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Would you know some of these articles are "old news" from 23 years ago if you didn't see the dates? It appears that evolutionists have not changed much.

Vulture Design Highlighted

Illustra Media's new short film shows that ugly things can be beautiful in their own way.

Better Science Without Darwin

Scientists wouldn't rush to imitate nature if it was poorly designed.

Magical Thinking by Evolutionists

Natural selection is a magic wand to evolutionists. It creates scientists from fish.

More Ignorance About Bird Flight Admitted

Fifty years of speculation has offered no solution to how birds fly.

Origin of Bird Flight: Pick Your Miracles

Powered flight in birds arose only once; no! it arose many times!

Shelled Eggs Crack Evolution

Explaining shelled eggs by natural selection is a major problem.

Hummingbirds Thrive on Sugar

Why don't hummingbirds get diabetes? They didn't evolve to live on sugar; they were designed that way.

Winged Darwin: Pterosaur Diversity, But No Ancestor

A lizard could not just take off like a bird. Flight specs are required!

Darwinian Storytelling Dumbs Down Media

How silly does an evolutionary story have to get before reporters revolt?

Archive: DNA Repair, Cambrian Fish, More

Here are some articles from the archives about DNA repair, media, butterflies and more.

Engineers Follow Inspiring Creatures

From tiny to mighty, living cells, animals and plants inspire human technology.

2023 in Review

Thanks to all who have supported CEH. Here are highlights from 2023. Reporting will resume on Jan. 2.

Bird Tracks Found in Early Dinosaur Strata

Either a dinosaur walked on bird feet, or evolutionists are way off on their story of bird origins.

Spotted and Striped: Why Many Animals Have Elaborate Patterns

Evolutionists are at a loss to explain the patterns that adorn many diverse animals.
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