Astrobiology as a Drug

More extreme doses are required to keep the public addicted to their false hopes.

Twisting Evidence Against Evolution Into Evidence For Evolution

Freed from serious critique by non-Darwinists, evolutionists can twist any data into support for their Darwinist ideology.

Darwin’s Blunder Lives On

A major journal publishes a paper claiming that natural selection is like human engineering.

Calling It Evolution When It’s Not

Evolutionists' favorite word gets dragged into situations that don't involve speciation.

Archive: First Land Animals, Lateral Gene Transfer, and Beetle Fans

Enjoy some of our posts from 22 years ago, which were lost during a website upgrade.

The Science of Being Wrong

In a process of continual correction, when does one get to certainty?

Magical Thinking by Evolutionists

Natural selection is a magic wand to evolutionists. It creates scientists from fish.

Archive: Caveman Rock, Body Time, Primate with Dinosaurs

Articles we printed in April 2002 lead to a question: have evolutionists changed in the last 22 years?

Survival of the Nicest? Now They Tell Us.

Struggle for existence? No; love makes the world go round.

Archive: Tuatara, Eyes, Cells, Self-Organization, Astrobiology

More lost stories from the end of March 2002 are republished here. Topics: the tuatara, eyes, self-organization, cells, architecture.

Darwin Was a Loser Before He Was Recast as a Legend

The Myth was not the man. A new book shows this in Darwin's own words.

Archive: Wood, Gratitude, and Space Aliens

These stories from 2003 are still fun to read after 21 years. Read about wood, gratitude, and space alien morality.

Origin of Bird Flight: Pick Your Miracles

Powered flight in birds arose only once; no! it arose many times!

Oolers Beat Dead RNA Horses

Evolutionists find it hard to let go of implausible stories. They keep them alive with all their "might."

Two-Timers in the Darwin Party

Evolutionary rates vary by seven orders of magnitude. What kind of theory is that?
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