Thomas E. Woodward is Research Professor at Trinity College of Florida. He also directs Trinity’s University Center as well as the C.S. Lewis Society--a re-launching of the original C.S. Lewis Society which began on the Princeton University campus in 1975. Both groups are based at Trinity College in Trinity, Florida at the north end of Tampa Bay.

Dr. Woodward writes and lectures on topic in apologetics, the legacy of C.S. Lewis, and the history of scientific debate over evolution. Especially he has probed the arguments for and against a newer scientific theory known as “intelligent design.” He also teaches on philosophy, theology, and communication theory. He is the author of two books on the history of intelligent design, and a book on epigenetics with Dr. James P. Gills.

Dr. Woodward hosts a weekly radio program entitled "The Universe Next Door," featuring guests who discuss trends and issues in intelligent design, theism, and culture. CEH Editor David Coppedge has been on the program several times, as Dr. Woodward has encouraged and advertised CEH since its earliest days.

Darwin, Design, and the Art of Being Shocked

Dr. Thomas Woodward of the C.S. Lewis Society introduces a new release of his book, "Doubts About Darwin," a history of the intelligent design movement.
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