume was the equivalent of 14.6 million tonnes of CO2. Now multiply that by three!

If the Biden administration ordered this attack on the Russian pipeline, President Biden should be investigated by his own climate czar, John Kerry, who just announced his retirement from that position, presumably to campaign for Biden’s re-election. Why is everyone so hush-hush about mentioning the Biden administration as a prime suspect, when Biden announced beforehand that he had ways to stop Russia from completing this pipeline? If US intelligence knows (and why wouldn’t they know), they could end speculation instantly by telling the world. Their lack of transparency suggests that the current administration does not wish to face a public backlash for being two-faced about the urgency of climate change.

For all the climate alarmists to ignore this incident points out extreme hypocrisy. Just like they rationalize their private jets flying to climate conferences (private jets being the worst carbon emitters of any aircraft; see 8 Dec 2023), they are strangely silent about this biggest methane leak in recent memory. Should there not be accountability for the perpetrator? And shouldn’t the public be allowed to know who did it? Big Science and Big Media, we can’t hear you!

One can be certain that if an oil company’s tanker had leaked oil into the sea committing an environmental disaster on this scale, it would be top news and everyone would be pointing fingers. Heads would roll and books would be written about the evils of fossil fuels.

This article is not about whether global warming is the threat the experts say it is, but about hypocrisy over a hushed-up incident probably committed by a country that publicly touts fighting climate change as its biggest priority.

For recent articles about climate change, see 8 Dec 2023, 7 Jan 2023, and 30 July 2022. Search for more with keywords in the search bar.


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