April 27, 2024 | David F. Coppedge

Another Fish Story That Is True

You’ll be amazed at the power of a salmon’s
homing instinct in this new short video


Did you see Part 1 of Illustra Media’s “Fish Story” film? It took you inside the nostril of a Pacific salmon! Spectacular animation showed the details of the olfactory sense that allow the fish to find its way dozens or hundreds of miles upstream to the exact location where, years earlier, it hatched from a salmon egg.

Now, Part 2 has been published – a true story of a salmon nicknamed “Indomitable” that found its way home through an obstacle course that would make an Olympic judge award it a perfect 10. Watch it now!

Find this and other “awesome wonders” films at The John 10:10 Project. And if you enjoy high quality nature films like this, be sure to sign up for their newsletters, if possible, donate to Illustra Media, the ministry that makes these films available for free to the world.

You can find Illustra Media’s full-length documentaries at Go2RPI.com available for streaming or on DVD. Foreign language versions of some of their films are available on YouTube


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