David Coppedge, B.S. Education, B.S. Physics, founded Creation-Evolution Headlines in late 2000 as a way to share science news he was encountering at NASA. It has grown into a highly-trusted source of news and commentary critical of the pro-Darwin consensus, providing analysis of breaking news of interest to creationists and evolutionists, without the Darwin spin. He has authored almost 5,000 entries at CEH since its inception.

David worked as a system administrator at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory from 1996 to 2011, almost all of it as a member of the Cassini team. For 9 of his 14 years at JPL, he was Team Lead System Administrator, responsible for most of the ground system computers for the prestigious mission to Saturn. He worked on the Cassini operations support team from before launch through cruise, tour, prime mission, first extended mission, and into the second extended mission, getting to know many of the world's most elite planetary scientists. In addition, he led JPL tours and was a Cassini outreach speaker to civic groups and astronomy clubs.

Coppedge's career was cut short by his advocacy of intelligent design. Sharing DVD's on intelligent design occasionally with co-workers, he was accused by a coworker and reported to the Human Resources department, which accused him of 'harassment' and ethics violations. He was demoted from his Team Lead position and eventually terminated, becoming another member of the prestigious "Expelled" community. His experience led to a nationally-publicized court trial about discrimination and retaliation in the workplace, supported by the Alliance Defending Freedom and the Discovery Institute. Unfortunately for him, almost a year after the trial, the lone judge in the case decided against him in January 2013 without explanation

Coppedge now devotes more time to Creation-Evolution Headlines and other ministries seeking to show where the scientific evidence leads.

Mammoth DNA Challenges Assumed Age

Intact chromosomes from a woolly mammoth: can they really be 52,000 years old?

Archive: Plant Email, Aliens, Sex, Sandstone, More

Here's a collection of short articles published by CEH in July 2001.

Evolutionary Psychology Refutes Itself

Why intelligent PhD psychologists cannot see this implicates Darwinism as a logic-destroying mind virus.

AAAS Tries to Influence Elections

Farewell to unbiased science. The AAAS goes political. You know what that means.

Closer Look Found Important Functions in Junk RNA

Did evolutionists' belief in genomic junk delay important discoveries?

SETI Pseudoscience Passes Peer Review

Impossibilities presented as probabilities and ignorance presented as science.

Archive: Ethics, Rights, Bird Trees, Stalactites, Cells

Would you know some of these articles are "old news" from 23 years ago if you didn't see the dates? It appears that evolutionists have not changed much.

Vulture Design Highlighted

Illustra Media's new short film shows that ugly things can be beautiful in their own way.

Fly Nervous System Exceeds Expectations

One look at this nerve diagram should eliminate thoughts of evolution.

Did Darwin Plus Wallace Explain Butterfly Patterns?

Selectionism, whether natural or sexual, reduces science to storytelling.

Archive: Mountains, Demons, Proteins, Mutations, Human Lab Rats

The following short articles were first published in June 2002.

Corrupt Big Science Needs to Clean House

The picture of institutional science as the paragon of objectivity is gone.

Insect Olympic Feats Astonish Biologists

Butterflies cross the Atlantic, and tiny gnats fly over the Pyrenees.

Origin of Flowers: Evolutionists Don’t Even Know What They Don’t Know

A damaging preprint claims that data on the origin of flowers is heavily biased.

Archive: Flagellum, Grand Canyon, Horseshoe Crabs, Comets

Celebrate the summer solstice with these lost gems from CEH archives published in June 2002.
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