Dr Leonard Brand is Professor of Biology and Paleontology in the Department of Earth and Biological Sciences, at Loma Linda University. He received his PhD at Cornell University in 1970 and has been on the LLU faculty since then. He has taught courses in paleontology, vertebrate biology, and philosophy of science. His research focuses mostly on the processes of fossilization and the geological factors that influence preservation of fossils. He has published over 45 scientific research papers, and numerous articles in church publications. He has published seven books, which have been translated into one or more other languages. He has received a Zapara Award for Distinguished Teaching, a best student paper award at national meetings, a Distinguished Service Award and a Lifetime Service Award from LLU. His strongest long-term interest has been developing a Bible-centered approach to the integration of faith and science. He has a wife and two grown children, who have endured many of his research trips.

Is Science Returning to Mysticism?

Mysticism can take many forms. It can be god-of-the-gaps, or it can be refusal to consider the possibility of a immaterial causes.
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