Mammoth DNA Challenges Assumed Age

Intact chromosomes from a woolly mammoth: can they really be 52,000 years old?

Evolutionary Psychology Refutes Itself

Why intelligent PhD psychologists cannot see this implicates Darwinism as a logic-destroying mind virus.

Closer Look Found Important Functions in Junk RNA

Did evolutionists' belief in genomic junk delay important discoveries?

Vulture Design Highlighted

Illustra Media's new short film shows that ugly things can be beautiful in their own way.

Insect Olympic Feats Astonish Biologists

Butterflies cross the Atlantic, and tiny gnats fly over the Pyrenees.

Archive: Flagellum, Grand Canyon, Horseshoe Crabs, Comets

Celebrate the summer solstice with these lost gems from CEH archives published in June 2002.

Ant What She Used to Be

Darwinians are masters at twisting evidence of stasis into tales of ancient evolution.

Archive: Over-Design, Common Descent, Cell Complexity, OOL

These articles from the early days of CEH will still hold interest for today's readers.

Great Oxidation Myth Creates Absurdities

A falsified zombie scenario known as the GOE is not a solution to evolutionary problems. It is a problem itself.

Better Science Without Darwin

Scientists wouldn't rush to imitate nature if it was poorly designed.

Masterpieces of Intelligent Design Portrayed

Illustra Media's latest short film contains a powerful argument against Darwinian evolution.

Early Mature Galaxy Record Surpassed Again

The James Webb Space Telescope keeps finding large galaxies earlier than theory permits.

Archive: Ape Archaeology, Cat Psychology, Old DNA, and a Bridge

From May 2002, these articles are still informative and sometimes funny.

Proving Evolution With Imaginary Facts

Need evidence? Make some up. After all, since evolution is a fact, the evidence must have existed.

Astrobiology as a Drug

More extreme doses are required to keep the public addicted to their false hopes.
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