January 28, 2024 | David F. Coppedge

Explore Inside a Migrating Salmon’s Nostril

Awesome circuitry is animated
in Illustra Media’s latest short film



The first of a two-part series on salmon navigation has been released by Illustra Media. Part 1 takes the viewer inside the tiny nostril of a Pacific salmon, where molecules trigger memories that remain stored for years, to be recalled when the fish returns to its native stream to spawn a new generation. Watch this mind-boggling film here! It’s beautifully filmed in the Pacific northwest, with an animated sequence you won’t forget.

Part II, which is scheduled for release in a month or so, will tell the amazing story of just how accurate the sense of smell is in these amazing fish whose last mission is to make it back to the stream where they were born.

Visit TheJohn1010Project.com where this “Fish Story” was released,* and see many more films about awesome wonders in nature that Illustra Media has produced.


*Portions of this video were first released in the hour-long documentary Living Waters: Intelligent Design in the Oceans of the Earth. That documentary is still available on DVD or streaming from Go2RPI.com. This new shareable episode from the documentary presents a new script and narration with some new graphical elements.


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