March 15, 2024 | David F. Coppedge

Noah and Flood Get Media Exposure

Two events are presenting evidence
for a global Flood and a floating craft
that saved Noah’s family.



The Ark and the Darkness: Movie (Genesis Apologetics). Premiering in theaters on March 20 and 21 only, this new two-hour documentary presents a Biblical and scientific case for the historicity of the Biblical cataclysm of Noah’s day. Watch the trailer and click “Get Tickets” to find out if it is showing in a theater near you.

Logos Research Associates monthly videocasts (Logos Research Associates YouTube Channel). Each month, Logos Research Associates broadcasts presentations by PhD scientists supporting the Bible and science. The most recent one was posted two days ago, March 13:

Global Evidence for a High Cenozoic Flood Boundary, by Dr Tim Clary, Director of Research at the Institute for Creation Research (ICR). Dr Clary is an expert on megasequences: six sets of geological sequences that are found all over the world. He shows how these represent different stages of the Flood, and suggests the boundary between Pre-Flood and Post-Flood sediments is found in strata labeled Pleistocene. Dr Clary gave an earlier presentation eight months ago, Geological Evidence for a Progressive Flood.

Previous broadcasts dealing with the Flood can be found on the Logos RA channel’s LIVE page.

In this day of secular Big Science that censors anyone outside the materialist consensus, we encourage our readers to familiarize themselves with evidence that supports the Bible. Here are two of many recent presentations on the internet that challenge the reigning Darwinian materialist paradigm with its deep-time dogma. With Big Science going crazy with woke ideology and political bias, unbelievers, too, owe it to themselves to evaluate alternatives that still rely on the founding principles of science and belief in a Creator. America’s founders taught that creation was a self-evident truth. By rejecting God for Darwinism, Big Science has lost its way. It is currently floundering in political leftism and the public is losing trust in it.

Dr Clary’s presentation shows how global megasequences cannot be explained by secular geology. Readers should know that he subscribes to the catastrophic plate tectonics (CPT) model of Dr John Baumgardner, which is one of several interpretations of how the Flood began, and currently the most popular among creationists. Clary is quick to admit that any model has questions and difficulties, but this presentation is focused more on the progress of sedimentation rather than the onset of the Flood. His talk, and the previous one by Dr Leonard Brand, field geologist and geology professor, provide compelling evidence that secular geology is wrong and the Biblical account matches what we find in the rocks and in the fossil record.

We obviously have not seen the new movie The Ark and the Darkness yet, but expect it to be good. It features an impressive list of Biblical creation scientists and Bible scholars who take the Genesis record seriously. We respect the ministry of Genesis Apologetics. See the new film if you can, and leave a comment with your impressions after the premiere.

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