Science Overturns Itself

Examples of debunked scientific beliefs should give pause about what scientists know.

Smart Elephants Solve Puzzles With Their Trunks

Here are more reasons to love and respect pachyderms.

Ancient DNA Speaks

Evolutionists are still not facing the challenge of ancient DNA to Deep Time.

Humpty Darwin Totters on the Wall

The reign of natural selection theory has long been tenuous and may be nearing collapse.

See Intelligent Design in a Heartbeat

A heart starts beating in a coordinated flash like a marching band begins.

Honeybee Engineering Showcased

Illustra's new short film reveals the ability of honeybees to make superb architecture.

Archive Classic: 2003 News on Cells

Here are two CEH articles from 20 years ago—worth reading—that were lost during the website upgrade.

Darwinism Dehumanizes

Evolutionary theory undermines all that is good, true and beautiful in human nature.

New ‘Assembly Theory’ Is Repackaged Idolatry

New and improved — a mechanistic scientism! But isn't it like the old kind of worship of stones?

Darwinists Are Sexual Perverts

Rationalizing perversion is just as blameworthy as engaging in it.

Fossils Too Perfect for Deep Time

Evolutionists never question the vast ages for fossils that are exquisitely preserved.

Evolutionary Medicine Will Not Help Medical Research

Why evolution has nothing positive to offer medical science

Archive: Does Group Dynamics Trump Natural Selection?

Two of our articles from 2003 are reproduced here, showing we have been in this work for a long time.

Reckless Claims Pollute Science

If scientists are serious about the lack of public trust, let them clean house at the universities.

Christian Chemist Saves the Climate in a Flash

Dr James Tour's lab has done it again: solved a major environmental crisis in seconds.
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